Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Reader Submitted: D.R.U.M. – Celebration and Remembrance

Divine Rhythms of Universal Music (D.R.U.M.) is a live music percussion band in Second Life. With origins from the lamplighter ceremonies at Burning Life festivals, D.R.U.M. shares Burning Life culture throughout Second Life. As many of you know, the inspiration for Second Life came from the real life Burning Man festivals, famously attended by SL founder, Philip Linden (Rosedale).

Today’s concert at Barbie Alchemi’s venue on Creations Park region, was dedicated to Brazilian rhythms. I invited a professional Brazilian musician (who plays in SL), Mandala Bee and her friend Dee, to enjoy the show and dancing. You can experience a taste of D.R.U.M. on YouTube, but the live concert experience is really exceptional.  The rhythms really resonate and suddenly you find yourself dancing!

The members of D.R.U.M. include: Atrebor Zenkova, AlmostThere Inventor, Fil (yark), Dream Wrexan, Mia Anais (malreeoneal), and Maia Antarra (psiberangel). Also attending as an audience member was one of the group’s founders, Lorin Tone. Another founder, LadySlipper Constantine interviewed by SL Newser last February. Unfortunately, LadySlipper passed away in RL last September. Her name was recalled fondly sereral times by D.R.U.M. and the audience. Including this quote from Barbara Alchemi: “Every DRUM performance is done in memory of our dear LadySlipper.”

-- Any1 Gynoid is a reader contributor to SL Newser

Monday, May 15, 2017

The 2017 Relaystock

From Friday May 12 to Sunday Evening on May 14, the 2017 Relaystock took place. Both DJs and live performers sung on stage in this tribute to the famous music festival in 1969. This was the fourth Relay season the event had taken place, the first in 2013. The Friday performances started at 3PM.

Later on was Fuzzball Ortega, who whipped out "The Hair."

Sometimes there was some virtual rain, as shown here in the Saturday afternoon event.

At times, it could get a little crowded, and a little laggy, such as this crowd, which despite a few minutes of rezzing, many were still half grey in my viewer.

Avatars of various shapes and sizes, such as furs and micros. Hopefully the little guy didn't end up in s deep spot in the mud.

Although the Sunbeamers have been the largest mostly furry team, there have always been furs on a number of others. But this year I noticed more.

While the biggest concentration was at the theater, sometimes team members would gather at campsites, such as some of the Sunbeamer team at our tent.

Sunbeamer Gil Otaared brought her pet ringtail "Mini-Me." With the shortage of porto-potties, hopefully she avoided stepping in where the hippies relieved themselves.

Probably the most touted act on stage was live singer Keeba Tammas and her Tiny Maniacs band. They were among the last of the events performers, playing from 2 to 3 PM SL time.

 Bain and Panza Fitch, dancing while avoiding the deeper parts of the mud.

After 3PM was the Relay Rap, with the Relay Committee all dressed up in 60s garb.

In the final event, Trader Whiplash and his "Time Machine." It was an event in which people were free to request their team's kiosk on stage.

 Trader looked like something out of a "Sgt. Pepper" picture. His partner Arizona Ballinger, who organized the Relaysotck, was in period wear as well.

Many teams did well in the event. The Sunbeamers went from below 170,000, to Silver rank, and past 200,000. As of the writing of this article, they were at 204,000 Linden dollars raised.

With the Relaystock over, the Relay season is now in it's second half, with events next weekend including the annual Castle, Home, and Garden event, and the Team Sunbeamer Air Show.

Addition: Ishtarkiss would upload more pictures on her Flickr account.

Go Relay!

Bisyl Shuftan

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reader Submitted: Cinco De Mayo in Second Life

By Any1 Gynoid

The 5th day of May translates to Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, a significant celebration in Mexico, United States, and in Second Life. Humankind is the celebrating animal, and assuming that the vast majority of avatars are human-driven (like mine), it is SL’s mission to facilitate our celebrations; the purpose of SL is fun!

This year (2017), I decided to attend as many Cinco de Mayo events in SL as possible… Many really great celebrations, but one event really stood out. Mango Yacht Club  decorated their venue top to bottom with glowing symbols of Mexican pride and celebration. Two live latin singers in duet, Livet Diesel (the guy) and Di Ella (the gal). Stage dancers in traditional costumes. Conga lines. No time limit. Celebration ensued. A classic SL funster event.

