Monday, August 24, 2015

Memorial Service for Lumiere Noir

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Sunday August 16, a memorial service was held for Lumiere Noir. The longtime resident was best known for his building of the Ivory Tower of Prims in the Natoma sim, which had a detailed, and the best known, library of lessons and tutorials for learning how to build with prims and scripting. Known as Vice Frost in real life, a high school teacher of Plano Texas, he had passed away on Monday August 10.

The event began about 1PM SL time. It was scheduled to be at the Ivory Tower. But there was a limit to the number of avatars which could be there. Part of the reason was that Avi Arrow, whom helped take care of the Tower and organized the event, wanted Lumiere's real life family to attend the Second Life service, via newly created avatars. So a number of people gathered at a nearby area in the Taber sim next door. Daniel Voyager estimated that the number of people attending at more than 70 avatars. I myself counted 41 at Natoma and 24 at Taber. The gathering was a collection of both longtime residents, including some well known personalities such as RacerX Gullwing and Prokofy Neva
One of those attending commented, "I love that I am seeing so many truely name worthy people in attendannce!" Prokofy called it, "A very motley crew united by only one thing," paying their last respected to a man whom had done great things for this virtual world.

There were also a few members of his real life family, including his stepsister ElliePirelli Resident and his brother Pegasus58 Resident. "On behalf of the family," ElliePirelli spoke, "thank you, everyone, very much for being here today. We are honored to be here. ... Lumiere showed me Second Life almost 10 years ago and he brought (his mother) in and took her on a spaceship ride. It is incredible to see what he has built." "Thanks to all of you for being here," Pegasus58 added, "Lumiere showed this to me many years ago and I know it meant a lot to him. ... Lumiere was a teacher and enjoyed helping others learn. This brought him much joy. ... He taught my sons things at a young age and never let them believe that they were too young to learn anything."

A number of residents spoke about the departed resident.  Marianne McCann spoke, "I don't feel like I need to tell any of those gathered here today just what an impact Lumiere Noir had on Second Life. And yet, I will. Second Life is billed as a place where all of its Residents create everything that exists.  It is a showcase of the mind, a place that only exists thanks to those of us who build, texture, script, and create Our World here. Without us, there it nothing. Yet through the building in front of me - and before that, the Ivory Tower in Noyo - anyone who has ever opted to lift a primitive in Second Life has learned the ins and outs of that craft. Without an avatar like Lumiere Noir guiding and teaching all of us, how many of us would have stayed here? How many of us would have built this world? Would there even be a Second Life in 2015? I don't know. I'm honestly not sure. So, today, we mourn our loss, but we also celebrate the person and all he taught us.

"At this year's SL Birthday event, I found myself building large structures out of primitives. As I worked on it, I mused at how I was using a trick or two I learned from the Ivory Tower. I know I am nowhere near alone in this experience, just one of millions who's builds were formed with Lumi's teachings.  Through all of us, and through the tower and other things Lumiere Noir created, his legacy continues. Thank you, Lumi, for being here."

Jopsy Pendragon, "Just simply... I always felt a kinship with Lumi... as I do with Robin... The three of us weren't just satisfied to learn to use SL for our own creations... we weren't happy unless we were helping others discover what they could do here as well. I'll miss the mad need to show-and-tell some new way of doing something... and I popped in on Lumi often to show off, or vice versa... (smile). I can't say much more than that... I'll miss him deeply. t makes me glad to see him remembered by so many amazing people. Thank you.(smile)

Robin Sojourner, "Lumi was one of the first people I met here in SL. 'm a teacher, too, and I was deeply impressed by the whole Ivory Tower. As well as learning to build here. I asked him about adding something about textures. And he encouraged me to do it, and to put it on my own sim. So I'd get the traffic and tips. Without Lumi, there would have been no Texture Tutorials. I agree with Jopsy. There was a special friendship between the 3 of us, Jopsy teaching particles, Lumi with prims, and I was doing textures. It was more fun than I can tell you. I can't believe that he's gone. I'll miss him so much. Thanks, Lumi, for everything you taught me, not just about prims. About Life, and living it with joy, as well. You will be sorely missed."

CrystalShard Foo spoke, "I met Lumi back on the virtual world before SecondLife was a thing. We used to chat and hang out, which was pretty much all you could do over there, really. Well, that and play with hoverboards. When I heard of SecondLife and how you could actually create over there, I ran over as fast as I could. Turned out Lumi managed to get there a few months before me. (smile) Naturally, I glued myself to him and the few others that I already knew. He showed me the Ivory Tower of Prims back when it was first being built. I remember walking around the first floor - the only floor that was kind of finished, and surprised to learn that you could shift-drag to copy. Later when I dove into scripting, he let me try some of my weirder experiments on his parcel. Where I managed to lose a bunch of wayward moving prims now and then. Pretty sure they're all back to me by now, but.. if you stumble on one, do let me know. (grin) When I got the phone call, it was a very weird experience. Honestly I'm still processing it. But I can't really say much more than everyone else already did - I'll miss Lumi, but it means I'll never forget him."

YadNi Monde, whom until recently ran "YadNi's Junkyard" freebie mall, "I used to buy clothes from Sven Wu Kong in 'There' because I thought they were colorful and fantastic. Then I left There to come here. (paused for a few people's chuckles), and I met Lumiere Noir who was building his mighty tower. It took years to realize the clothes and the tower were made by the same person. But that was all expression of great talent. I learned a LOT in this tower, fancy tricks about CTRL Z, about turning a spinning staircase, about creating whatever I could think of. He enlarged my vision of this grid and opened my eyes on the possibilities. I am like all of us here, i am holding a bit of his knowledge inside me. We all together represent the love we have for this gentle man. Because a GentleMan, he WAS, and we will keep him inside of us until we join back with him someday. I certainly hope there is a sandbox where he went at, and we ll be teaming up again to create fancy things. We'll do more sand castles, and we ll talk SciFi oldies. And I am sure he can hear our LOVE. That's all I have to say right now I'm sorry, all I can say again is how much I'll miss him, and not being able to skype him anymore to discuss our mutual blender progress is going to be like a huge hole."

Kat Medici, "What to say that hasn't been said... Simply that Lumi/Swen gave many of us more than his time in SL. He gave us himself, his real life interests, and his friendship. I missed Swen in 'There' so I followed him here, and discovered him doing a bit of Captain Nemo, and raving about building in 2003. And I found myself intrigued again by thepossibilities of SL. Because what is more delightful than possibilities? It is because of Lumi that I met CS, and through CS, I met so many others that are part of my life, my beloveds. And most importantly, for me, without SL, without Lumi, without all of this, I would not have met my RL love. So I owe Lumi my happiness. I will always remember him and will miss Lumi/Swen for a lifefime. All hail Lumi!"

Tosha Tyran, Lumiere Noir's partner in SL and real life, "... I hope you all wont mind me getting very personal... but I just feel like that. The American poet and author Thornton Wilder once said: 'There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.' The land of the living. We have all walked through this land with Lumiere Noir. Some of us a few steps, a short encounter, others a long, long way. Much is there to say about the land of the living, memories we share. These last days have made my personal memories very vivid and I want to share just a few with you all: Lumiere, how he found solutions to so many of my problems – SL and RL: Bored with Second Life and too much hehe, haha, how great we are? He told me a wonderful thing: build! I did – problem solved. Building crisis? He admired even the simplest cube I 'created.' I had to laugh – problem solved. Hysterically searching for just the right texture? He created one himself and handed it to me – problem solved. He knew so many interesting and important people in SL. I was introduced and excepted – problem solved. Longing for stability in our relationship on either side of the ocean? He proposed marriage and arranged a wonderful, funny and joyful wedding – problem solved."

"I found my wish on and for that day. If I had one free wish, I would wish for a mad love. One that grips me like the wind would grip a tiny feather. One that grips me like the wind would grip a tiny feather. Which makes me laugh and cry simultaneously. Well, my wish was fulfilled! And - this will not go on forever. But just a few memories of the generous and ingenious problem solver Vince in Real-life. Too many books to be moved into the new flat? He sent me a kindle – problem solved. Too tired to listen to his stories which he loved to read to me. e gifted me a tablet, so he could read while I drifted off to sleep – problem solved. Dog barking persistently and got on my nerves while we talked? He just laughed, greeted her and she calmed down, because I ceased to be nervous – problem solved."

"oops, so much more. And now, Vince, now you go. And I shall have to let you go. I do hope you will not get lost out there. Go now, my love. I will watch out for you. Hoping you will see the light at the horizon. Go now - my thoughts are with you. Go now - don't fear and don't feel alone. Go now - my love will forever be with you and keep you company. And I hope you will recognize this new land as the home from which once you came.  Go now, Sweetheart, go in peace."

