Friday, May 28, 2021

Bay City's Anniversary Event

By Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday May 16 was the day of Bay City's anniversary celebration. It was 13 years ago on 2008 that it came to be, the first big project of Linden Lab's Department of Public Works. It was designed to be a huge urban area with many sims reflecting the spirit of the North American city in the mid-20th Century. 

Bay City has a number of events each year, such as Mole Day and the New Year's Eve "Prim Drop." But the biggest one in terms of people involved is the anniversary parade and concert. 

The weather report out of Etv shows that it will be mostly sunny today, with highs into the 70°s. Perfect parade weather.

We'll start to form up for the parade, as usual, after noon SLT today at

Attached, please find your handy festival wristband, good for entry and for 10% off all concessions. 

Along the street, Route 66, there were some decorations such as this hook and latter holding up the Bay City flag.

In Bay City - Harwich, the participants of the parade were getting ready.

Marianne McCann, Bay City's top citizen and the organizer of the parade, was getting things ready. She invited me to take part in the parade. But I was just there to take pictures, at least as far as the parade was concerned

It was soon time to get things started, "Ya'll ready, group 1? Had to power up the blurtophone."

"The parade is about to begin! Come on to the park exit!"

"Okay, let's go!" And the parade was under way.

Two horsemen behind Marriane had to be mindful of a taxi coming in from the other way.

A whale of a float.

Well, this design was a real gem.

Confetti and balloons coming from the driver. Fortunately, she was going slow.

A slight problem making the curb.

A gryphon with the Bay City flag.

I soon skipped ahead to a designated parade watching area. 

Some were sitting down. Some were standing up. And one looked more like she was dressed for a Mardi Gras "carnival" parade.

Nearby was a statue of a forgotten corporate mascot that's been feeling the effects of time. 

And the parade soon came.

At one point, the gryphon took off, the city flag in it's beak flapping.

I would soon skip ahead to North Channel, and the Bay City Fairgrounds, where the parade would stop. 

 And where the music part of the anniversary event would take place. "Come on to the stage, y'all!" Marianne would say, "Let's dance!"

Not far away were old announcement posters of another big event in Bay City: Mole Day.

Someone commented, "This is my first parade to attend and I didn't see anything but dust. Everyone is appearing now. (laughter)" "Kudos to Marianne and her exhausting work," spoke another, "The parade was fantastic."

A reference to Ever Dreamscape, a noted resident of Bay City whom passed away in May 2014.

There was a small exhibit of artwork we passed. 

The dance floor at the Fairgrounds before it got crowded. 

Playing the music for the first hour of the party was DJ GoSpeed Racer. She would play songs like "Uptown Girl," "Summer Night City," "Where The Streets Have No Names (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)," "We Built This City On Rock And Roll," and "Hot In The City."

Marianne had changed from her band uniform to a dress.

Marianne handed me a souvenir, a press badge for the event. 

The conga line soon started. 

Furries and humans dancing together.

And yep, I got in on the act. 

As the dancing went on, people chattered. Marianne exclaimed, "13 years since Bay City first opened to the public!" "Were you here on day one?" "I know I wasn't.  did hear about the rush for parcels, if I remember correctly." "Indeed," Marianne responded, "The first auctions. They were, brutal. I still got scabs!" "I didn't even try for one, I'm not sure if I had a parcel then or not?" "I tried for one. Then another. Then I think a third. I got one on the fourth try." "Wonderful place, I consider it the Friendly Aunts and Uncles of Bellisseria. ... Figured there should be at least one Bellisserian wishing Bay City the best." "Always happy to see our Bellisserian friends."

The gryphon commented, "I saw the news on SL Newser, so I figured to come and take a look, heheh." There was also talk of the recent land expansion in the Linden Home continent, "I'm glad that Bellisseria managed to connect all the continents." "Hear hear!" Marianne cheered, "(I) Was happy to be one of the first to do a trek over that crossing. FINALLY was able to do the Bay City to Blake Sea flight I'd dreamed of!" "You did it?  how long did it take?" "One bad orb hit (and) 274 crossings." "I took a DC-3 not too long after Mari," someone else told, "It was fun, but I think I hit those same orbs, (laughter)."

Eventually GoSpeed Racer played the last of her tunes for the day, and it was time for the first of the live singers, "Coming up next is Mimi Carpenter!"

Wendi Linden showed up and joined the conga line. So did GoSpeed Racer, "The conga line threads between two handsome men." 

Marianne would also remind the crowd of some of the place's history, "Bay City is the first city project by the moles of the Linden Department of Public Works, and models a bit on Nova Albion, the city to our East, as a double-prim city area with a mid-century urban feel. ... Bay City helped lead to projects like Nautilus City, Kama City, Horizons, and, yes, Bellisseria."

Following Mimi was Parker Static-Riley. But her clothes had some trouble rezzing for me.

I didn't hear anyone else saying they have problems seeing them, though.

It would eventually be time for me to go. But it was a fun time had by all while it lasted.

Happy Anniversary, Bay City.
Bixyl Shuftan