Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Fishiversary took place this weekend in two sims, Iridium and Osmium. This is a yearly “festival” of the fishing world of 7Seas Fishing. 

Many fish custom creators are invited to get a plot in the sims and build a fishing haven where people will fish for 24/7 from Friday to Sunday, perhaps longer if the sims don’t disappear too quickly. It is great fun fishing up the created customs. 

One of my favorite prizes is The Galaxy Certificate that entitles one to live on board the ship for a week . It makes a great gift for weddings and rezz days. 

Some of the customs are clothing , hats or outfits, wearable rods and other fishing accessories.  Others are blueprints to build an item of use. 

There were some fishing contests held. Most of all I enjoy the fascinating builds that people put up all around the sims. Here are some pictures of the amazing builds and and fisher people in the sims.  

Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's Note: Talking to Jen Shikami of the 7Seas team, she was "Very happy with how the event went. I'm just glad to see everyone in the community still having fun and creating such amazing things. It reminds me of why we started this in the first place. I also have high hopes that I can get my RL organized enough to be in SL more, get more projects going for the 7Seas community."

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand Opening of Peace Nation at Creations Park

 By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday April 19th, Barbie Alchemi held a Grand Opening event to celebrate her new Peace Nation build at the Creations Park sim. The event lasted from 10AM to 7PM SL time.

"Please join us for a magical day of Live Music, Dance, Laughter and Friendship. This beautiful natural environment is a Native American "sim in the sky" built with love as a Native American "sim in the sky" for Creations Team Fox for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research."

 People were invited to dress in Native American fashion, as they danced to live music being performed, "Don your ceremonial robes, your feathers, your scales, claws & fur. Bring your drums & rattles! Our Nature Spirits are calling to us.Dance & sing, grounding our energy to the beat of tribal rhythms."  

Barbie's real life mother was also there, "I would like everyone to meet my awesome 87 years young Mom:  Fran Serenade, who is with us today. Everything I do (here) I do it with love for her." She invited people to watch the Youtube of Drax Despress' interview of them (click here).

Among the purposes of the sim and it's events is to collect funds for Parkinsons research, and this event collected quite a bit. At 4:29, Barbie spoke, "I have an exciting announcement! We have raised 45,000 Linden dollars so far today! Let's reach 50,000!"

Barbie invited everyone to explore the place after the party, "I hope everyone takes the time to explore this beautiful natural environment ... built with love. There is a lot to see and enjoy here. We also have an equally beautiful main sim and underwater. So please come back to see it all." One partier quickly agreed, "Barbie has done an amazing job of putting the sim together... well worth exploring."

 Peace Nation is at Creations Park (144/233/1301)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Passover Service in Second Life (March 2010)

By Bixyl Shuftan

The following article was originally published on Wednesday March 31 2010.

*  *  *  *  *

On Palm Sunday, March 28 at 6 PM SL time, the Eternal Creations sim hosted a Passover service in Second Life. It was held by You Are Loved Ministries.

The sim was packed with many dozens, almost all in the building, 80 counted by SL Newspaper, and another visitor saying there were 86 at one point. To help reduce the effects of lag somewhat, the building was over 2000 m in the air. Those entering were asked to take a seat, and upon doing so were given a “seder plate” and asked to “wear” it. When rezzed, a meal of several dishes, a couple bowls of water, and a goblet of wine appeared on the table in front of the person seated.

Judah and Rivakah Sorbet headed the service, with the help of some such as Eve Clarity. One of the guests named by Judah was from Sri Lanka. Judah then began talking about the story of Passover in Exodus. The Old Testament explains ten plagues were sent by God against Egypt before Pharaoh would finally release the Israelite slaves. Before the tenth plague, the death of the firstborn, Moses ordered all Israelite households to take an unblemished lamb, and on the night of the plague slaughter it, avoiding breaking any of its bones in the process, and put it’s blood on the doorframe. This way, the plague “passed over” the Israelite homes.

