Sunday, February 26, 2017

Scenes From "Hug A Linden" and "Dunk A Linden"

By Bixyl Shuftan

Valentines Day saw a number of happenings across Second Life. But only two offered a chance to meet up with some of the Lindens, the "Hug A Linden" and "Dunk A Linden" events. They took place at the Isle of View.

And what better look for the holiday than a cupid? For this, I used the old style "Bunkie" mouse that I got from Luskwood years ago, but is no longer available, and a couple wings and a quiver.

 The Isle of View is a heart shaped four sim sized island. With the viewer lighting set to Noon, one from a distance sees yellowish ground and pink trees.

Set to "region default," the place looks set to sunrise, or is it dusk? It looks considerably different, with the yellow hidden and the place taking on a dark red and pink hue.

The effects of the lighting are more noticeable at ground level, the reds and pinks being the most visible.

The place had many walkways for a romantic stroll with a date, and small boats one could drift with a romantic interest for a while. But today people were interested in the Linden events, which were taking place at two domed places on the island.

There would be two sets of events that day, from 10 AM to Noon SL time and 2-4 PM. But getting to the 10 AM event was a problem as everyone was gathered at just one of the domes, resulting in the sim being full. So I had to wait outside for a bit.

But eventually, I got in and made my way to where the events were being held.

There was quite a crowd, and a variety of avatars.

Of the "Hug A Linden," there were a few hugging booths in which two people could sit in. Madori Linden was among those taking part.

 Also there was Simon Linden.

Oz Linden was also taking part in the hugging.

And Governance Linden as well.

One of the most popular Lindens, Torley, was there, though in his non-Linden account in a female avatar with his trademark watermelon colors.

And yes, (s)he got into the hugging booths.

Also there, Bianca Linden.

And Creia Linden in a tiny avatar.

April Linden, the Luskwood bunny among the Lindens, looked like she needed a hug. Seeing my avatar, she told me it was the first time she'd seen a "Bunkie" in many years.

There were some noted Second Life personalities there, such as Strawberry Singh and Caitlin Tobias.

And Kenny Luckless, often seen around Bay City, and the Ivory Tower.

Xiola Linden was also there, and she wasn't afraid of mice.

But there were more than just hugging booths. There were also dunking booths set up by Linden Lab for anyone whom wanted to lob a softball and send a Linden into the tank of water below, "Nuuuuuuuuu!" Tommy Linden was among those volunteering for a soaking.

So was April Linden.

Coyot Linden also offered himself up for a plunge, Torley commenting he needed a few flea dips. Despite his coyote avatar, a four-legged non-anthro one on it's hind legs, he had the tag "Not a furry." When I asked him about that, he answered he didn't consider himself one, but wouldn't go further into details.

Also on the hot seat, or was this the cool seat, Oz Linden.

Many were reluctant to toss a ball at Xiola Linden, but "Molly" was willing to be a pitcher.

"Torley on the dunk tank!" Xiola shouted. Torley mused, "Who will topple the watermelon in the water? ... Nuuuuuuuu... "

At one point, regular residents got on the dunking booth, offering that the Lindens have a try at diving them a dunk.

At the 2-4 timeslot, both centers on the islands were being used, so they were easier to get to. Here Skylark Lefavre enjoys a hug from Dee Linden.

Shamen Linden was also there, and getting wet.

It was quite a Valentines Day at the Isle of View, and a memorable one thanks to Linden Lab's finest.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, February 17, 2017

Scenes From One Billion Rising

By Gemma Cleanslate and Bixyl Shuftan

On February 14, the One Billion Rising took place in Second Life. An annual event, this was the fifth year in a row it had taken place. It's actually part of a worldwide demonstration supporting women's rights worldwide and opposing violence against women.

 Across the four OBR sims, various artists had exhibitions in theme of the event.

 Where the four sims met was a stage, where various musicians performed.

There would also be some events on occasion in a few of the exhibits.

Saffia Widdershins was among the volunteers for the event, often doing duty as a greeter.

About 2PM SL time, there was an event in the northwestern OBR sim, which a few pictures were taken of.

A couple people were noticed expressing concern about the recent US Presidential election, thinking the results meant trouble for women's rights in America. But it was the observation of this writer that most people avoided the issue of politics. What did get talked about was the number of men whom were taking part, such as Wildstar Beaumont and Oldesoul Eldemar.

One feature of One Billion Rising is videos of volunteers of the event dancing to the "Break the Chain" song done every year. This includes Second Life, where one with a number of avatars was filmed by AvaJean Westland. Gemma was among those dancing.

Eventually, the event would end and the sims would soon close for another year. But violence against women is a year-round problem. And next year the Rising will be back.

Bixyl Shuftan and Gemma Cleanslate