Saturday, July 21, 2012

Screenshots of the Relay for Life Walk: Day One

Like other Relay for Life Weekends, this one was one to remember. One of Second Life's major yearly events, this was the climax of the Relay season which had begun in March, the event we had all looked forward to. The various teams were given areas, called "camps," at which to design builds. Some were simple. Others were quite detailed and fanciful. Among the teams were the Steelhead Salmons, from the Steelhead Estates whom are one of the Newsers sponsors, and the Passionate Redheads, whom come from several sims, including HV community where the Second Life Newser office resides.
Arriving at the four sim junction where the Opening Ceremonies would take place. Even a half hour early, it was starting to get packed.

With somewhere between 150 and 200 avatars at the Opening, avatars could take quite some time to rezz. Two whom cleared up early for me were Redhead Sabine McGettin, and this Dalek for the Dr Who Fans, colored Relay purple of course, (set to "Exterminate" cancer?).

Six of the twelve Relay leaders addressing the crowd. Among them was Fuzball Ortega, whom had cut short his honeymoon from his wedding the night before to be here.

With so many avatars, some remained grey throughout the opening. Once they were over and people began leaving, those who remained soon cleared up.

And it was off to the Passionate Redheads camp, at RFL Hope.

Beside me here are Nydia Tungsten, a noted supporter of the Redheads, and Treminari Huet. Normally a Luskwood vixen, she had earlier promised to go human for the Relay Walk if the Redheads reached gold level. It did, and she did.

Lomgren Smalls, one of the two leaders of the Redheads this year, and the main builder of the build at their camp. Jasmine Dawn Shuftan also did some work. These Redhead flags, meant to be handheld ones for most avatars, are a little more effort for him.

Jenni Greenfield, the owner of Club Cutlass, waves her Redhead flag.

 Mata Lorie and Samara Barzane were also at the camp.

 Howdy Colter and Samara pay a visit to our neighbors across the road, the Knights of Avalon.

 Next to Avalon were our buddies the Steelheads, whom sometimes match or even exceed the Redheads in their zaniness.

 The first lap was the "Survivor/Caregiver" lap, for those whom had survived cancer and those whom had cared for them.

 The various avatars walked the track in various forms.

 Some avatars were a little out of their element, such as this mermaid.

 Redhead Skylark Lefarve was among the caregivers on the track.

 Dudarling "Duda" Supermarine was also on the track.

And the Team Spirit Lap begins, with all the Redheads getting on the field. Lom is just to the right of me.

 Lag, as well as mesh, could sometimes make the track a harder place to see. Here I am approaching the giant lab in RFL Manage.

DrFran Babcock, walking across the lab in RFL Manage/ RFL Overcome just as I was starting to crash.

The lag could sometimes cause sims to vanish. While sometimes people would stop at the border, other times one would keep on going, eventually getting knocked back, or crashing.

 A better look at the Giant Lab, which gave some Relayers memories of the old "Greenies" sim from earlier days.
 It was then time for the Silly Hats/Big Hair Lap. Thinking a moment, I had an idea: a giant copy of my fedora. So to match Fuzzball's "The Hair," it was time for "The Hat."

 "The Hat" gains up on Dusk Griswold, the Captain of the Redheads.

 Dusk, whom sported a frizzy wig, had a bit of levity, as did Holocluck Henly whom was nearby.

Holocluck in his own silly hat.

"The Hat" marches on.

 The Amaretto Breedables team, one of the more successful ones this year.

 The Amaretto camp viewed from the side.

 Going past the water activities.

 Avariel Falcon, one of the co-captains of the New Babbage team, trots down the track, making a comment about "Mr. (Vic) Mornington is as mad as me."

A picture from Treminari Huet, showing a traffic jam in front of a crashed sim.

 Among the events at the Relay was a "Tiny Giant Snail Race" by RacerX Gullwing (video here).

 There were also DJ music events throughout the Relay. Dusk played one hour.

 And got a crowd of dancers, Redheads and otherwise.

  At the "Blast from the Past" hour, Dusk dons a pie-dyed outfit from the 60s.

 The Silver Screeners team's build.

 Me and Lelani Carver, one of the Steelheads, going down the track.

 Hate to meet whatever lost that watch.

 The Armada Fights Back build.

The Justice League Unlimited Team.

 Team Relay of Hope's build, with DJ Madonna.

 On the "Favorite Holiday" lap, I "went bats," as I have a soft spot for Halloween.

Meeting up with Nydia and Brandi on the track.

 Following my teammates for a while.

 The Purple Tears team, note the child avies.

 One of the Goreans, a top-ranking team noted for the dark roleplays the team members take part in when not Relaying.

 Team OD, calling themselves "Musical Warriors."

 A late night party at T1 Radio.

 The "Cure Chasers" team, in cheerleader outfits.

 These were just some of the screenshots I took, more of which are available on the Relay for LIfe Flickr page.

Continued on Day Two

Bixyl Shuftan