Why celebrate Passover as Christians? Judah explained there were several reasons, notably the connection of the slaughtered lamb to Christ’s crucifixion, hence Christ is refereed to as “the Lamb of God.” So some Christians hold Passover services, this one in Second Life including the “seder” ritual feast normally associated with Jewish tradition.

Judah went over the order in which a Passover seder meal is eaten, then showed a film to those attending, depicting the Israelites under brutal slavery, then Moses bringing about the ten plagues, the scene of the plague of frogs particularly amusing with Pharaoh waking up finding himself covered in them. The film ended with the Israelites freedom.

Judah also pointed out there was a notecard giver in the corner for the history of the Easter Bunny ( and Easter eggs (

It was then time to begin the seder. Step by step, Judah and Rivakah explained to the attendees where to click on the seder plate, and what that part of the meal symbolized in detail. For instance, to the side of the plate was a package of three pieces of flat matzah bread. Following the washing hands and the appetizer, the dipping of vegetables in salt water, people were asked to click on the matzah bread. Doing so, the middle piece appeared on top. Clicking on it again, the piece was broken in half. The larger half was called the “afikoman,” and clicking on the package again, it would appear to be wrapped up in cloth and put aside for later.

Later in the meal, one would click on the matzo bread and the “maror,” horseradish for this particular seder, and on top of the matzo package a sandwich made up of the two would appear, which would take a few clicks of the mouse for it to be virtually eaten.

Some people had better luck in getting the virtual seder plate to work than others. With so many present, lag inevitably froze many at some point. Still, there were a number of complementary remarks from the audience. One spoke out he was planning to use this to help explain Christianity to others. Others saw it as more of looking at the history behind practices.

Once the seder was complete, everyone was asked to get up and walk back to the entrance. With many dozens in the room, most lagged a bit, but eventually everyone gathered there. People were offered a free gift by clicking on a gift bag, then asked to head into the next room. Inside was a depiction of Ancient Egypt, with sand and the pyramids. Everyone was asked to walk up to the edge of the Red Sea. Once everyone was there, it parted (the water gray with lag), and everyone then crossed.

At the end, Judah Sorbet invited those who turned away from church to come back, “maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard this message.” He began a prayer, and invited all to join in. Following that, a helper named Sonic Ring played some guitar music, singing Christian songs.

An interesting look at a religious ritual, as only Second Life can show it.

*  *  *  *  *

This was the most impressive display of religious education I had seen in Second Life, and in the four years since the original printing of this article I haven't seen anything like it since. That they had managed to keep so many on without crashing was a further example of the creators' skill. I tried to get in contact with Judah and Rivakah Sorbet the following year, but was unable to. It's unfortunate for Second Life's practicing Christian residents, as well as those simply interested in knowing more and not necessarily practicing, that this event wasn't repeated.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scenes From The VWBPE Education Conference

From April 9 to April 12, the annual VWPBE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) conference took place in Second Life. Over four days across six sims, presenters and pannels gave various talks and discussions, and there were also a few exhibits.

 At 1PM SL time on Wednesday April 9, the conference began at the auditorium at the corners of VWBPE Central 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The opening keynote was given by none other than Philip Rosedale, the former Philip Linden.

Gentle Heron doing the chat transcription for Philip.

To see what Philip Rosedale had to say, one can check out reviews made by Daniel Voyager and Inara Pey, or check out the following video made by Mal Burns:

(Click Here if the video fails to load)

On Friday at 1PM, there would be another important speaker: Ebbe Linden.

Ebbe, wearing one of the starter avatars for new residents planned for release in the near future, addressed a packed crowd. He spoke about the Terms of Service issue, and numerous other topics.

 Among those there was Pathfinder Lester, the former Pathfinder Linden

 Jo Yardley and Daniel Voyager was also there (Daniel's owl avatar had a hard time appearing in my viewer that day)

Pete and Xiola Linden were also there.