Avi Arrow then announced, "Now, is time the family would like to say a few words and, i think, even read some of which was said Friday at the real life memorial service." His stepsister ElliePirelli then spoke, "I would love to say a few words. First of all, thank you, Tosha, for those warm remembrances. We have all loved getting to know you and have been with you in spirit all week. Thank you for having us here today in the very special place you all shared with Vince. If everyone has time, I'd love to share some things from Vince's real life. He will be deeply missed for his kindness, his wit, and his selflessness toward friends, family and his students. A teacher in the Plano Independent School District, Vince dedicated 17 years of his life to teaching students English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as his other passion, literature. As we know from all of the stories that he read to Tosh. Vincent was a treasured friend and family member to all who held him dear. His love of life and laughter was infectious, and his commitment to learning about and sharing the elements of art, photography, and the Chinese culture he found so fascinating will leave a lasting legacy with everyone he encountered during his all too short but precious life. We will all, especially his loving mother, dearly miss him and his wonderful smile and bear hugs. God bless and keep you well until we see you again, Vincent. You mean the world to us in life and also to those whose lives you evidently touched and enriched so wonderfully here in Second Life."

"We love you, Tosh and Avi. You and Vince's other friends here are part of our family forever now, too."

Next was his brother Pegasus, "umi was a great brother, son and uncle. And of course as Ellie has said, a great teacher. He loved his students, and at his memorial service his co-workers and several of his students told us all how they were drawn to him. And how generous he was with his time to help the students with not only their studies, but to help them build a better life. He would take old computer parts to his students to help them build their own, and to teach them how to do that."

ElliePirelli, "I echo what Pegasus58 is saying about Vince as a teacher. I don't know if you all knew it, but he had a Masters of Arts in painting. His artwork is all over his mom's house. Thank you all for the support you gave him here and for giving him such an incredible springboard for his creativity and many, many talents."

Pegasus, "He played chess with one of my sons, and talked technology with theo other one. He found something in common with everyone."

ElliePirelli, "That's true. When I started making jewelry, he gave me a very elaborate metalsmithing kit to encourage me to grow my skills. Such an incredibly generous and loving man. He is dearly missed by all of us."

Pegasus, "He worked in a Chinese restaurant in college, creating an interest in Asian culture and a move to Taiwan for three years, of course as a teacher. I'm glad to know he had good friends in so many places."

ElliePirelli, "We are so happy and honored to be here to celebrate his life with you all. Thank you again. And keep building!" Tosha Tyran, "Absolutely - and the honor is on us, Elli." "ElliePirelli, "Thank you. You are too kind. We are looking forward to hanging around and dancing and getting to know you all better, and of course the fireworks - which Lumi would love!!! (smile)" Pegasus, "Yes and we will pass all of these wonderful thoughts to his mother.She was too sad to log on today but will love all of these kind thoughts." ElliePirelli, "I have videotaped much of this for her. I know she will love this outpouring of support for him. She was on here last night and talked with Avi and Tosh and it was a truly wonderful moment."

Leven Serendipity stepped forward with a poem she had to share.

In these everlasting summers
Your light shines, replacing the sun.
 We know that wind won’t blow
our memories, nor rain wash away
 your heroic legacy into Natoma’s sand.

And with us you’ll fly between worlds.
We’ll smile with each new prim rezzed,
Knowing you have built a selfless life
And one we will always share

Thank you, who illuminated
Ingeniously, weaving warmth and play,
While shaping a lasting ever after
For us to craft so happily.

Avi Arrow spoke again, "Thank you Ellie and Pegasus. It's brought such extra meaning to this event having you here with us and is a joy for us also to get to know Lumiere that much more by knowing you and sharing this with you. I would like to say one more thing in conclusion.... Above all else, Lumiere gave of himself freely and without reservation, and never asking for anything in return.... By which, we all now carry a part of Lumiere inside of us, something we get to take care of and steward over for the rest of our lives. He's given us such a wonderful gift and I love him with all of my heart for it. he touched us so very deeply. Thank you all for sharing and being here."

"Now....let the celebration begin. Let's dance!!!!

The event then moved from the front of the Ivory Tower to a nearby dance floor. The atmosphere got lighter as the event would end not with tears, but with smiles and a few jokes as the residents who remained, young and old, noted and not so well known, danced a little to the music.

Daniel Voyager posted some pictures of the event, as did Prokofy Neva, whom also posted a transcript of part of the event. Prokofy wrote that this was more than the end of a man, but the beginning of the end of an era. Second Life's prims and the ability to build with them enabled residents to have a good deal of freedom. Freedom that he felt would be absent from the next generation grid, Sansar.

And what of the Ivory Tower? Avi Arrow told me it would go on indefinitely, "As far as I know nothing will change regarding the status of the Ivory Tower and the group that supports it.  we can hope that the ivory tower library will be around for as long as Second Life is here." It would be "a permanent memorial for Lumiere."

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The 2015 Relay Season Officially Ends: The Relay "Wrap-Up"

By Bixyl Shuftan

On August 16, the five month long Relay for Life Fundraising season officially came to a close with the "Wrap-Up." The event this year was a little different as it took place in the Rose Theater, the members of the Comittee up on stage and others in the audience seating. T1 Radio provided stream coverage for those whom couldn't be at the sim.

"How beautiful is this? I love the Rose Theatre," Random Darrow spoke of the location, "We're gonna jump right into it and Thank you Lisa Valentino of Angel Manor to host our wrap up ceremony at this beautiful Rose Theater!   Lisa has been a huge supporter of RFL and extremely generous for providing us with with this magnificent venue."Stingray Raymaker announced that the total ammount of cash raised for this year's Relay Season had reached $275,000 US Dollars.

It was announced PrettyKitty Gumbo would be stepping down from the Committee, though would continue to be a Relay volunteer for her team. Lomgren Smalls would be taking Dwen Dooley's place as the Tech Lead, "don't worry, the kiosk size will not change." Nikki Mathieson will be their Mega Events Director.

Leala Spire and Ariel Goldrozen, whom were wearing pink at the ceremony, would be the lead and co-lead in planning the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event in October.

Several teams had risen in level since the Relay Weekend. Team DRMC, Little Yoshiwara, House Of Fallen Angels had reached Bronze. LA Designs and The Future is Now had reached Silver. Dreamin' in Purple, Giant Snail Relay, Soul Sensations, Walking Tall For A Cure, Alpha Sigma Omega Sorority, and the Seventh Legion MC had reached Gold. The Circle of Life had moved up to Platinum. The Second Life Coast Guard moved up to Saphire. Sail for Life moved up to Emerald. Harmony of Hope reached Ruby level.

The winner of the "Swag Bag" award was TS Darrow.

The winner of the Best Man and Maid of Honor Award was Bella Zeplin. "Events are hard for her to attend but she supports the team as strongly as she can especially on Relay weekend and has for years. This year was a special one.  Not only did she arrange her schedule to be able to be with us all weekend but ... Bella would cheer everyone that passed by all Relay weekend and took the extra step of IMing many of them.  If they responded to her she took the time to not only get to make a new friend of each but that lap and any other laps she saw them she would run out on to the track and offer hugs to each one.  She would express her appreciation and admiration to the survivors and caregivers and would thank them for all they do.  She wanted to make sure they all felt very loved and honored."

Others mentioned as deserving of the award were BruceWaynne Resident, Sienna Thor, Oldesoul Eldemar, Saiyge Lotus, Trader1 Whiplash, Rowena Dubrova, Princess Kate (KateLynn Inglewood), DJ Rock And Roll, Cuddly Waffle, Sidonie Calberg, Brennie Slade, Kylie Briner, Cathy Longoria, Sasha Fairywren, Veruca Tammas, Rendal Constanineau, Sylisan Resident, Sandie Turbo, Random Padar, Cajuntadpole, Gem Sunkiller, Dwen Dooley, Chevelley Resident (Silentghost), Tahisha Fairplay, Fuzzball Ortega, Rheata Resident (Rhea), Darkstone Aeon, Cashew Writer, PrettyKitty Gumbo, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, RockySlate Resident, and Savannah Coronet and the Hell on Heels dancers.

The winners of the "Smell the Roses/Clown Award" were Duna Gant, Solkide Auer, Thathy Slade, Brucewaynee Resident, "Whoever 'The BOX' was," Melodie Jigsaw, Catalina Staheli, Kira Vel (kiralette kelley), Mr. Zacky (zack vedrina), Éclair Martinek, Lomgren Smalls, Fuzzball Ortega, Rowena Dabrovna. Brayden Marquis (brayden composer) Others got other awards ...

