Sunday, June 17, 2018

Press Day At The SL15B

By Gemma Cleanslate

The usual gem stone for the 15th anniversary of some things in real life is Ruby. A single gem for this anniversary was not enough so the SL15 birthday has chosen Crystal for the theme of this birthday celebration. A wise choice. As I roamed the  sims I was so struck with the beauty of the builds, many incorporating so many types of beautiful crystals.

My first thought was “WOW” ! This was not only for the builds themselves. It was for the knowledge that the sl Moles (Linden Department of Public Works) had been here . The roadways.... the canals... were built by the beloved Linden Moles who  do a lot of infrastructure and put things at the bottom of the oceans and do so much in Second Life.

What else.. the Center stage!! the   Crystal Stage is the creation of the Moles!!.I loved it! I recall my first visits to the early birthday celebration, the ones that the Linden Lab ran.I remember standing next to Philip Linden at one of the first ones, maybe the SL3B ,in awe. not only that He was there but that I was there next to him! I was young in Second Life
 then and impressionable.

When the birthdays were handed over to the residents it was a risk. The leaders took it and ran with it and it worked and has worked every year since. I was an EA for five years and loved it but retired. Now, I miss the work and the fun getting the parcels ready, but just enjoy the entire week as a visitor.  I spend a lot of time visiting the builds. The parties are great so I do attend some of the live performers and DJ parties. The auditorium presentations are wonderful and that  building  this year by Anthony is terrific .  I will try to be at the Linden’s talk every day if possible at 1pm SL time and some of the other presentations . You should book mark the schedule to check for those auditorium events you want to attend .

The parties at the stages are well attended all week long, almost 24/7 from around all the time zones. Here you will find live performers, djs, who spend some hours entertaining you on the gorgeous stages. And, the hosts who spend hours meeting you at your arrival. Give them all some thanks.  Check out the SL15B website to see who made these wonderful places you are standing on. Appreciate the work that went into this one week !

I will be writing about some of the builds that I really enjoyed visiting. Take  pod ride around . There are several routes to cover all the regions and you can hop off any time you want.I checked out the pod stops, and they are all running.

My visit for the SL Newser on Press Day took me first to the Welcome Area where I found lots of friendly greeters waiting to welcome me. I picked up the press packet  and went off to see the main entertainment stages, the Auditorium, the Tapestry of Time that looks like the Portal Parks with each year of Second Life marked. This was put there by Ancient Mole.

 Make sure to take a ride during the week. since the installations will be there until July 4th you have plenty of time to return as often as you like and try the rides.Added to the regions you will see two familiar places , Bear Island and The Cornfield. In the beginning of Second Life, if you were naughty at the event you were tossed out to the Cornfield. It is for visiting this year! There is lots to see and enjoy all week!

This is one of the Welcome areas where you can start on your travels.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, June 15, 2018

Scenes From The Relay: The Club Crawl and Bid Me Mesh

By Bixyl Shuftan

On the weekend of Friday June 8 to Sunday June 10, a number of Relay for Life events took place. The two I attended were the Club Crawl and "Bid Me Mesh."

The club crawl was the second annual one organized by team Harmony of Hope. For those who don't know what a club crawl is, it's a Second Life version of a pub crawl in which a person or group of persons go to a number of clubs in a short time, spending a little time at each.

Team Harmony for Hope had the pirate-themed "The Club" raising donations for them at Yes (67/79/23). Two other teams with three other clubs joined them in the crawl. These were Team Bonanza with Club Bonanza at Saphire (186/230/22), and the Sunbeamers with Club Cutlass at Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757) and the Happy Vixen beach club at Purrfection Estates (236/219/24). With three teams and four clubs, this year's crawl was a little smaller than the first. But those taking part were optimistic for success.

The first event took place at the Happy Vixen at 4PM SL time. It was a small crowd, "The Vix" not normally having Friday events at this time. Among those there were Harmony for Hope's team captain Dianna Wycliffe, as well as event organizer Cathy10 Longoria dropping by. DJ Snowbuns played the music for this special event, with Kitacella as the hostess.

 At 5PM, those visiting went on to the Bonanza Country Club. At 6PM, the crawl moved to Club Cutlass.

Cynthia Farshore, who was getting her Farshore Field ready for the air show the following week, arrived not by a teleport, but by flying in on the deck beneath the dance floor.

 DJ Crim spun the tunes for the event, themed "Disco Night."

