Sunday, October 6, 2019

Happy Rezzday Shockwave and Cynthia.

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Thursday October 3, there was a party at the Goblin Cave at Caledon Downs, in Caledon. The occasion, not just to celebrate the rezzday of it's owner, Cynthia Farshore, but also that of her friend Shockwave Yareach whom had his a few days earlier. Cynthia had come onto Second Life on October 03, 2009. Shockwave stepped onto Welcome Island on Sept 29 2006. Both are noted builders and members of the Sunbeamer Relay team.

As per prior notice, Rare Double Rezzday Party! Come join Shockwave Yareach and Cynthia Farshore as they both celebrate their rezzday. They are nearly to the day 3 years apart Shocky - 9/29/2006 and Cynthia  - 10/3/2009. Make your way to the Goblin Cave now at 6 PM SLT for around 2 hours of mixed music.

Both Shockwave and Cynthia are members of the Sunweaver community, but have ties to the Caledon one. And over the course of the party, people came by from both to wish them well. "It's a special bday for the Duchess," Shockwave told everyone, "10th Rezzday." "The Duke turned 13 (on) Sept 29," Cynthia responded. She played a number of songs, including a few birthday tunes like, "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen." She collected no tips, but there was a donation jar for Caledon Oxbridge University. There were also a few parodies such as "Born to be Mild." Someone wondered if a year in Second Life was equivalent to six in real life. One vixen grinned, "That would make me 69.  No thanks."

Someone mused about anniversary gifts, "50 = silver, 6o = gold, 75 = diamond, 200 = platinum, ... I guess?" He then corrected himself, 100 = platinum." Shockwave mused, "If I live to be 200, ugh!" Another woman giggled, "I had not heard about SL years.  But at 82, I guess that would qualify me as a greymuzzle."

At one point, Cynthia contemplated, "I wonder myself why the Guv titled us Peer instead of Duke or Duchess?" Shockwave wondered, "He misspelled 'Pier' maybe, meaning you're pillars of the community?" Cynthia's friend Liska Fuchs mused, "The drug store pharmacist is the 'piller' of the community."

At another point, someone crashed, came back, and commented he felt like kicking his ISP.  Spooked Dreamscape commented, "Give the ISP an offer they can't refuse, 'Weed.'" Major General Badger commented, "But read the fine print first. Contracts are not legally binding nor do magical badgers accept liability for flood, fire or theft." Someone else joked, "Consult a honey badger before making deals with badgers." "I thought honey badgers didn't care?" spoke the one who crashed. "You want one representing you in court." Badger mused, "Sign in blood - mwhahaha - oops, did I say that out loud?

There was a birthday cake available for anyone to get a piece, Shockwave saying, "Everyone can get a slice of cake from the cake on the bar." Someone responded, "Good, shows that the motto is true. Cake does exist in Caledon." Andrea Jones mused, "It's made of pixels so not filling, eat as much as you want." Liska joked, "The cake is a lie."

Over time, people came by, some to stay the whole time or most of it, some for an hour, others to just stop by to wish the two well, "It is always an honor to celebrate a RezDay!" Shockwave commented, "Always good to survive to have another." "May you both be in world for many more!"

As the party drew to a close, Cynthia reminded everyone of the movie at the Sunweaver's Feral Theater, "The movie The Nut Job will be playing at the theater in the Sunweaver Estates. Hopefully I can get the stream to also play here." Shockwave mused, "You'll go nuts for the movie."

Soon after, the party was over, and the people went their separate ways. But the Goblin Cave is still around for anyone wanting to stop by for a little music and maybe a game or two.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, September 16, 2019

Happy Birthday Firestorm - Interview With Tonya Souther

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich)

I got the chance to check out the Firestorm Ninth Anniversary Party today and briefly interview Tonya Souther who is the Mac developer for the Firestorm viewer. The turnout was amazing with well over 150 people there supporting the Firestorm team’s work. “I think the event's fantastic. I hadn't heard Savannah before, and she's a great singer. I'm pleased to see as many folks out here on a September as there are.” Tonya remarked, “I'm constantly amazed at the support that Firestorm gets from the user community.”

I personally have been using Firestorm for years and I absolutely love how customizable the viewer is. I have my Firestorm viewer extremely customized with chat notifications, a purple theme, and graphics settings. It’s a power user’s dream and I wouldn’t be able to go back to another viewer at this point. “Me either!” Tonya said “We make Firestorm to be the kind of viewer we want to use ourselves. We're pretty demanding of what we expect. If we want to use it, then others will too.”