Sylisan Resident (Sigh Underwood), the "Magical And Fae-bulous" award.

Nayomi Naidoo, the "In All Of Relay's Corner" award.

Rheata Resident, or Rhea, the "Rhea Of Light" award.

OldeSoul Resident (Eldemar), the "Our Beloved Bobcat" award.

Fuzzball Ortega, the "King Of Comedy" award.

Chevelley Resident (Silentghost), the "She's Not Bad, She's Just Drawn That Way" Award.

Dwen Dooley the "Mad Scientist" Award.

Tahisha Fairplay, the "Purple Power" award.

Sarandel (Sara) Llewellyn, the "Songstress Of Relay" award.

Whisper Fairy Gravois (Jihan Wonder), the "Adorable Fairy" award.

Nuala Maracas, the Fireworks Award

"At the closing of Relay 2015, during the last victory lap, Nuala was given wearable fireworks which she put on  while she walked the track.  These fireworks are very vibrant, many in number, and explode high in the air.  After about 30 minutes of walking through 6 or 7 sims, stopping to talk to people, crashing 5 or 6 times, and being up for 30 hours, Nuala decided she had enough of these fireworks going off all over the sims and causing her to lag more than usual.   So, apparently, she asked in committee chat,  if whomever put out the fireworks in all the sims could turn them off.  To which she was told one put out any fireworks, is anyone near you that has on the wearable ones?   The light bulb went off .... it was Nuala herself who still had on the wearable firework... and she said.... 'no wonder I kept seeing fireworks every where I went!' "

For Top Team Convio, or website, fundraising, the team that raised the most via the Convio

website, third place went to Team Shadow ($2135), second place to the Relay Rockers ($2823), and first place to Harmony of Hope ($3815) (at the ceremony, they accidentally listed Sail for Life as third place).

For top individual Convio fundrasing, third place went to Cathy Longoria ($975), second place went to TS Darrow ($1035), and first place went to Trader Whiplash ($1205).

The convio Website Participation Award, third place went to Holocluck Henly, second place to

TS Darrow, and first place to Trader Whiplash

The Top Team Fundraising Award, third place went to the Goreans in Relay for Life, whom raised 2,645,046L or $10,580.00. Second Place went to Harmony of Hope, who raised 300,5307L or $12,021.00. First place was the Relay Rockers, who raised 3,767,925L or $15,072.00.

The Gordy Klatt Award, named for the founder of the Relay for Life, went to Team Strange Journeys, "This  team continued all season long on a mission to push our guidelines with creative thinking and heartfelt passion for Relay."

For the Spirit of Relay Awards, the team award went to the Second Life Cheerleading Squard, "They entered this season with a smile and finished it off with a huge round of cheers - this same attitude is how they approach strangers on and off the track offering friendship and support where it is needed most. They attend many of the Relay events, and their personal stories are inspiration to all." The individual award went to Mary Teodosio, "Her creativity and passion for Relay was also displayed in her making two homemade quilts to be auctioned off!  Mary attended many of your team events as well as included you in hers."

This years Keeper of the Torch: Melodie Jigsaw

The Community Chamption Award went to Sue Peregrine, Elizabeth Tinsley, Elrik Merlin, and Melony Jigsaw.

Except for the Clown and Best Man/Maid of Honor Awards, Committee Members are not elgible for Awards

The theme for next year's Relay Season was announced: Once Upon a Cure.

Of the theme, Stingray told the crowd, "This theme can be special because, it isn’t saying that the cure is a fairy tale or that a cancer patient’s journey isn’t ‘real.’ When we look at this theme, what makes me excited comes from the question: Why do we tell stories?...not just fairy tales...but all types of stories? Remember that great stories, even fairy tales, last the test of time because they’re meaningful and they provide value. Fairy tales function to address those big life questions, to help us to face life’s struggles, to help us understand morality and responsibility. But more than that, this theme of Once Upon A Cure gives us the chance to highlight our own stories. What will be the story of Relay For Life of Second Life in 2016? What will be YOUR chapter in that story? We love hearing the stories of our cancer survivors, and we wipe away tears when we read or listen to the Why I Relay/Why Do You Relay segments. Next year - I’m looking forward to Once Upon A Cure because I can’t wait to tell, read, watch, listen, and learn from all of your stories!"

Random concluded, "You are ALL the singular pieces that unite with so much passion, dedication & creativity to form this grand MOSAIC we call RFL in SL and I am honored to be amongst you. The Future is Now , but I want to personally Thank You for your commitment to a bigger & better tomorrow and I look forward to working with you all again in 2016!" And with her words, the ceremony ended to the song "We are family" taking the radio stream.

Cuddly Waffle took a transcript of the event, which was used in writing this article (and can be read in it's entirety after it).

And so, the 2015 Relay for Life Season officially came to a close, but this does not mean an end to fundraising for the American Cancer Society and events related to the Relay. In a few days will be the Alliez Mysterio Award event. And there will be events such as the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event in October. And last but not least, the Relay for Life in InWorldz fundraising season has started, which will end in October.

"Until there's a cure."

Bixyl Shuftan

Relay Wrap-Up 2015 Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Relay Wrap-Up event provided by Cuddle Waffle.

* * * * *

[09:44]  cυddly waғғle: [09:40]  Now playing Brad Paisley -- Welcome To The Future
[09:46]  cυddly waғғle: Trader: Welcome to th efurure - we are ready to wrp up for 2015! We

are about 10 minutes waay from the final celebration of RFL of SL 2015. You can hear it live

on RFL radio provided by T1. We are at the Rose Theatre, and there are listening areas set

up at ACS Island, Relay D'Alliez and Arinultra Cay.
[09:47]  cυddly waғғle: TradeR: Stand by and stick around because not only do we have the

ceremony, we have a spectacular dance performance.
[09:47]  cυddly waғғle: Trader: We have a lot going on here today as we wrap up RFL of SL

[09:51]  cυddly waғғle: [09:51]  Now playing Sly And The Family Stone -- Stand!
[09:54]  cυddly waғғle: Trader: Alright guys, are you ready? We are about to begin!
[09:54]  cυddly waғғle: Trader: Sit  back, you've earned it - here we go.
[09:54]  cυddly waғғle: [09:53]  Now playing Rachel Platten -- Fight Song
[09:57]  cυddly waғғle: [09:57]  Now playing Gavin DeGraw -- Fire
[10:01]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: AND WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAACK !
[10:01]  cυddly waғғle: Random: We are! How beautiful is this? I love the Rose Theatre.
[10:02]  cυddly waғғle: Random: We're gonna jump right into it and Thank you Lisa Valentino

of Angel Manor to host our wrap up ceremony at this beautiful Rose Theater!   Lisa has been

a huge supporter of RFL and extremely generous for providing us with with this magnificent

[10:02]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Adds a touch of class, doesn;t it?
[10:02]  cυddly waғғle: Random: It does! We're now gonna pick a winner for our swag bag...
[10:03]  cυddly waғғle: Sting:: This was a year for expanding how we do things:  Sail For

Life has been relaying with us for years. Always consistant and always with passion. They

sail the entire time we are walking and encourage others to join them.  They have a

fantastic auction for some unique and amazing ships.
[10:03]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: They also work with SL Coast Guard team in helping them

achieve their goals for their 2nd year as a team.   Connie Mistwalker is a  team member who

passionately went out and got a real life business donation  that totaled $2,500!  They

mailed in their check and her team Sail For Life has moved up to Sapphire level because of

[10:03]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We have the winner...!
[10:03]  cυddly waғғle: Random: TS DArrow!!
[10:03]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Congratulationsm, that's awesome!
[10:04]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Congratulations!
[10:04]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Special thank you to Catalina Staheli for our great Why Do You

Relay photo campaign!  She not only took photos, she encouraged other teams to use this as

event draws.  She worked  with people to capture stories and photos with the Relay Rockers

to present The Stand Exhibit.
[10:04]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Catalina also donated her photo skills in a raffles, team

posters, and many more innovative ways with the committee photo and team representatives..  

