Sunday, August 30, 2020

"Burning Man 2020 The Multiverse" in Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

 Burn2 Playa is open for this week in Deep Hole. This is a very special event  beginning Sunday , August 30 and ending Monday September 7. Most of you know that the actual Burning Man event held in Nevada is canceled this year because of the corona virus. All over the world Burners are encouraged to participate in virtual happenings.

“The many groups and Regionals around the world are being encouraged to go virtual, create activities and events to be experienced online. The various participating groups and regionals are called "universes." For Burn2, we are featuring art installations by artists known across the SL virtual world, along with the different past builds of the Man and a rendering of this year's RL Empyrean Temple. A main stage will see performances by DJs, live singers and live performers of all kinds.”

For those not familiar with Burning Man there is a video that will introduce you to the 10 Principals and scenes from past Burning Man gatherings.

This year will be so different for all Burners, real life and virtual .

I went over Saturday to take a tour of the venue while there was room and time  to see it. I entered in the town of Gerlach where it was good to see the usual storefronts and offices for the Burn2 in place. I stopped into the Burn2 office and was happy to see the memorial to my good friend Ranger  Ladyslipper Consantine is there. I was a ranger for years with her and also did many outside activities. I think I am going to return to ranger this year.

 I moved on to the entrance stopping to pick up information and  gifts along the way. Since the event is not open yet there were  no greeters there but I know they will be there to help anyone who asks. I ran into Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz Resident) who is a real life burner who is coordinating the event in second life. She is looking forward to the week and to helping Burners and other newbies visiting in second life for the first time.

She has made a video to help them orient to the virtual experience . It is cute and informative !

Here is a  look at the wonderful Man which was constructed by Marianne Mccann and I am not sure if it is new or a resurrection of a past man. There will be several burnings I am sure. There will be a Burning of the temple also with lamplighters doing their job.

I took a ride on one of the art cars and stood at the stage where there will be parties during the week.

Caro Fayray shows us the new relationships that are occurring with robots as they become so much more of everyday life.

My friend Leondra Larsson erected a tower to Humanity. “ And so on this Playa it is fitting to celebrate these themes of the essence of what man is, The workshop and The Renaissance (rebirth) “.

There is so much to see and experience at this event and lots of time to do it. The usual sl Burn2 event will be  taking place at the end of September into October . This will be a much larger event spread over 5 regions but do not miss this special offering.  You can get a vehicle to ride around in or rezz a horse in Gerlach before you enter the playa. Have fun!

Gemma Cleanslate