I also got to ask Tonya how Firestorm will handle “Bakes on Mesh” and she had this to say. “We're in the process of gearing a release ready right now. In fact, after I get done here, I'm going to go back to fixing MacOS bugs.”

So there seems to be plenty to look forward to from the Firestorm team in the near future and beyond thanks to their tireless support of the viewer and it’s fans. Here’s to another nine years!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Innfest 2019, The Lovecraft Festival

By Bixyl Shuftan

The annual Lovecraft festival is taking place in Second Life. This ia the annual celebration held by fans of H.P. Lovecraft, which started on the author's 129th birthday. Originally called the "Lovefest," this year the name has been changed to "Innfest" after the name of the place, Innsmouth.

Lovecraft received little recognition while he was alive, not really able to make a living as a writer and had little money at the time of his death. But he has come to be recognized as one of the most influential 20th Century horror authors, his works emphasizing the fear of the unknown and the sense that life as we know it is an all-too-thin shell shielding us from a reality too bizarre and frightening to truly comprehend without going mad. He inspired other writers as well as artists and game makers in adding to a sub-genre of horror that has come to be called "Lovecraftian."

The reason for the event's name change from "Lovefest" has less to do with a few people getting confused by the name and more to do with a certain milestone. This year's festival also marks the tenth anniversary of the sim of Innsmouth, which according to the event website was modeled after Lovecraft's story "The Shadows Over Innsmouth." It was created by Darmin Darkes and her team, and is currently owned by Arik Metzger (AriktheRed), who has been doing the festivals since 2012.

Yours truly didn't hear about the celebration until Sunday August 25, so most of the festival has already taken place. Still there is much to do. The main area around the entrance, Innsmouth (17/34/1201) has a number of shops. Among which is one by Kittycats, whom are described on the website as having brought back the "KittyCat of Ulthar." In one yard is a feline statue and several cats prowl a yard. Across the street from Zan's Clothing is one shop with a strange circular cloud overhead.

There are other places in town besides the shop, and in the darkness comes the uneasy sense that something is hidden in there just waiting for something to come by and ambush. At the port area is a ship. Approaching it, a message came up, "'At the Mountains of Madness' - An Antarctic expedition that didn't exactly fare as hoped.  Something stirs in the hold... and what, pray tell, is in that crate labelled for the Antarctic (hint hint)?" Taking a look in the dark hold was ... a penguin? But this penguin was a huge giant that occasionally cackled in what sounded like a menacing tone. Irronically enough, there were fossils of a penguin this size found just a few days ago in real life. Maybe Lovecraft was on to something.

There's also a trolley going about town that can take you around the town, as well as other places in the sim. I also found a teleporter that takes you to a place at Innsmouth (30/74/1500) inspired by the story "The Lurking Fear." Touching the sign there will get you a few items. Another I found was at  Innsmouth (65/80/1906). And there is the town of Innsmouth at the ground level at Innsmouth (20/241/54).

Road to Innsmouth: 'The smell of the sea took on ominous implications...  [reaching] the crest and beheld the outspread valley beyond, where the Manuxet joins the sea just north of the long line of cliffs that culminate in Kingsport Head... On the far, misty horizon I could just make out the dizzy profile of the Head, topped by the queer ancient house of which so many legends are told; but for the moment all my attention was captured by the nearer panorama just below me. I had, I realised, come face to face with rumour-shadowed Innsmouth.'

There have been music concerts during the Innfest. On the final day of the event is a Masquerade Ball, at Tuesday August 27 at 9PM SL time (Midnight EST).

So if you're a horror fan, or just want something out of the routine, by all means come to Innfest. If you come across this article after the event, explore the sims anyway. Just make sure you're prepared for the scary and disturbing.

For more information on the festival, check out their website at .

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, August 16, 2019

Woodstock's 50th Anniversary in Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

Here we are at the 50th anniversary of Woodstock! Laura Templeton-Mara (LauraBethLee Resident) is hosting a three day event to celebrate , with live singers and many of her regular djs and guest djs. It is being held at the the lovely Connemara , part of Templeton, Connemara regions. 

The event region is ready for the influx of visitors. Some were already camping and resting in their tents.