In addition, she spoke to merchants and obtained donations for the Survivor/Caregivers

during Relay weekend, and spearheaded a very special Relay lap for a special Relayer! Thank

you Cat!
[10:05]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I would like to mention one of my favourite teams this yhear

- Fly For Life team   - Fly for Life team is a brand new team this year.  This team just

took off flying!  They came up with some very unique events.  If you attended one of their

flight events you got to dance and party and then board a jet.  Complete with pilot, seats

with legroom and beautiful views.  We flew over several sims until we reached the next

destination to continue the party.  Thank you to Fly For Life team who brought in over 2

thousand dollars us!
[10:06]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Great - I love that! Quick update - we have reached 275,000

USD for this year's relay tthanks to the excitement of the tiny band there!
[10:07]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We also want to say a special thank you to a volunteer who has

been with us for a very long time, having served on a team, as the Teams Lead, as a mentor

and coach...for several years. She’s “retiring” from the committee at the end of this

season, but we wanted to make sure we said thank you to her for many years of dedicated

service to help the Relay For Life of Second Life.
[10:07]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: PrettyKitty Gumbo - thank you for being a valued and important

member of the committee and the event for so many years. And we know you aren’t going far -

she’s just gonna be on a farm up-state...where she’ll focus on her own team...being a model

of success!
[10:07]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Speaking of changes, we have some special changes to announce

already...for 2016…
[10:08]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We took a long time to find the right person to fill the big

shoes that Dwen will be leaving in his retirement, but we’re excited and confident and

grateful that our new Tech Lead volunteer is going to be Lomgren Smalls! And don’t worry,

the kiosk size will not change!!
[10:08]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: As a side note, the kiosk size will not change.
[10:08]  S.i.d.: MICROKITTEN !
[10:08]  S.i.d.: OH
[10:08]  S.i.d.: sorry
[10:08]  S.i.d.: ^^
[10:08]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: But wait, there’s more! Has anyone noticed that Nuala showed

up to the wrap-up wearing a santa hat?
[10:08]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We know that Nuala has done a lot for Relay this year, but no,

it hasn’t driven her crazy...yet! It re-ignited her passion for Relay so much that she has

agreed to take on the role of the 2015 Christmas Expo Lead! So if you’re interested in being

involved with the Christmas Expo - Nuala is the person to talk to!
[10:09]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: But wait, there’s may also notice that Leala Spire

and Ariel Goldrozen are wearing pink. I’m sure by now, you can guess what that means. Yep,

they have already gotten started with planning the 2015 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

event as its lead and co lead. Strides will be held the whole month of October.  They are

planning some great events. If you're interested in having an event for Making Strides

please contact one of these two ladies.
[10:09]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: But wait, there’s more...Nikki Mathieson has agreed to step

into a new position: our Mega Events Director position - where she will work closely with

the Steering Committee and the Mega Event Coordinators to adapt our Mega Event concept to

the ever-changing virtual world.
[10:10]  cυddly waғғle: Random: It takes a large group of volunteers  to put on a Relay event

of this size.  I have to start off by thanking my hard working committee.
[10:10]  cυddly waғғle: Random:  The committee this year was Gem Sunkiller, TS Darrow and

Catalina Stahali, Serina Juran, Lunavonrandolf Kenin and Step Portilo, Cathy10 Longoria,

Alianna Logan, Rendal Constantineau, Sandie Loxingly, Sigh Underwood, Oldesoul Eldemar,

Prettykitty Gumbo, Ariel Goldrozen and Kaiila Mahoney.  Vee Tammas, Madonna Milena, Laufiair

Hexicola, Tiviyah Resident, Nikki Mathieson, Nuala Maracas, Leala Spire, Grace Louden, Tee

Auster, Cuddly Waffle, Fuzzball Ortega, Wildstar Beaumont and Ishtarangel Micheline.
[10:11]  cυddly waғғle: Random: My heartfelt thank you for all you have done this season.  We

laughed, we shed a tear together, a special thank you to my friend and co chair Dawnbeam

Dreamscape for your help and leadership.  I was very fortunate to have two amazing and wise

women as my mentors.  Thank you  MamaP and Nikki I appreciate all your advice and direction.
[10:12]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Our sponsors help to keep our events running smoothly by

defraying our costs.  These generous premier sponsors for 2015 were:
[10:12]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn:
Gemstone Breedables
Sol Existence
Club Zydeco & *The Club*
Metal Health Club

[10:12]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: I also worked very closely with several of the  committee this

year.  You all know who you are and I would just like to say a special thank you!
[10:13]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: My hear belongs with Sting and Randon, thank you both.
[10:13]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: And we want to thank our media partners for helping to spread

the word throughout SEcond Life, within the Relay family...and beyond. Of course, our

flagship station, T1 Radio, provides the streams for kickoff, halfway there, Relay weekend,

wrap-up...and we are grateful for your support each year in this endeavor.
[10:13]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We are always looking at ways to expand our outreach across

the grid.One thing we know for sure is that in order to successfully reach more people on

the grid, we need the support of our media parters - and so we thank them for pointing their

megaphones to the vast population of Second Life.
[10:13]  cυddly waғғle: The Gorean Whip
Krypton Radio
Dragons Spawn Radio
Freak Brothers Radio
Radio Mosaic
SL Aviation Network
SL Live Radio
XTC Radio
[10:14]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: We’d also like to give a special thanks to Saffia Widdershins

and her crew that helped produce many wonderful videos to help document the 2015 Relay For

Life of Second Life. Earlier in the year when they realized that producing the full telethon

would prove to be too big a task in 2015 for the resources we had available, Saffia reached

out with several options to compensate.
[10:14]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Her refusal to give up resulted in a fantastic project that

captured the beauty and the stories of our Relay event on video, which are now available on

the Relay For Life of Second Life youtube page...where they can be viewed whenever you want.
[10:14]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: So, I’m sure that you’re all excited to get to this next part

of the ceremony on Relay Sunday, you might remember the wonderfully jubilant way that Nikki

& Mama presented the awards. You could feel the fun and giddiness between the two of

them...and it was just the right touch for such a great part of Relay. So naturally, we

asked them for an encore performance.
[10:15]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: As former Event Leads of our Relay event, Nikki & Mama are

dedicated to Relay For Life of Second Life - always representing us with positivity, a

loving embrace, and support. We’re so glad that we were able to bring them out from the

retirement home today to present our 2015 Team Awards.
[10:15]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Nikki, are you here? Nikki? Did we lose Nikki?
[10:15]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: IM HERE
[10:15]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: can you ehar me now?
[10:16]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: oh my goodness gracious: New people taking over importnat

posiitons, so exciting!
[10:16]  cυddly waғғle: NikkI: and new trams going for gold like that, amazing!
[10:16]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: When I look at this list of teams who have changed their

fundraising club level since relay weekend, I see there is no quit in our relayers!
[10:17]  cυddly waғғle: MOVED UP TO BRONZE: Team DRMC
Little Yoshiwara
House Of Fallen Angels
[10:17]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO SILVER: LA DESIGNS @ THE FUTURE IS NOW!
[10:17]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO GOLD: Dreamin' in Purple
Giant Snail Relay
Walking Tall For A Cure
Alpha Sigma Omega Sorority
Seventh Legion MC
[10:17]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO PLATINUM: Circle of Life
[10:18]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO SAPPHIRE: Second Life Coast Guard
[10:18]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO EMERALD: Sail for Life
[10:18]  cυddly waғғle: UP TO RUBY: Harmony of Hope
[10:18]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Well done everyone, thank you for you rhard work.
[10:18]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Now we're going to go on to the next award which is the Best

Man and Maid of Honor award.
[10:20]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: ßεℓℓα (beila.zeplin) Bella is an Aussie on the Inspired

Dreamwalker Team.  Events are hard for her to attend but she supports the team as strongly

as she can especially  on Relay weekend and has for years.   This year was a special one. 