There's a summary of Ebbe's speech from Daniel Voyager, a review by Jo Yardley, and a full transcript from Inara Pey. There's also video by Mal Burns:

(Click here if the video fails to load)

Following Ebbe's speech, and the crowd leaving, I met up briefly with Draxtor Despress.

I also met  up with Nigma Sterling whom help organize things for the conference.

The following day, Saturday April 12 from about 9AM to 11 AM SL time, there was the "Connecting the Past, Present, and Future" discussion, with Botgirl Questi, Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon, Jerry Beaubois/Tab Scott, and Kevin Freenan/ Phelan Corrimal made up the panel on stage.

 With a little time on my hands, finally, I went about exploring the location.

I came across a few exhibits, such as this one.

This volcano exhibit was certainly "what's cooking."

 I came across a discussion mixed with a tour of some exhibits, "The Programer and the Nurse."

 There were several simulated paitents set up, for visitors to practice on.

Finally came the Closing Ceremony at 6PM SL time.

Among those speaking were Pooky Amsterdam, and Dirk McKenan. Pooky delivered the closing line, "Goodnight Mr Rosedale, whereever you are."

 Following the last speaking event was the Closing Party, with Selene Jashan playing the music.

At one point however, about half us were flying up in the air and away, one girl screaming, "Hellllpppp!!! I am being attacked psychedelicness!"

 But we made our way back and the party resumed. This time with Greenlantern Excelsior around.

It was a fun end for the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference after all.

Some pictures from Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remembering Dirk Talmasca

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Sunday March 30, noted longtime Second Life resident passed away. He was noted for being many things here, land owner, mentor, and a tireless advocate of this virtual world. Last weekend on Saturday April 5, a memorial service was held in his honor in the Linden Memorial Park area.

The service was scheduled for 4 PM SL time in the Pinechapel sim, though there seemed to be technical difficulties due to the number of avatars present when I arrived as I kept crashing. One resident commented, "Dirk touched so many lives. The fact that we keep crashing is a testament to who Dirk was." It was decided to move the service to the southwest corner of monument where it was within earshot of three other sims. This way, more could attend with less problems of a crash.

Dozens attended the service. Among them were Saffia Widdershins, Stroker Serpentine, Jessica Lyon, Marianne McCann, Codebastard Redgrave, whom a few years ago had set up a tribute to a third of the Lindens whom had suddenly been dismissed from the Lab, Inara Pey, Crap Mariner, and even a Linden: Shaman Linden.

Jessica Lyon had this to say about the multitude present, "Seeing a lot of familiar names in here. Strange thing that, how the loss of someone loved brings so many together." Shaman Linden remarked, "I didn't know Dirk, but I am intrigued and touched that he had such a presence inworld to bring us all here. The ones who knew him, and the ones who didn't, alike. ...  I'm sure many Lindens who knew him are sad to see him go."

It was commented, "Dirk would be honored to see the turnout here today - was said so far." "Dirk would be laughing, than ask why he wasn't invited too." Saffia Widdershins added,  "That's the trouble with wakes - they throw a great party on the one day they know you can't make it!" Jessica commented on his reputation for being playful with the ladies, Jessica Lyon: "I can't help but wonder how many women here today... he tried to get naked, haha!" "So true Jessica, hehehe. ... Oh he was good with the blarney as well." "Always a gentleman, yes, "Jessica Lyon, confirmed, "always the charmer." "It was the top hat that got us girls." "Probably sweating bullets now thinking 'Oh God, they're gonna find out about each other!' " "Pffft, he's hoping that's what we're talking about and laughing his a$$ off." Stroker Serpentine wryly commented, "He would always volunteer to be a product tester for me." "And all the ladies comparing notes, he would by hysterical by now."