I met Laura at the dance floor preparing and discussing the event with Xtern01 Resident and Bilder Outlander just before the opening at 8:00am SL time on Friday morning.  One of them had been to the original Woodstock, not sure which, but he had memories. 

TRIN (Trinity Delphin) began her set with rocking music and people began dancing right away. 

For those who need some other fun than dancing there is a huge ferris wheel to ride and other activities. Grab a balloon next to the steps to the cars .Watch out for the water balloons...Or get some and join in the fun. 

Save some time to get over the event during the weekend... Many opportunities for getting there for great music and memories. 

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lacy Musketeer's Memorial Service at Rocket City

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Thursday July 25, shocking news came to Second Life as it was revealed that Lacy Musketeer (Lacy Wolfram in real life) had suddenly died. Her passing was sudden, and believed to be a heart attack. She is survived by her son Vincent Wolfram and her Second Life/real life partner Crim Mip. She knew many in Second Life, Oscelot Haalan and Amehana Ishtari considering themselves her SL sisters. Her loss was especially felt in Nisa, which she founded, and Rocket City, but she had friends in a number of places.

Two days later, a memorial service was announced on short notice at Rocket City. The event started at 6PM. It is believed about 45 people, maybe more, attended the event, the chairs filling up and a number sitting or standing beside the seating area. A number of people would speak, in both text and voice. Oscelot Haalan would transcribe for those using the later for those whose viewers couldn't use the voice function. Few left early, one who did saying, "I appologize but I have to go, just got a flash flood alert on my phone."

Koterie Itoku told the crowd, " I'm not going to use voice, because I'd just end up choking up and unable to speak. I originally didn't even know what furries were when I first logged into Second Life. Ironically, I had spent three years as friends with a bunch of people I met on Furcadia. (Yeah, I was not very quick on the uptake when I was younger) They are the ones who got me to try 'this new thing called Second Life.' And when I first logged in, one of them immediately sent me a teleport to this placed called Rocket City. I was greeted by a small army of people. But the one who stood out to me was Lacy. I was immediately ushered to a vendor to get my first non-sucky-human avatar. She made me feel at home and welcomed. I felt like I could open up to her and everyone here no matter what was on my mind. And it didn't take her very long to convince me to make Rocket City my home in SL.

"A few months later she convinced me to sell art sketches to afford a ticket to go to the convention and meet everyone for the first time.  A whole group showed up at the airport to pick me up, and it was the craziest, loveliest feeling ever. If you never got to hug Lacy in person, it was one of the best things I will remember about her. I felt like I had known her all my life and was coming home. She's the one who taught me how to use the build tools in SL.She's the one who asked me to give input on events and posters and event builds and eventually let me do them on my own..She cleaned up a kirin sketch I did once and made it into a design that could be printed on a shirt. I was amazed to see it on the table for sale at the convention. I still have that shirt in a plastic bag and have never worn it. It meant a lot to me. My art was never anything I felt worth bragging about or really charging money for, but she was always encouraging of it anyway.  Anything creative, she was there to support and champion. It brought out her spark and her passion and you could see it in everything she did here in SL, especially for this sim. But most importantly, she was that passionate about those of us she called her friends. And I count myself lucky to have been one of them for even the short time that I had in her life. I am happy to see so many of you here to help share and remember the lovely and beautiful things she said and did in our lives. Thank you."

Crim Mip was next, with Oscelot transcribing and apologizing for missing a few details, "Ok I'm going to try to do this in voice, we'll see how long this works until I have to switch to typing. Hopefully you can all hear me. Lacy was here the first night I came here. I was in my ringtail. She gave me the Lindens so I could get a decent avatar. Twenty minutes after I got here, I had somehow commited myself to going to the convention. Sami told me 'Oh you live in my area, you can ride with us' and I was committed at that point. And I met Lacy if not that night that week, and she seemed pretty neat. The thing I remember is she got me involved right away. She said 'Oh we have dances here, do you want to come help with that?' And I pretty much spent the next three years in SL here."

"It was strange going into a building I'd never seen before and knowing my way around. And I ran into lacy and she gave me a big hug. And I immediately felt welcome --- and that was something Lacy always did, she always made people feel welcome. Had a great time. Remember the crazy pool party she had Vince run.. he's much older now. And I was... kind of smitten at that poiint, but neither of us was available at that time. And somewhere along the line we both ended up single again, and... ended up together. And... she's... been my partner... both here and in real life for nine years.