Not only did she arrange her schedule to be able to be with us all weekend but what she did

on the sidelines is why she is very much deserving of this award.  Bella would cheer

everyone that passed by all Relay weekend and took the extra step of IMing many of them.  If

they responded to her she took the time to not only get to make a new friend of each but

that lap and any other laps she saw them she would run out on to the track and offer hugs to

each one.  She would express her appreciation and admiration to the survivors and caregivers

and would thank them for all they do.  She wanted to make sure they all felt very loved and

honored. We all know how those little cheers make us feel but to have her take the extra

step of expressing her feelings to so many,
[10:20]  cυddly waғғle: NikkI: and passing out those hugs that earned her a special tag in

her team, "team hugger".
[10:21]  cυddly waғғle: Inspired hugger*
[10:21]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: I'm gonna add a comment here - we're gonna read a few of these,

as its important that everyone who took the time to do one, they were all important. So bear

with us.
[10:21]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: "Brucewaynee Resident

in short, Bruce is a great builder, integrated person and worthy of great respect, always

encouraging the Team Foundation For Life with their ideas, and sharing his experience of

living with the cancer and its cure."
[10:21]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Thalia Lupindo from Friends Fighting Cancer stood out very

much this year. She worked hard at the parties, walked the track 24 hours non stop

representing the team who mostly couldnt be there.  She commited her time to talk with those

who are suffering. She gave a shoulder to lean on. She fought to get their into Gold status

after years of bronze. She brought the Team back to life. Without her FFC wouldnt have been

active at all.
[10:22]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Sienna Thor - she and her team made sure to cheer relayers on

trackside. She always showed support through encouragement and kindness.
[10:22]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: OldeSoul Eldemar - He has been there for others, at all hours

of the day(night!) like a rock in the middle of a raging river. He has helped, flattered and

encouraged wherever he possibly could..And in doing so has made the Relay an immensely

enjoyable event. It would not be the same without him.  He brings so much love and support

to our Relay weekend. He truly is a beacon of light, whether it's walking the track, taking

the time to talk, or just plain Riverdancing as his bobcat tiny.
[10:23]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Saiyge Lotus. Saiyge jumped in for one of our teams and helped

them build a campsite after they lost the captain of the team who was also the team's

builder.  Thank you, Saiyge for helping us out in our hour of need.
[10:23]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "trader1 whiplash
he is the voice of the relay
[10:23]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Rowena Dubrova has relayed with a passionate spirit all season

long, encouraging not only his team, but all relayers. He has put out kiosks for other teams

at his events so they could reach their goals, set up the Castle-Building Contest, and

pushed the boundaries of the guidelines in an effort to make a better relay for all.
[10:23]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Princess Kate (KateLynn Inglewood) and DJ Rock And Roll

(RockAndRoll Michigan)   are both very deserving of this award - Princess Kate is a survivor

and is finally back with us - She and DJ along with Steelhead Salmons adopted a team needing

their help.   They are both very special and fine indivifuals  - loving and caring!   (they

are engaged in RL now - and I know they are both so happy to be back together)   DJ was a

highlight of Relay weekend with his wonderful and varied avatar changes for the theme laps. 

Who didn't notice 'the Mask and the Silver Surfer' avatar going down that track?
[10:24]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Rowena Dubrovna, Cuddly Waffle & Sidonie Calberg - Their ONE

TEAM Push was AMAZING. They have always put others before themselves.
[10:24]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "Brennie Slade

Brennie and purple tears group were non stop track side cheering all night through! Nothing

like lil ones at 3am"
[10:24]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: kylie briner stands out as one deserving this award. She talked

to all who passed by on the track and encouraging people with laughs and whimsy.
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Cathy10 Longoria - She's always there to help everyone and

anyone. She never lets you down. She's always cheerful to all teams and team members, just

not her own. She's an inspiration as a survivor
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Sasha Fairywren - a wonderful friend to Relay
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Veruca Tammas, she is a wonderful Ambassador!!
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Rendal Constanineau, a kind and gentle soul.
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: NikkI: Sylisan Resident, a caring and sweet coach
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Sandie Turbo/loxingly, a wonderful and kind person!!
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: random padar and cajuntadpole for being there and supporting

all us relayers hats off too you guys
[10:25]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Gem Sunkiller shows up on the track every year, and works so

hard to help light up all the luminaria along the track for the ceremony. Because of her

devotion to doing so, I would like to nominate her as one of our maids of honor.
[10:26]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Year in and year out, Dwen Dooley is such a steady, supportive

and fun presence on our Relay track. Our Relay weekend would not be what it is without him

around. So, as thanks for all he does to make those 24 hours on the track pass by so much

easier, I would like to nominate him as one of our best man awards of 2015.
[10:26]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Chevelley Resident (Silentghost) sure rocked our Relay weekend

this year - first by spending time behind bars to raise money for RFL, then by dressing up

as Jessica Rabbit.. what a great avatar that was.
[10:26]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Tahisha Fairplay is one of our Relayers who is usually in the

background, but, she sure rocks Relay weekend. She's there and present for all 24+ hours,

and comes up with some great costumes for each and every theme hour - Catwoman, a

Ghostbuster, or even bouncing down the track on a pogo stick.
[10:27]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Fuzzball Ortega. Making fun things more fun, including Relay

weekend. Plus, it is NOT Relay weekend until Fuzz hits the track with The Hair (which now

TALKS in 2015). Need I say more?
[10:27]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Rheata Resident (Rhea) sure shined on the track this year - in

more ways than one. Along with being a supportive and dear friend, she also showed off some

great latex and boots on the track
[10:27]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Darkstone Aeon. Dark worked tirelessly both during the pre-

Relay activities helping teams register and promote their events on the activity sims.

Helping to make sure they posted their success in chat, had all that they needed for their

events. He supported the Survivors & Caregivers through his generosity of providing gifts

for them for Relay weekend. And during the weekend, he continued to work to make sure that

activities went smoothly on the activity sims the entire 24 hours.
[10:28]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Cashew Writer- Cassie works so hard behind the scenes helping

both her own team and other teams with building and encouragement. This year, when one of

the teams lost their captain, longtime relayer Lovely Erin,  just weeks before Relay

weekend, Cassie, along with a few others, helped to bring the late captain's dream of a team

campsite to fruition. That team  then achieved the Bronze level fundraising award thanks to

Cassie and others who wanted to show the new relayers on both the e-Lemon-ator team and all

of RFL of SL how we all work together to reach our goals.
[10:28]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: PrettyKitty Gumbo. Kitty has worked tirelessly for several

years helping to promote and encourage relayers across the grid. This year, along with some

others, she worked to help build the e-Lemon-ator team's campsite after their captain Lovely

Erin passed away suddenly. During the Relay weekend, Kitty could often be found either on

the track or at the e-Lemon-ator campsite, having fun and encouraging those along the track.
[10:29]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Dawnbeam Dreamscape.  Dawn kept many of us going and gave up

several real life events, for the Christmas Expo this year.  She continues to relay in

Second Life and never forgets the cause. I can think of no one else better suited for such

an award.
[10:29]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: RockySlate Resident. Though he has been in SL for years, this

was his first season helping with RFL of SL. He was a huge encourager to me personally and

my team by helping me meet my goals, even when I didn't think I could since my team was so

small. He stayed on the track the entire 24 hrs. He also was present at many multi-team

functions throughout the season.
[10:30]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Our final maid of honor is Savannah Coronet and the Hell on

Heels dancers - Savvy and her dancers are seen at many Relay events during the season.  They

are a performing group who are very in demand within the SL live music area.  This season

Savvy and her group were bid bald by one of our teams.  They ended up with a full month of

glorified baldness.  The following week, they were the opening act for the Avi Choice Awards

and the opportunity was grabbed to use it to bring awareness to that audience who might not

even know about Relay.  Several large donations were dropped into kiosks scattered around

the auditorium and one could just feel the spirit and inspiration that flowed around the

room as that amazing voice opened the show completely bald, completely and happily

comfortable in the baldness.  In fact, the spirit continued later on in the show as the next

set of performers, an amazing dance group, all appeared onstage with no hair, as well. 

Their intent as explained.. was to show support for a
[10:30]  cυddly waғғle: ...most important cause and opportunity in SL.
[10:31]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: So if you think nobody's noticing what you're doing out

[10:31]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Your fellow relayers appreciate everything that you do.
[10:31]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: The other award is the Smell the Roses / Clown awards.

"Something crazy stand out in your mind from Relay For Life 2015? Whose crazy antics made

the season amazing stand out for you? This is the clown award – whether purpose or accident,
[10:32]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Grey Nacht  sent in so many Purple Couch Project pictures, all

theme lapped related, and he never looked like the one before!  I loved them!
[10:32]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "Duna Gant
Solkide Auer
Thathy Slade
Brucewaynee Resident

For their dedication, assistance and dissemination of project Relay for Life SL and all

collaboration with the Foundation For Life team."
[10:32]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Whoever the BOX was. I didn't see the person's name. That was

the funniest thing I saw. It was in the bushes on a campsite and I saw the movement at the

corner of my screen. then I saw the name over it and realized it was an avatar. That was the

best! Made me smile for the rest of that lap.
[10:32]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "Melodie Jigsaw- last year it was always Sigh's fault, this

year it's Melodie's fault! She always brings the laughter and just-right inappropriate jokes

to every event!
Catalina Staheli- always bouncing, beaming, and laughing.. making everyone else laugh too!
Cuddly Waffle and Sidonie Carlberg-- need I say more.. the Sugar Glider and the Waffle...