Besides the Cutlass regulars, a number from Team Bonanza and Harmony for Hope showed up for an hour before heading to "The Club." It was a great night for the Sunbeamer team, of which Rita announced the results in Relay for Life Volunteers chat.

[19:51] Rita Mariner: Successful Disco Night Club Crawl for Club Cutlass, Raised 26,000L tonight!
[19:52] Random Darrow (Random Padar): WTG Rita!!!
[19:55] Gem Sunkiller: Yay Rita
[19:55] Cynthia Farshore: Sunbeamers at 426,000L, that's 74,000L away from Sapphire
[19:58] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): well  somewhere in cyberspace is - Way to go Sunbeamers -

The following day, Saturday June 9 at 4PM, was the second half of the crawl. Club Bonanza was first at 2 PM. Then at 4 was the Happy Vixen.

The theme of the party was "Lions, Tigers, and Bears." So DJ Nydia, substituting for DJ Tech, decided to "bear" it all with her ursine avatar.

It would "bear in mind" to her to do a short video.

Dianna and Cathy were partying it up again as representing Harmony for Hope in the Sunbeamer-hosted event.

Valkyrie Ice McGill stood out in her tigerstripped skunkgirl avatar. There was a contest for best avatar, won by Kylee Gracemount.

At 6PM, the crawl headed back to Club Cutlass. DJ Snowbuns spun the tunes for the second time for the fundraiser.

The theme was roller skates. So some of the girls got into theirs.

The people from Harmony for Hope and Bonanza were there again.

At one point, someone in a micro avatar had to dodge the skates.

At another point, we had an ostrich showing up. An ostrich?

The final event of the Club Crawl would be at "The Club." Back at Cutlass, there was a little confusion at first about how much was raised at Snowbun's event. But as this kiosk shows, she and Nydia combined raised about 15,000 Lindens on day two, for a combined total of over 40,000 for Team Sunbeamers over the course of the Crawl. Rita would post an announcement later that night.

Beamers:  I am so proud of this team, I could just cry. We are within easy striking distance of Sapphire now.  59,000L to go.  So our two volunteers should look into going for PURPLE! I love you peeps.  I never imagined we we reach Jade, much less hit Sapphire.  This is sooooo  awesome!  We have fun along the way to these levels, plus RFL and ACS get donations, so this is a win-win for everyone! Go Relay!  Go Sunbeamers!

The other two teams in the Club Crawl also did very well. Cathy would announce the two of them combined raised over 100,000 Linden dollars for the Relay

Thank you to those volunteers that partied with Harmony of Hope for the past two days. To the clubs that participated, thank you and y'all are awesome. Total lindens = 147,680 which equals almost $600....job well done! 

As of the writing of this article, Team Harmony of Hope has gone up to over 351,800. Team Bonanza has raised  over 179,000 Lindens. Team Sunbeamers has gone to over 445,000. With the air show the following weekend, Sapphire level, or 500,000 Lindens, was within sight. Once again, "the little team that could" was being a top performer for the Relay.

*  *  *  *  *

The following day, among the Relay events was one being held by the Relay Rockers at the boardwalk in Arinultra Cay. This was their party for the closing of "Bid Me Bald" vs "Grayson's Challenge" or "Bid Me Mesh."

As a couple, Polaris and Yasamine Grayson stand out for the length of time they've been in Second Life, since 2004, and their relationship which apparently has lasted that long as well. The Relay Rockers are known for their "Bid Me Bald" events, with the volunteer getting a haircut at the ending party. This time, they upped things a few notches by making it a "versus" event between the couple.

The Relay Rockers gave people a choice of two "Bid Me" events, and two kiosks. Yasamine was in a traditional "Bid Me Bald." But Polaris put his looks on the line, offering to change from "Second Life's last surviving 2004 noobie avatar." Technically, it wasn't a "noob" as it had pointed ears, darker skin, and other small changes. But his friends kept telling him it was way out of date (something yours truly can relate to), so he gave them a chance to put their money where their mouth was by offering to change to a more recent mesh avatar. And they did, with "Bid Me Mesh" outdoing "Bid Me Bald" by 70,000 versus 7,000 Lindens raised. A ten to one ratio. "The last of the old school avatars is about to made history," Vickie Maidstone sobbed in Relay chat.

Finally, the totals were made official, and it was time for Polaris to make good on his promise. So he ducked behind a curtain. "This is for Pol,"Trader Whiplash joked, then played "Changes" by David Bowie.

Turn and face the strange
Don't want to be a richer man
Turn and face the strange
There's gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

"I am so tempted to peek in (laughter)," one lady joked. "No peeking ," Trader spoke, then laughed.