"We've had various homes in Second Life. We've currently got some land on the mainland that we're going to... keep going, because she would have wanted that. And... she's always been an amazing artist and an amazing partner And like all artists she's never been entirely happy with her art even though it was amazing. I'm lucky to have a few pieces she did for me."

Hickerbop (FluffyQuokka Resident) was next, using voice and Oscelot transcribing, "Okay. Sorry if I'm a little weird on voice, I'm autistic. Um. Well, I guess I want to say a few things before I sing a song, but... I met Lacy through the Pony community when I was first joining.. well a few months after I had joined Second Life. When I joined second life I think I was 13 or 14 and ..." Hickerbop paused, then began singing, posting the lyrics for those who couldn't hear.

Time is an illusion that helps things make sense
So we are always living in the present tense
It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends
But you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
Singing will happen, happening happened
Will happen, happening happened
And we will happen again and again
'Cause you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
Will happen, happening happened
Will happen, happening happened
And we'll happen again and again
'Cause you and I will always be back then
If there was some amazing force outside
of time to take us back to where we were
And hang each moment up like pictures on the wall
Inside a billion tiny frames so we can see it all, all, all
It will look like, will happen, happening happened?
Will happen, happening happened
And there we are again and again
'Cause you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
Will happen, happening happened
Will happen, happening happened
There we are again and again
'Cause you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
That's why
You and I will always be best friends

There was much applause when Hickerbop finished, "Well done." "That was very beautiful."

Next was Alexander (Alexndeer Lobo), "Many of you probably do not know who I am.  It has been many years since I was active on Second Life.  I met Lacy online two years before we helped start RCFM the convention.   She won my heart with her first email.  She and I had many adventures together online and in real life. I want to share one of my favorite memories of Lacy.  I would pick her up on the way to RCFM.  The best part was our drives home after RCFM each year where we spent the entire drive brain storming about RCFM and the next year.  On one of those drives we bounced around the idea of building RCFM in Second Life.  We started with a triangle shaped wedge of land on the mainland and started building a replica of the convention hotel.  She and I were just beside ourselves with how the community continued to grow.  I will always Love her and the impact she had on my life.  I am so happy to see her legacy continuing in every one of you.

Alexander switched to voice, "Lacy held a special place in my heart. And we had a term for one another, which comes from a story. And that story, the term was 'ashki,' which means 'beloved.' While she and I may not have been as close in the last few years, she will always have a place in my heart, and I will always miss her."

 Next was Becky Nosferatu, "Let's see if lag actually permits me to do this. ... I'm going to give you a fair warning ahead of time that I swear like a sailor." A moderator responded, "It's okay tonight. I won't ban you." Becky continued, "When I first came to Second Life, I came to Second Life just because I wanted something new to do when I was 21. I wanted to continue to pursue technology and arts. For those who don't know who I am I run Magician Productions. We go way back. We made everything that Lacy and Koterie wore at one time. I was actually out of town when koterie messaged me and told me that lacy passed. I haven't actually talked to her in probably about a decade. She gave both me and Maya free spots in I think the old vendor forest. She made sure there was always a free spot when she redecorated. It's also really important to me because like Lacy, I also have a son.

" ... So when my son, destroyed my tablet accidentally... when he spilled a Pepsi can all over it, she replaced it. If she hadn't, Magican Productions would have died a lot sooner. I make mods now, not avatars. She was... a drive for a lot of creative influences, and I'm glad for that. I've never been a 'true furry' I should say, I just always liked to make nonhumans. I didn't live in the Rocket area, so I didn't know for the longest time that this was based off a convention. But that's the great thing about Second Life is that you can make anything you want, and Lacy helped me realize that.

"I'm so sorry to everyone who knew her way better than me. I can imagine the pain you're going through. I don't mourn easily but I can tell you know, I'm struggling. I hope that Rocket City stays until you know... Second Life goes under. It's very rare that you find a PG furry sim that allows everyone and everything to visit. And if it wasn't for Rocket City, I wouldn't be a proud owner of my own mall that has avatar--- And Rocket City ending the vendor forest is why I decided to make my own. And all of that is because of Lacy. I wouldn't be here still creating mods and everything creative if it wasn't for Lacy.