they are the light of every party

[10:34]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: "Fantastic RFL Moment with a lil girl and her pet T-Rex !!! 
Nominating ~ Kira Vel (kiralette kelley) and Mr. Zacky (zack vedrina)
Standing in the info center on RFL Journey, I got a message in local chat ...
Kira Vel: hih hi:)
Kira Vel: have any snacks for my pet rex?
Suzetta Moonites: ummmmm I'm not sure
at this point I saw it was a T-Rex and he was growling and had his mouth wide open at my

head (LMAO)
Suzetta Moonites: Wait! I might have something
Kira Vel: pops a mint in Rex's mouth
Kira Vel: he's been trying to eat me for three sims now
Mr. Zacky: I do not have bad breath!
I'm searching inventory for something, anything because his mouth is dripping on me
Kira Vel: ....
Kira Vel: Hate to beak it to you rexy
I sent him a lollypop, whew
Kira Vel: Thank you!! :-D
Kira Vel: Now he may not eat me for a few more sims!
Sent Kira a lollypop too cause she was soooooo cute"
[10:34]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Éclair Martinek -  she has the best toys and made  the relay 

most fun!!
[10:34]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: "Lomgren
He just stands out to me how itty bitty he is with his micro hugs.  Always cheerful and such

a big presence."
[10:35]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "Fuzzball Ortega, he is always so positive!! and just LOVE the

[10:35]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Rowena Dabrovna - The amount of times this otter has made me

laugh. The way his avi just wiggles around the sims and how he is always cracking jokes. He

takes Relay seriously, but also keeps everything lighthearted and fun. He does a great job

[10:35]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: We all love Sylisan Resident, or Sigh Underwood as we know

her. She's great, and amazing, and we love to make her say "I didn't do it!". Well, in 2015,

she did it. She rocked. So, I would like to nominate her for the "She did do it, and

rocked!" award.
[10:35]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Sasha Fairywren brings magic to our Relay, whether it's rocking

the airwaves or just doing her thing to make our Relay better. Therefore, I am nominating

her for the Magical And Fae-bulous Award.
[10:35]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Nayomi Naidoo is a true blessing to our Relay, and is a loyal

friend and true to all of us Relayers. I would like to nominate her for the "In All Of

Relay's Corner" award.
[10:36]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Rheata Resident, or Rhea (pronounced as "Ray") as we know her,

has joined our Relay this year and been amazing. Plus, I have to admit, I love her sense of

fashion. She has made 2015 so much better for many of us, and I would like to nominate her

for the "Rhea Of Light" award.
[10:36]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: There are few people in our Relay who do what our good friend

OldeSoul Resident (Eldemar) does. He brings so much to our Relay, and I'd like to see him

honored with the "Our Beloved Bobcat" award.
[10:36]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Fuzzball Ortega makes us laugh. Whether it's his jokes, his

hair, or his chaotic hijinks, he lightens our spirits and makes every season so much more

enjoyable for us. For this, I would love to see him honored with the "King Of Comedy" award.
[10:36]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Chevelley Resident (Silentghost) sure rocked our Relay weekend

by appearing as Jessica Rabbit during the "Movies & Musicals Hour" during Relay weekend.

Because of this, and all the other wonderful things she does for our Relay, I would like to

nominate her for the "She's Not Bad, She's Just Drawn That Way" Award.
[10:37]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Whether it's bringing up science fiction, or discussing actual

scientific facts, one thing's for sure: Dwen Dooley has science on the mind, always. He's

also a little mad (in a good way). So, I would like to nonimate Dwen for the "Mad Scientist"

[10:37]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Tahisha Fairplay has been a big part of our Relay for many

years, though, she often stays in the background. But no matter whether she's in group chat

or not, she does so much to be supportive of Relay and ALL Relayers. I would like to

nominate her for the "Purple Power" award.
[10:37]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Sarandel (Sara) Llewellyn has music in her heart and soul. The

music of Relay, that is. We can always count on her to share those fitting song lyrics -

some of which she has even rewritten for Relay For Life. I would like to nominate her for

the "Songstress Of Relay" award.
[10:38]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Whisper Fairy Gravois (Jihan Wonder) is our wonderful winged

bundle of joy and love, always cheering on all of our Relayers, dropping in on events, and

spreading the love. I would love to see Whisper honored with the "Adorable Fairy" award.
[10:38]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: trader1.whiplash for all the funniness on  radio and he is a

silly goat
[10:38]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "Nuala Maracas - Fireworks Award

At the closing of Relay 2015, during the last victory lap, Nuala was given wearable

fireworks which she put on  while she walked the track.  These fireworks are very vibrant,

many in number, and explode high in the air.  After about 30 minutes of walking through 6 or

7 sims, stopping to talk to people, crashing 5 or 6 times, and being up for 30 hours, Nuala

decided she had enough of these fireworks going off all over the sims and causing her to lag

more than usual.   So, apparently, she asked in committee chat,  if whomever put out the

fireworks in all the sims could turn them off.  To which she was told one put out any

fireworks, is anyone near you that has on the wearable ones?   The light bulb went off ....

it was Nuala herself who still had on the wearable firework... and she said.... ""no wonder

I kept seeing fireworks every where I went! "
[10:39]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Brayden Marquis (brayden composer) - Brayden's antics early in

the season promoting both his own team, Team LiveWire, by setting up a kiosk and playing his

guitar for donations on their home sim or working the crowd at other teams' events- like

some of the weekday afternoon Cure Chaser parties, will stick out as one of the most

memorable events this season.
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Congratulations you guys and thank you for those nominations!
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Every one of them was important to read out.
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Now fill up the coffee, we're headed on.
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki:
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: TOP TEAM CONVIO (WEBSITE) FUNDRAISING
[10:40]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: EXTREMELY HONORABLE MENTION - SL Coast Guard who got an

outside donation of 2500 as a mailed in ck.. when combined with their convio totals, they

raised an amazing 3135.00 outside of SL.
[10:41]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: 3RD PLACE - Sail For Life - $2,110.00
[10:41]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: 2ND PLACE - Relay Rockers - $2823.00
[10:41]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: "1ST PLACE - Harmony of Hope - $3815.00
[10:41]  cυddly waғғle: Mama:  3rd place: Cathy10 Longoria: $975
[10:41]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: 2nd place: TS Darrow: $1,035
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: 1ST PLACE: Trader Whiplash: $1,205
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: EXTREMELY HONORABLE MENTION - Holocluck Henly: $705
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: CONVIO WEBSITE PARTICIPATION AWARD
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: 3rd place - Holocluck Henly
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: 2nd place - TS Darrow
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: 1st place - Trader Whiplash
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: TOP TEAM FUNDRAISING AWARD – OVERALL
[10:42]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: 3rd place - Goreans in Relay For Life - 2,645,046L - $10,580.00
[10:43]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: 2nd place - Harmony of Hope - 300,5307L - $12,021.00
[10:43]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: 1st place - Relay Rockers - 3,767,925L - $15,072.00
[10:43]  cυddly waғғle: (LOL Mama said Relay Wockers xD)
[10:44]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: Congratulations to you all. You're all winners.
[10:44]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Congratulations.
[10:44]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: You done?
[10:44]  cυddly waғғle: Mama: Maybe.
[10:44]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Thank you all very much. Just because you're done doesn't mean

you're excused.
[10:45]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: My turn! Before I announce the community champion awards, i

want to thank everyone who participated in the purple couch project.
[10:45]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Thanks again, it was a fun project to work on.
[10:45]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: A Community Champion describes a person who goes out of their

way to do good things for his or her community.  A person who dedicates a large portion of

their time serving others, selflessly and generously.   This is our opportunity to honor and

acknowledge the contributions made to RFL of SL by those who aren’t necessarily even on a

team or committee or even in the Volunteer group.  It is our opportunity to let them know

that their service to Relay has made an impact and is so very much appreciated.
[10:45]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: This year our community champion awards go to:
[10:46]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Sue Peregrine- Sue Peregrine began Relay in 2005 with the

original Relay Rockers.  Sue and her mother Alliez Mysterio played a huge role with the

team. In 2012 Sue lost her mother to breast cancer.  Sue’s passion for Relay For Life has

grown.   In honor of her mother, she has donated several sims from D’Alliez Esates for the

past two years tor teams to use for events at no gain to her team or to herself. D’Alliez

sims have hosted over 50 RFL events. This is the mark of a true champion, to reach outside

of your benefit and share your love and devotion not only to your mother’s memory, but to

[10:47]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Elizabeth Tinsley- From the staff of Fantasy Faire:

"In the four years that Elizabeth Tinsley has been the leader of Fantasy Faire, the event

and the community who create it have grown in every way. She has worked tirelessly to expand

and enhance its reach and the achievement of its goals. But asked how it was done, she'll

point to everyone else before herself.