And after a couple minutes, Polaris emerged in his new mesh look, to the applause of many in the crowd, "Wow Pol  you look good!" "You look awesome Polaris." "Mesh, but still you." "Even elven ears," Oldesoul noticed, "nice touch." Polaris chuckled, "Hee hee. It took a week to work this avie out heh heh." Trader would sent a picture to the Relay group, "Ladies and gentlemen  the new 2018 Polaris Grayson."

A few days later, there would be another milestone set for this year's Relay, crossing the 30 million Linden dollars total raised. But there are still many events left this season. For instance, the Sunbeamers have their air show on June 16. And there is talk of a joint event with another team. And of course there is the Relay Weekend next month, which always brings much anticipation and some great builds.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: I'd hope to get this up on Wednesday, but yours truly has been quite busy in both real life and getting the Newser exhibit for the SL15B ready. Better delayed than never.

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Newser Anniversary Party

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday June 2, the Second Life Newser held it's anniversary celebration. For eight years, since Saturday June 5, 2010, the Newser has reported on people, places, and events across the virtual world. Now, it was time for some of the staff to take a break and have a little fun.

DJ Grease played the music for the party. It was a mix of various tunes, including some videogame remixes.

Besides the music, there were some triva games to play, with a few Lindens going to those giving the right answer, or rather one the trivia ball would recognize as some right answers were too short or the wrong spelling. There were also some neon-lit floating platfoms one could dance away and defy gravity on. A part of "Club Fur" years ago, more recently they've been seen at Club Zero Gravity. It was decided to bring a pair to the beach club to see how the people would like them.

Among those showing up were Newser reporter Gemma Cleanslate. Also there was Nydia Tungsten, the owner of the Happy Vixen.

Reporter Deaflegacy was also there, in a pony avatar dancing away on a floating platform. Treacle Darlandes watches nearby.

Shockwave Yareach takes a break from building to drop by.

Any1 Gynoid showed up in an alt I hadn't seen before, Any2 Gelles.

Among others dropping by, besides Treacle there was Avi Arrow.

Ciska Riversone takes a try on one of the dance poles. I'd thought I'd gotten a better picture of ISkye Silvereb, who was there with Slatan Dryke, but it turns out I didn't. Both were recently interviewed by Virtual Ability.

Another picture of Gemma.

We had quite a great time, with lots of people over.

There was an 888 Linden dollar prize on the board, the theme being "Come as you are." But two people raised it to an even 1000 L. It turned out to be a five-way tie!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Scenes From The Relay

By Bixyl Shuftan

Quite a bit has happened in the past week in the Relay for Life. A few things I've written on, such as my Jade Avatar Challenge, and Shockwave Yareach's Cancer Shootout. But there were a few other happenings that deserve at least a small mention.

Saturday May 26 was the first cross-country race of the Giant Snail Racing Relay team. While sometimes held across a mainland continent, this time they were in the sims of Roshaven, a history-themed roleplay area.

RacerX Gullwing got into the act with his suit of armor. I might have gotten more pictures, but with the sims having a low capacity, I moved into the next one over. And for some reason couldn't see anyone on nearby sim. Between that and the lag, I couldn't get good pictures of the race.

Later that day at the Home and Garden Expo, there was a music tribute concert by MichaelJackson Follett. It was called "Moonwalking the Expo."

MichaelJACKSON Follett is about to start a show called, 'Moonwalking' at the Expo!  These shows are GREAT, if you haven't seen a Michael show,  you will want to come out.

Michael and his group danced to various songs from "Billy Jean" to "Bad" to "Black and White" and a number of others, including of course "Thriller."

The large amount of gold showing up on Michael was likely the effects of lag on my viewer. But it was a fun tribute to "The King of Pop."

The Expo was also the site of a "Beat the Clock" competition. I wasn't around when the race took place, but I did drop in on the obstacle course, which people taking part were encouraged to practice on.

The course had a hole of miniature golf, a basketball court with a hoop, both of which you had to get the ball in the hole and hoop before proceeding, a zip-line, and a fourth area in which you had to get down a street in a giant hamster ball.

Even going through in practice was fun. The winner of the event would get 2500 donated to his or her Relay team.

On Wednesday May 27, I dropped in briefly at the Relay Rap. I was asked a question or two about my appearance, but some people had already found out.

That's it for now, but no doubt I'll have something else on the Relay real soon.

Bixyl Shuftan