"One thing I do remember, and it's a funny story I gotta tell ya. When Maya made her Pennysnatchers, little itty bitty avatars, they're not even an inch. We - there was like - I want to say eight of us after she made them, we came bursting into Rocket City after - and anyone who saw us just saw these eight or nine little KFC buckets bouncing around." Becky thought someone mistook them for griefers, "So they messaged Lacy and Koterie and they showed up. And she was like 'Now you have to take off the buckets because I want to see what they are.' And so we did and she was like 'those are the cutest things I've ever seen.'

"Her death feels like a little bit of creativity died with it. And I'll be damned if I let it die completely. So for Lacy's sake, I'm going to keep modding, and I'm going to keep making everyone pretty - at least until I can't do it any more physically or Second Life ends. So... thank her for that."

 Speaking next was Jäger (DanielDerv Resident), ""Good evening, as you can tell from my voice I'm also a stranger and a foreigner. I've only met Lacy indirectly through my friends but her impact has sent ripples through our lives. Lacy has left you with... I have never met her but I regret this fact in my life - but I know that we are made of the same things - dreams. We must make her proud of it. I am also the owner of a group that seeks creativity and to foster wonder in life. And I am taking the time to do this because I believe in people like you and like Lacy. And even though we don't know each other, we are all out there. And even though I don't know you, I love you all. And I love Lacy. And I wish her the best in her journey. But for now, we must dream on."

Maya Remblai was next, "My mike is on the other side of the room, so I'm just gonna type. So like Becky said, she and I go way back with Rocket City, in Second Life. I remember when it was still the hotel build. That was one of the first place I sold my avatars in fact, and it was because Lacy and Koterie invited me. When I started making original things, besides fanart. And yeah, the first release party I ever did, and most of the ones after, were here, led by Lacy. I'm not much for words, but I just wanted to come forward as another person whose life was affected, for the better, by Lacy.

"I've not been real active in SL for years, because my skills just don't match up to these newfangled technologies, heh. But even so I'd hear from Lacy now and then, and other Rocket City folks. Way back, in like 2007-2008, I was having a really hard time in real life. I had lost my job due to disability and it took a long time for government benefits to start. In the meantime, Second Life paid for my meds. I know for certain I wouldn't have done as well as I did without all of Lacy's efforts to get my work out there. I could see where my sales came from and the vast majority were from here. So y'know...that just shows me how kind Lacy was. I never got to meet her in real life, but I didn't really need to. I just want y'all that were closer to her, to know I mourn with you. That's all I got."

Next before the gathering was Nava Winthorpe, whom spoke in text, "Lacy and I were very close in both of my stints on SecondLife. In many ways, she was like a Second Mother and confidant to me in my formative years as I came to understand myself as a furry and as a person. And she wasn't afraid to put me in my place when I needed it! (I needed it.) She also connected me with a lot of friends, furry and SL friends when I needed it the most.

"I'll be honest. I don't remember how we initially met in SecondLife. But I distinctly remember meeting her for the first time in person at RCFM, after she convinced me to attend my first con. At the time, even in the midst of a massive allergy attack, she was one of the warmest and most wonderful people in the world. And she immediately made me feel welcome and at peace.

"She was there to help set me on the path for many things in my life! I remember I was a pretty generic wolf AV for a while but decided to try out a German Shepherd for a Dog Days of Summer Saturday Dance. She told me that it fit me so much more, and she was right. Kind of a small example, but I always felt that she truly saw me as a person ... dog person. (smile)

"Unfortunately I haven't been in contact with Lacy for years, and I truly regret that. But I feel blessed to have had the chance to know her. The Earth is less bright with our loss, but I know her spirit is dancing with stardust. I love you, Lacy."

Next was CmdrKitsune Webb, "I'll keep it short. I met Lacy when I first starting doing conventions. I either met her at MFM or MFF. There was a whole crew of people from the Mid-South area that hit those two conventions. Lacy and Yotewah were the ones who convinced me to attend Rocket City FurMeet. But I really have to give Lacy the credit for getting me to come down to Alabama where I made a number of friends. She truly was an enabler of friendships. I will miss her dearly, but the friendships she helped me create will live on! Thank you all for being here."

Then came Morgan Freepony (illya Leonov), "I will be brief, because I do not type well. When I was a lad, men did not type. I am paying for that now each day. I have known Lacy for longer than most of you. I met her in 1996. She was working at a screen printer across town and I was repairing some of their equipment. I immediately fell in love with her. We dated for two years. Then she broke my heart and let me tell you if you have not had your heart broken by her you have not loved. All of our hearts are broken tonight. But I still loved her. I always will. She was like that. She gave me my dear Greyhound Iris who was my companion for many years. She rescued dogs. She rescued people. No one person could know all the things Lacy loved and did. There was simply too much of her. There was more than enough of her for everyone. She led me to furry, which led me to Kittie, my love. And Kittie led me to Pony, which has opened up SO much of my life and given me direction.