Why is Cinco de Mayo important? In 1862, an army of 4,500 Mexican troops defeated an overwhelming 6000-strong force of Napoleon III's Army, the world's best trained and equipped. While Mexico lost less than 100 men, Napoleon III lost 1000, and were forced to retreat. The victory is a miracle and a great inspiration to Mexicans, and those of Mexican-heritage in America, where it is a more important holiday. Had Napoleon III been successful in Mexico, his alliance with the US Confederacy could have reversed the US Civil War outcome. 

P.S. The 5th of May is also Dutch Liberation Day, celebrating the day of defeat of the Nazi forces in the Netherlands in 1945. Many of us in Second Life honor this holiday and all holidays which celebrate human dignity.

Happy Libration Day! FELIZ DIA! EL CINCO DE MAYO!

Photo Credits go to Lil Cinnamon (leel1980 Resident).
Attached is my pick for the best picture, but you may choose any one for more you like from her Flikr site:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/123820752@N07/sets/72157680253451434
Any1 Gynoid

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Burnal Equinox, Roman Spring Festival, and Walpurgisnacht

By Bixyl Shuftan

Quite a bit happened on Sunday April 30. It was the last day of the Burn2 Burnal Equinox festival, this year's theme being "The Sacred and the Profane."

An art and music festival, there were a number of exhibits at the Burning Man - Deep Hole sim, as well as stages for performers such as DJs.

One exhibit that caught my attention was that of a rotating ball, half firey sun and half desolate moon, over a landscape that was half water and tree-covered land, and half molten rock. Did it symbolize anything, or did it simply look cool (or hot?).

One visitor himself was looking like an exhibit, wearing a giant Transformers avatar, a combination robot formed by five others that had linked.

It was the second day of the Roma historical community's spring festival. Last year, I dropped by in time to check out their roleplaying the ritual of honoring the Roman goddess Ceres and their maze hunt to find a pomegranate and bring it out in time. This year, the event I saw was their "Legion Bread Race."

The runners were to grab some grain from the desk near the starting line, and then run from that around a course to the red line next to it. Along the way, they would have to put the grain in this mill, grind it into flour (by sitting on the handle), take the flour and run it to the stove, place it in (presumably already mixed with water) and wait for it to cook, then take the bread and run back to the grain desk.

Yours truly was invited to take part. I was in the middle of the times of the several participants. Third place was Rasberia, who got a time of 3:10 and a prize of 250L. Second place was Alba Horatia Taura (alba2685 Resident), whom was a few seconds faster at 3:06 and got 500L

First place at 2:53 went to the child avatar, Onica Kadora (BlazingWinter Resident), whom got the top prize of 1000L. "Thank you so much! Candy store here I come!" One Roman remarked, "KK (the sheriff) will need to build a bigger playroom for all the new toys." The child giggled, "WaaaHaHAhahAHA! AhhhhHAhahh! AHhahHAH! Haha!" After more chuckles, one centurion commented, "Now we can eat the bread" The prizes were provided by the Roma community's Consul.

In the evening was the Walpurgisnacht party. Before the event, I ran into the hosts of the party, Baron and Baronin Wulfenbach, in Caledon Kittiwickshire. They reminded me that this was a holiday celebrated in central Europe, on the night before May Day. Much like Halloween, people dressed in costume, especially of monsters and demons. It had once been believed that the boundary of the spirit realm and the realm of Earth was thinnest at that night and evil spirits might try to kidnap mortals, unless they were in disguise. This would be the ninth event of it's kind held on the grid.

The coordinates for the event also led to Caledon Kittiwickshire, the entrance resembling a portal. But stepping in ...

One would end up somewhere high above Europa Wulfenbach, or was it the spirit realm? There were all sorts of avatars of monsters and spirits, "Wow, some amazing costumes here!" The Baron stated, "I am delighted to see how many were able to join us here."

One girl was in a simple sheet, "Boo! I am a scary ghost! ... Shake in your shoes! I have come for your soul or alternatively your ice cream giift cards!" It got a few chuckles, "her ghost costume just cracks me up completely!" " ... so cute!" The music got some praise as well, "This song just reminded me of a German word... Schadenfreude"

It was difficult to truly stand out at this event, but one did with his "Satan's Mustang" look. There was also some blue fire. "It was first built for a Steelhead Walpurgisnacht," the Baron explained, "and it has traveled since."

The party got much praise, "Thank you your majesty and consort for opening the veil to allow us to celebrate this night again!" The Baron appreciated the complements,"Yes, it's impressive to have thrown such a successful event 9 years in a row!"

Before long it was time for yours truly to depart, and it would be another year until these events would happen again.

Bixyl Shuftan