Although Elizabeth will insist that she's only a small part of what makes the Faire a

success, Fairelanders know better than that. Her dedication to Relay, to Fantasy Faire, and

to each of us is the magic that makes all the rest possible.

It is an honor to rally to the banner - and to Relay by the side - of a true Champion:

Elizabeth Tinsley."
[10:48]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Elric Merlin- What would Relay be without the familiar voice of

Elric Merlin? He has interviewed countless people, uncovering the behind the scenes voices

of those who Relay. His man on the street conversations are priceless! He has a way of

showing us Relay For Life through wide, awe-inspiring eyes like and his enthusiasm helps us

feel like it’s our first Relay every time. Every year is memorable and I myself watch the

videos over and over.
[10:48]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Melodie Jigsaw- Although not a member of the Relay Committee,

as many assume she is, she does so much for Relay, building for Kick off and Half way there,

the Keeper of the Torch build and support staff, chat support, helping other teams and

events, encouragement, a soft shoulder to lean on...yes that is right we are talking about

Melodie Jigsaw.
[10:49]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Congrats to all of you...and thank you for your devotion to RFL

of SL
[10:49]  cυddly waғғle: Sting:
Over the years, we have always tried to educate our Relay family in Second Life about the

history of our event...and the history of Relay For Life, in general.  We always remember

the great Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon who, in 1985, decided to push the boundaries

of creativity and to come up with a new way that he could help fund the mission of the

American Cancer Society.
[10:50]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: During that time, the idea of running or walking a track to

raise money was odd. When he told people about his idea, many of them scoffed or told him

that it couldn’t be done, or he wouldn’t be allowed to do it. But he curated his vision and

knew what was the right way to push his friends, supporters, and the American Cancer Society

toward this new way of thinking. And during his first ever 24 hour walk/run - he raised

$27,000.  The next year, others joined him, taking turns for the duration of the event...and

Relay For Life was born.
[10:50]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Gordy’s vision of hope has grown into a worldwide phenomenon,

raising nearly $5 billion in fundraising to save lives from cancer.
[10:50]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: In memory of his pioneering spirit and steadfast dedication to

Relay For Life, we are excited to present the Gordy Klatt Memorial Award to someone from

Relay For Life of Second Life who has demonstrated the level of commitment and dedication to

the cause...who has put the big picture ahead of their own interests, who demonstrates a

pioneering and visionary behavior, and whose footprint and legacy will always be a part of

the Relay For Life of Second Life
[10:51]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: I can imagine that when our founder Dr Gordy Klatt started

planning his first 24 hrs on that track he came up against people who thought he was crazy. 

This years recipient of the Dr Gordys award  has had their share of  wild ideas and thinking

out of the box on how to fundraise creatively.  This  team continued all season long on a

mission to push our guidelines with creative thinking and heartfelt passion for Relay. We

see them at so many events I bet some teams are confused as to which team they belong to.
[10:51]  cυddly waғғle: (That was Random, my apologies <3 br="">[10:52]  cυddly waғғle: Random:  Rowena Dubrovna, Cuddley Waffle, Sidonie Carlberg,

Fairiefire.darkwyr, NinaSofia Constantine,Nita10 Resident,Otawan Fouquet,TJ Felicci, Zaphara

Cazalet and the memory of Rico Kamachi, together make up Team Strange Journeys.  You all are

being honored today for your creative fundraising and your pioneering vision. The 2015 Dr

Gordy Klatt award goes to Team Strange Journeys.
[10:53]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: I get to announce the spirit of relay award TEAM Award. Awarded

to the team that embodies the “Spirit of the Relay”. “Spirit of the Relay” includes an

overall performance of the team from Kick Off to Relay Day. It is not representative of

simply the amount raised. This award takes into consideration the “spirit” of the team, how

they embraced Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society Mission, and the enthusiasm

displayed. Also considered is the team's participation in Relay activities, as a whole, not

only in their own but other team’s events, as well. Did they embody the ‘we’re all one big

team’ aspect?
[10:54]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: (from their nomination)
If these people stand for anything, it's for being a team. They act as one cohesive unit

throughout the year, helping one another.  They reach out to  others, offering support  when

they're down and out. I have interacted with many of them around the grid and at their

campsites. Each one has a big heart and tons of energy.
[10:54]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: They entered this season with a smile and finished it off with

a huge round of cheers - this same attitude is how they approach strangers on and off the

track offering friendship and support where it is needed most. They attend many of the Relay

events, and their personal stories are inspiration to all.
[10:54]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Lead by Debi Dastardly their Captain,  the other 35 registered

members includes: dollpartz the  Co-Captain; Aarianna Bellic; Axieira Rocurle; ChaosRayne;

Charlize Bellic; Christi Charron; Daphne Yardley; EnchantedDarkness; KristaHarrelson;

Kristina Curtau; KyleWForrester; MalibuBarbara1241 Michigan; Manor Genesis; Mehllama;

mryjanew.beck; Myrago; Mystic India; PattyCloquet; Sayrah Parx; Shadow McConach;   Shawna

Trang; Shelara Mills; Shera Landar;  Sunbeam Blaisdale; Swoozy Skytower; Thunderstruck

Westland; TinaLynn Ashbourne; tzaryna.gracemount; Ultracrepidarian; VetronUK;

ViktorDarkHeart; Whitewolf Mumfuzz; WinterRavens; ZoraSlade Karu and all the other

[10:55]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: RAH RAH RAH and Many Congrats to Second Life Cheerleader Squad
[10:56]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Congratulations!
[10:57]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I get to give out the Individual Spirit of Relay award.
[10:57]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Awarded to the individual that embodies the “Spirit of the

Relay”. “Spirit of the Relay” includes an overall performance from Kick Off to Relay Day.

This award takes into consideration the “spirit” of the individual, how they embraced Relay

For Life and the American Cancer Society Mission, and the enthusiasm displayed. Also

considered is their participation in Relay activities, as a whole, not only in their own

team’s, but other team’s events, as well.
[10:57]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Every year certain people stand out for their participation

in showing their Relay spirit.  In keeping with the theme of celebrating creativity, one

person comes to mind.
[10:57]  cυddly waғғle: Random: The captain of Unmasking a Cure , Mary Teodosio.   Mary

stands on the front line of her team. The hours she puts into her team events as well as

coordinating a team mini mega event the medieval fair. She put together jousting

competitions. shield decorating contests and went to numerous clubs to put together her

creative events.  But Mary didn’t stop there.  Her creativity and passion for Relay was also

displayed in her making two homemade quilts to be auctioned off!  Mary attended many of your

team events as well as included you in hers.  Congratulations Mary you truly have earned the

individual Spirit of Relay Award!

[10:58]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: Congratulations Mary!!!
[10:58]  cυddly waғғle: Dawn: I am now going to hand off to Leala and Melodie for the Keeper

of the Torch.
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: ((Everyone keeps forgetting to unmute their mics! xD)
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: As we close out this year’s Keeper of the Torch, I’d love to

thank a few
people for making the Keeper of the Torch a success…
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: To Melodie Jigsaw - for being a great co-chairman and new

friend.  Thanks
for flipping the ribbon and your creativity.
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: To Dawn and Random for letting us run with this and giving us

your support.
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: Dawn, thank you also for making those special announcements

each week.
[10:59]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: And to TS, Rendal and Kitty, thank you for being a part of the

and helping to make this year an extra special one.
[11:00]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: From the beginning with Poppy and through each week, we had

the pleasure
and honor of getting to know 20 incredible, strong and amazing people.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us.  Each one of you is a true
diamond.  You have been put under pressure, tried and tested and each of you
is strong & shine so bright.
[11:00]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: For all of you that nominated your friends and family members,

Thank you!
Thank you for sharing and showing all of us incredible people who sometimes
are so quiet and work in the shadows.  Your nominations gave them the light they so deserve.
[11:00]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: We had a total of 60 nominations.  Every one of you was

honored by your
friends and family with their nominations.
[11:00]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: We would like to recognize our other nominees and let them

know we will be sending each one of you a special package soon.
[11:01]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: The fire that burns in the Torch is just a symbol of the fire

in each of us
as Relayers, fighters, and believers of a cure.  Till we come back together in March 2016, I

charge each of you as a carrier of the flame.
[11:01]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: This is a quote I have read many times throughout this year

and I believe it fits our feelings about our hope and desire for a cure:
[11:01]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: "You call it hope - that fire of fire!  It is but agony of

desire." - Edgar Allan Poe
[11:01]  cυddly waғғle: Leala: Thank you again.
[11:02]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Thank you Leala. I can hear the passion in your voice. Its

[11:02]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: I know we're at the hour mark, we're gonna run a little bit

over , but its worth it. What gets me the most emotional today is seeing every=yone in chat

as the nominees are revealed and seeing how this makes you happy.
[11:02]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Making fun things more fun. I think that should be relay's

title. With that we're gonna get into the home stretch.
[11:03]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: When I sat down to write some words of inspiration to close

out the year, knowing that Random has a few of her own words next, I kind of feel that I

couldn’t improve on what she has to say…
So, I’ll just remind you all that the organization you have chosen to support...the American

Cancer Society...really is the world’s leader in the fight against cancer. Think about that.