"I am looking at my wall now which holds an incredibly beautiful portrait of a unicorn which she drew. Everywhere that I look in my life I see the influence of Lacy. She has sat beside me at work now every day for over ten years. In the days leading up to her passing, we were in negotiations for her to buy my screenprinting business. She was SO happy and excited about it. I was going to be HER employee for a change. So many facets of my life will be affected by losing her. So many places in my heart.  ALL of the places in my heart. I will miss her so much. My life will never be that same. But, my life will ALWAYS be so so much richer for having known her, as will the lives of countless others. I love you all, thank you."

Next up was the one whom had transcribed those speaking in voice, Oscelot Haalan, "I wrote this in advance because I knew I wouldn't have the words when I got here. I am her sister, Oscelot. I wear with me the avatar of our sister Amehana, who couldn't be here tonight due to a prior engagement. I'm not prepared to memorialize her yet - I think I would shatter. But I wanted to say a few things quickly. I wanted to say thank you. It means so much to me to see so many lives she touched. It means so much to me that you are sharing these facets of her life and love that I never got to see from my limited perspective. I also wanted to let you know that I am fiercely devoted to safeguarding her legacy, and that all are welcome in Dreaming Twilight. We will hold a memorial there within the next week or two, and all will be welcome there. Also remember. Our hearts are still here. We live. Remember her with joy. Do not stop telling her tales. Do not let her be forgotten. We do not die until we pass out of memory.

Inconspicuous Hammerer was the next speaker, "Lacy let me follow her around sometimes while I told stupid stories that may have partially been made up. She never got annoyed and wasn't ashamed to introduce me to a friend. I regret I didn't stay in touch. Because she put my avatar vendor in the vendor forest, she helped me raise $51 for the Humane Society."

Then came the most popular of the four founders of Luskwood, Michi Lumin, "When this world was new, we were all finding our way. awkwardly. . . . . Rocket City was one of our first allies. and to us, Lacy was the face of that. Eltee got to fly out and spend time with the Rocket City FurMeet folks. I never did.but,  I was in her orbit for about 12 years here. As we went through this -- Second Life, a swirling sequence of joy and mess, Lacy was a constant. That allegiance was never in question. When I had health problems and running some of the regions were piling up on me, I would get messages like this from her:

[2015/06/06 15:02] Lacy (lacy.musketeer): Just figured a hug would help.

"This was the pattern, with her.  It was never me coming to her. It was her coming to me when she saw that I needed it. I can count on one hand, not even a full hand, the number of people who do that. The last time I talked to Lacy we were talking about a sick cat.  I had logged off, -- the last things I got from her......

[11:58] A'ri (lacy.musketeer): (Saved Mon Jul 24 06:55:16)Michi.
[11:58] Michi Lumin: mmh yeh Lacy?
[11:58] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:51] A'ri (lacy.musketeer): Thank you. *hug*
[19:51] A'ri (lacy.musketeer): Thank you. For everything.

"People who don't take you for granted are the ones who are thinking about you when  you're not there, not engaged with them at the time. It's not a common quality. I never knew then I'd never get to thank her. And I think back to it and, I just wish I had called that out then because I remember thinking, 'Wow. people don't do that out of time and place like that.' We're still getting over a shock because she was constant. It still feels like I could light up her IM now. She definitely left 'in media res.' But, the magnitude of that shock that we feel is directly proportional to the impact someone had on us. The fact that we hurt right now, it means that she was a powerful force. Thats what we're feeling now, we're feeling her force, her impact, her goodness. So, let yourselves hurt. It honors her spirit, everything she was. Let what she's put out into this world become part of you, formative for the rest of your lives. Integrate her into your lives and carry her with you, so she gets to travel with all of us throughout the remainder of ours.

"No,   *thank you, Lacy.* ...  there's my final offline message to you, Lacy."