But the chuckles faded when talk turned to one thing Dirk left behind, his sims, "I hear the sims are being reclaimed as we speak. It was my home for so long it makes me want to cry." "Starax went offline and I ticketed it and they brought it back up so I could get my stuff." "We offered to buy two of them, but (the Lab) wouldn't do it.) Codebastard commented, "Yeah that's one thing that's hard with virtual worlds. Sims costs a sh*tload, and when you pass away they are recycled. There's no eternity in here." People talked about getting in touch with Dirk's family about the sims, but later on after they had time to griev, "The family is aware of the Linden Lab TOS and will deal with it early in the week. Let's just let them mourn today after his funeral this morning."

"Well Dirk, my friend, I am glad that I met you. I'm glad that we made each other laugh. I'm glad you never got my clothes off. And most of all, I'm going to miss you very much. RIP babe." "I loved that he just seemed to really 'Get' Second Life. He saw it for what it could be from the beginning and always urged others to see it that way too, that was my experience with him anyway." "I have this image of him doing the "pull my finger" joke when he meets Jesus. I cant stop grinning about it." "No matter what life he's playing on , I'll catch up with him one of these days." "And not one last prank by Dirk. Last time I heard ticking in SL was when Dirk sicked a herd of buffalo on me." "Dirk was the only estate owner ive ever had that could get Lindens on my sim in 5 mins." "He helped so much with the horrible ordeal with my ex, said Baby, 'any man stupid enough to let you go deserves the sh*t he is dealing with.'" CodeBastard Redgrave, "I ragedfaced so much at LL at the time and he was like, 'don't bother Codie, you know they are just idiots.' That always made me laugh out loud, and I stopped being pissed."

Over time, people had to head out. Stroker Serpentine, "I will always have the laughs and smiles..R.I.P. Dirk..Busty Wenchs and Cold Ale FTW!!" Jessica Lyon, "well.. Dirk.. my dear.. you charmer you... You shall exist in SL forever, you've touched so many, loved by so many, have made so much difference over the years to so many including myself.. You can never be forgotten. You will always be part of the grain which makes SL what it is and I will always think of you this day forward every time I click Login. And yes, you can slap my a$$ one last time."

Eventually, there were just a few left, which Codebastard invited to continue the chat at her Rouge Lounge.

After the service, I was contacted by Bevan Whitfield. She told me Designing Worlds would be taping a special episode about Dirk Talmasca on Thursday to be aired later this month. She also passed to be a recording of the wake (

And so, Second Life bade farewell to one of it's own.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, April 11, 2014

Don Quixote

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was able to take in the last ballet presentation at Jellybeans Toys and Fashion. The ballet: Don Quixote. 

Guy Wardell, who is the present coordinator, told me the background of the school, "Miss Kaysie Knoller, she wanted to do ballet in Second Life, but found the only way that she could was to start her own ballet school." The LPBA was born and Guy joined as a student and member of the corps de ballet and then finally over many of the duties as coordinator when Miss Kaysie became too busy in real-life. So much work goes into these performances. There were so many participants all doing their parts on stage . The outfits were lovely and the dances marvelous. 

The audience was filled with children who knew many of the performers, and had to hail to them on the stage as they appeared, but for the most part were very well behaved. every seat was filled so some sat on the floor below the stage . There is a lovely program given out giving the story and the performers and the acknowledgments for all involved. You can also pick up a synopsis of the acts and a tip sheet on how to make the performance more enjoyable by lowering the lag. It is a four act play so plan on spending some time if there are technical difficulties.

I am so sorry I missed the first shows or would have reported on the event before it ended so you could get over to see it. I will make sure for the next one I will let you know in time. Guy said, “One thing I must stress Gemma, and it is this: the LPBA is a whole team effort. I just happen to co-ordinate everything. We have a wonderful costume department that makes our costumes for the shows, I have help with sets, and above all we have the most loyal, hardworking, dedicated group of students as without them there would be no LPBA and no shows!”

I am looking forward to the next performance and will put it in the events page for you.

Gemma Cleanslate