Next was Camstone Fox (Camstone Box), "Like many, I came to the convention at Huntsville. I had been a furry for only a short time, but I fell in love with the convention, the area, and most importantly, many of you. Lacy was special, because the one thing I certainly remember, was the hug that I received when I came there. I met Brody, Alex, Ko, and so many others. Then I came here to SecondLife. And here was RCFM too. I was amazed at the care it had taken to replicate the convention hotel, the spaces, and even the Apollo Moon Mission rocket. A lot of things can be replicated. Friendships, cannot. Friendships must be given. Friendships, like hugs are things that once given, are always there.

"As we all look around at each other, I see my friends. I see the friends of Lacy, and I feel the hugs that she gave us all. As you feel that hug that she gave you, remember this. You have the ability to share that friendship, and that hug that she gave all of us, with others. And I will end with the thought that she would want that. I'll end  with this from Shakespeare, in Richard the II, 'I count myself in nothing else so happy -  As in a soul remembering my good friends.' And for me, as you are, Lacy is a good friend to me. And I will always remember that."

Bunny Mickley (Bunny Halberd) would tell everyone, "Her family has stared a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses." Then added, "Illya would like to close with one last poem if we're at the end."

Morgan Freepony then spoke up, "I have been asked to give the eulogy at her funeral. It is a great honor to me. There is a poem I wrote years ago for a grieving friend. Lacy loved the poem. I am going to paste it here."

For those who grieve..
And those who love them.

Darkness floods the  pathways of our minds
And we plumb its depth for answers
We struggle to grasp the richness of life
While avoiding its own grasping tentacles
Meeting on common ground
We seek the path of those who surround us.
We look into our hearts for their pain
And into their hearts for ours
If we are cut, then we look to the wounds of others for consolation
We try to understand another’s pain by looking at our own.
In many ways this suffices,
Indeed it will have to do so.
But do not look for the loss of another’s loved one
In your own eyes,
Or the loss of your loved one in theirs.
For while cuts and sores
May be equivalent,
Human lives are not, nor are
Those of any animal.
There are as many worlds as there are minds,
And each one unique.
This is the beauty of life,
And its tragedy as well.
For we are spared the true loss of another’s pain
and they are free from ours.
Our joys and our sorrows belong to our own unique worlds
The windows of the soul are very small
And it is with great patience and care
That souls are ever shared.

Morgan got quite a bit of applause, "Thank you, Illya. That's beautiful." "That's a lovely poem." "I can't think of a better way to wrap up."

With that, the speeches, ended, and people began to head out, or chat, "She will be a hard act to follow.  I'm honored to have known her." "I'm glad to see you all, just wish it wasn't because of this. ... Hey, maybe she'll meet Stephen Hawking!" "I didn't know her that well, but it really warms my heart hearing her story told and seeing just how many hearts shes touched in such different, unique ways." "Lacy told me to make a whippet av and I did, and when i showed it to her she said she liked it even though it wasn't actually that great."

Eventually, the crowd got smaller as people went there separate ways.

There is another memorial service planned to take place at Nisa, though it's date still has yet to be determined.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth

By Marcel Mosswood

Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth has begun. The Deep Hole Playa is filled with various artworks involving many artists. The Lamplighters tradition has also begun. This is a tradition that makes me always return to this community through my artwork, no matter how busy I am in real life and Second Life.

At a glance, the Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth is different from the previous one, especially about the creativity of the artists, and sim settings to display the artworks.

I’ve got several words from Herbie Haven, the Event Lead:
This event theme was designed around the idea of the communal effort needed to take care of our Earth and to remind everyone what a small place it really is. Many artists and builders come here to display their work and maybe make a point. Anyone can come and build here at our events, you don’t need to be a great builder or an artist, you just need to have an idea that you want to share.

There are several events every year and each has its own theme, so they are always different, they don’t last long and are taken away between events so each event is unique and must be experienced at that time. Builders spend days maybe weeks working on their art that may only be seen for a few days and only by the visitors who show up at the event, then it`s gone. This event was designed to have the builds around in a circle and each builder was encouraged to spill some of their build-out onto the Playa “build outside of the box” and to work with their neighbor to combine bits of their build in an effort to make one giant build.

There are also some very talented artists who perform here at the events that you don’t want to miss. It`s always new and always interesting to see what people do with their imaginations and it’s a temporary installation that if missed, its missed.

You may see pictures or even videos but it`s not like the real thing in 3D. Don’t forget that if you can use advanced lighting and shadows, it`s amazing, a lot of it is designed to use light and shadows as part of the art, you will want to see it that way if possible. Come on over and see if for yourself, get involved and have fun.

And from Ilyra Chardin, the Artist’s Lead:
We have an exceptional gathering of artists for Burn2 Conception Communal Earth. The artists and their exhibits include:
- Homage To Hotter Than Air by Leroy Horten and CyberseaCell by SERRA QENDRA.
- Explore Climate Change by Kimblecoles Resident, Silvia Ametza, and  GeeJAnn Blackadder.
- Zapped Earth by Maia Antarra.
- Progress VS Nature by Andrea Jones.
- What Shape Is It? by Slatan Dryke.
- Communicate Openly by TheaDee.
- Homage To The Tree of Ténérére by HALLIX.
- The Preservation of the Earth by Marcel Mosswood.
- The Hoax by Herbie Haven.
- Free reading by Madame Fortune by Emerald Dahlia (Moonstone).
- The Whiskeydrome by Cuga Rajal.
- Time Keeps Slipping by Sophie MacHugh-Dunn (Sophie72 Congrejo).
- Work of the Artist by Moya Patrick (Moya Janus).
- Totem Mesa Medicine Wheel by Shambala Kimono.
- One Thousand Cranes by Tara Tisane and MatthewBroderich76.
- Protect Our Water Supply by Fifi Oh.
- The Tipping Point and Its A Small World After All by Herbie Haven.
- Vickie’s Recycling Center by Vickie Maidstone.
- Conflix by Kalyca McCallen and Proton d-oo-b
- Under The Sea by Adrian Harbinger
- Mother Eearth - A Terran Opera by Keely (JenniferKeely).
- Thirst For The Last Drop by iSkye Silverweb.
- The Watering Hole by ilyra Chardin.

And here are some words from Dream Wrexan, the Lamplighters’ Fire Dancers Lead:
Burning Man 2.0 is the virtual version of the famous Burning Man in Nevada, and is the only officially recognized virtual reality regional. We host four official events each year, winter, spring, summer, and the fall event, which is the main one lasting more than a week. The Lamplighters are the keepers of the flame, and you will see them processing while lighting the lamps on the spires prior to the afternoon and evening burns on Sunday. Visitors are invited to join in their processions.

Today is not a Fire Dance - just the Lamplighters dancing. Of course, wherever you find Lamplighters you find Fire and Dancing! And everyone is welcome to join in tonight. Sunday's are strictly performances.

The event will be held on 19-21 July 2019. Click here for the complete schedule of Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth

Visit here:

Marcel Mosswood

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Last SL16B Party

By Bixyl Shuftan

The Second Life Sixteenth Birthday had lots of music events. The official ones ended Sunday night. But that wasn't the end of the fun. There were a couple of unofficial ones later on the week. There was a short one on July 4. On Friday July 5, I dropped in on another not long after it started at 12 Noon SL time,

The event took place in SL16B Astound, near a theme park area and the Auditorium to the northeast. It was packed, with the sim often at it's limit at 66 people.

Behind the DJ booth was a sign in lights, "Thank You SLB Volunteers."

The Newser's Gemma Cleanslate, whom had been busy doing work as a SL16B greeter, was there. 

So was Nance Clowes, an amusement park ride maker.

There was one of the Linden Moles there, Missy, aka Mischievous Mole.

Golan Eilde, one of the senior volunteers.

Torgon Woodget, whom made some of the amusement rides for the SL16B, notably two roller coasters.

Quite a crowd had shown up. With my viewer taking it's time in rezzing people, it was easier to see how many looking at nametags.

 Many of the people got on small squares to do a synchronized mass-dance.

Some though, such as this greeter, chose to just sit and relax.

Gemma danced for a while, then we both sat for a picnic lunch.

One of the traditions of the resident-run Birthdays had been the cake slices that had been passed to exhibitors. With the Lab running things now, that practice was stopped. Still someone felt there should be cake, and had this slice out for anyone to take one.

And while there might not have been a Cake Stage this year, someone made a large cake.

While there couldn't be a "cake explosion," it was set in a "cake agitator" to shake up.

As one 50s song put it, "whole lotta shakin' goin' on!"

Yours truly ended up crashing. Later on, I would drop by the sim after the party and head to the amusement park area nearby, where there were Torgon and Nance's rides and games.

Here was a shooting gallery in which you would fire in mouselook at targets while on a moving cart. I got about 35,000 points, about 100k shy of the high scorer.

It was a fun day at the Second Life Birthday, one of the last before the place closes.

Bixyl Shuftan