[11:03]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Besides being behind nearly every major cancer breakthrough in

the last 70 years, no other organization in the world invests more money in cancer research

than the American Cancer Society. No other organization in the world works...and leads...a

global coalition to fight cancer, worldwide like we do.
[11:04]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: And how to fight cancer in other countries is not always the

same as it is here in the U.S. For example, just a few weeks ago, we partnered with other

organizations to open a pain-free hospital in Nigeria b/c that is what they need at this

point in their national battle against cancer. In other countries, it might be that we’re

helping pave roads to hospitals or that we’re working with them on public health education

about how to prevent certain types of cancers...all through the partnerships that were

started through Relay For Life.
[11:04]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Some time over this past year, I came to a realization that

I’ve shared with a couple of people in a one on one setting, but now that I have your

attention, I’d like to share it with you now. Our job...your Relay

volunteers...when we talk about “outreach,” something you’ll notice will be a major focus

for 2016...when we talk about “outreach,” we aren’t saying that our job is to convince

everyone in Second Life to join Relay.
[11:05]  cυddly waғғle: Sting:  No, that would be an impossible task. Our job...the

committee, the captains, cancer survivors, caregivers, team members, sponsors, media

partners...everyone in our volunteer group can contribute to this...our job is to FIND the

people in Second Life who WANT to fight cancer...and offer them our Relay For Life as a

platform for how they can do so. We explain to them the impact that the American Cancer

Society has on cancer, we stand proud about our accomplishments and we brag about the

awesome work that we do...and the awesome successful organization that we invest our time

and money in.
[11:05]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: And we let them decide whether to join us or not. If they

don’t, that’s ok...we’re just not their cup of tea. After all, it does take a special person

to be a Relayer! If they do join us, we welcome them with open arms, we hug them, and we

introduce them to our thousands of friends! And we know and we trust that our friends will

be just as welcoming and supportive. We make their first year as easy and as fun as

possible. And we focus on what we do well!!
[11:06]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: So be sure that you are on the lookout in the coming weeks for

our 2016 Committee Interest form.
[11:06]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: And now, I’m sure you’re all sitting there saying, “that’s

nice Sting, but what will be our 2016 theme?” Well, it’s time to reveal it!! We tallied the

votes and the theme that received the most votes is:
[11:06]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Once Upon A Cure!!!!
[11:07]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: This theme can be special because, it isn’t saying that the

cure is a fairy tale or that a cancer patient’s journey isn’t ‘real.’ When we look at this

theme, what makes me excited comes from the question: Why do we tell stories?...not just

fairy tales...but all types of stories? Remember that great stories, even fairy tales, last

the test of time because they’re meaningful and they provide value.
[11:07]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Fairy tales function to address those big life questions, to

help us to face life’s struggles, to help us understand morality and responsibility. But

more than that, this theme of Once Upon A Cure gives us the chance to highlight our own

stories. What will be the story of Relay For Life of Second Life in 2016? What will be YOUR

chapter in that story? We love hearing the stories of our cancer survivors, and we wipe away

tears when we read or listen to the Why I Relay/Why Do You Relay segments.
[11:08]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Next year - I’m looking forward to Once Upon A Cure because I

can’t wait to tell, read, watch, listen, and learn from all of your stories!
[11:08]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Thank you Sting! I love that - once upon a cure!
[11:08]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I would like to close out this RFL of SL 2015 by sharing with

you a few things I learned. I have Relayed in SL for going on 9yrs.  Every year has brought

twists and turns  In those 9 years I have shared with my friends and family that I Relay

online,  I try to explain the world we have here and the Relay teams, only to get a look of

confusion and the questions I see in their minds like “WHY would you want to do that!” I am

sure several of you are familiar with THAT look.
[11:09]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I would suspect that instead of trying to explain your

avatar, your bond with people you have never seen face to face, how a virtual Relay can make

US Dollars to help fight in the cure for cancer, you simply keep it to yourself.
[11:09]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Sting and I just returned from the National RFL Leadership

Summit in Dallas Texas.  I sat with over 1000 Relayers from all over our nation.  There were

47 global Relayers.  I met 3 girls from Belgium,  a couple from India and sat at a workshop

with a man from Tokyo.   The whole summit was life  memorable. I sat during those sessions

and looked around. What I saw was really unbelievable.  I saw right into the hearts of every

person there.
[11:10]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I saw the excitement and the passion for Why they Relay.  I

saw the fight left in them to go back where their teams are and share all they learned from

those 2 days. I saw that unspoken bond between each person whose eyes met mine. It is

obvious that Their character and their attitude is driven by their passion.
[11:10]  cυddly waғғle: Random: During our workshops and free time people would mingle and

talk about their Relay.  My typical opening was “Well I represent the one Relay Dr Gordy

Klatt never visualize.  I am the event chair of THE VIRTUAL RELAY.  Instead of getting the

organic look of confusion and seeing the questions in their mind of “Why would you want to

do that?”  I saw total excitement!
[11:11]  cυddly waғғle: Random: More often than not I heard “OH your secondlife Relay” or OH

my gosh I heard about you or a Virtual Relay?  I need to hear all about this!!   I was so

honestly proud to tell them about OUR Relay.  How close to 2000 avatars, 200 teams, and we

have been Relaying 11 years.  I share with them our avatars can be a dragon, an otter, a

unicorn, a pink dinkie dressed up as grandma, a gorean, the hulk or a blonde barbie.
[11:11]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Their eyes get bigger as more questions start to erupt. How

do we do events?  How do we have our Relay weekend?  Just how do we go about fundraising?  I

stand very proud in sharing with them that  We are knocking on the door of the 3 MILLION

mark!  They are all blown away and want to hear more. RFL of SL Relay for life is a very

real and vital part of something bigger than us.
[11:12]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Gary Reedy, the CEO of The American Cancer Society, said “

All of you are on a mission to end cancer.  What greater calling could there be?” Think on

that.  You are being used to put an end to cancer.
[11:12]  cυddly waғғle: Random: All the work you put into this year, every time you said

“Thank you for your donation”  Every tear shed and every inspired story you heard has made a

difference.  Because of you, The Society is funding 441 million dollars in active grants for

research  this year. You are part of the largest non government cancer research!
[11:13]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Your hard work has caused the death rates go down 22 percent

in the world and gave 14.5 million survivors more birthdays. It paid for 270,000 night's

sleep at Hope Lodge for those who needed a place to stay while going through treatment.
[11:13]  cυddly waғғle: Random: Everyone of you can stand so proud in knowing your

determination to find a cure while honoring those you do it for is making a difference. 

Thank you for your energy.  Thank you for being the Relay Dr Gordy Klatt never visualized.
[11:14]  cυddly waғғle: Random : Now let me share with you our upcoming 2016 schedule. Our

Once Upon a Cure season kick off will be  March 6th.  Team registration will begin in

February followed by Paint SL Purple. Half way there celebration will be held on May 14th

and 15th.  Our 2016  Relay weekend will be held on July 16 and 17th and wrap up will be held

on Aug 14th. Be checking the website for all updated information.   We already are working

hard at work planning what will be a memorable and one step closer to our goal to put an end

to cancer with our Once Upon a Cure.
[11:15]  cυddly waғғle: Random: And now, I will hand it back to Sting for a special

[11:15]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Wih the success of RFL over the last several years, how could

we not recognise someone who has contributedf to the history and success, without inductingt

hem into the hall of honor?
[11:16]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: In years past, we've listed accomplishments, we're identified

ways in which people have brought this events to new heights. We've narrowed our focus on

those who have sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Our newest inductee embodies all

these qualities. She's been involved in RFL of SL since day one but has always found a way

to challenge the status quo.
[11:16]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: She was a top team captain for several years. She started not

one, but two megs events which opened the doors for new ways for people to get involved.
[11:17]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: She would later join the committee, and ultimately became the

relay event lead. During her two years, we raised 808,000 dollats.
[11:17]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: She creatednew awards to recognise important contributions,

and always kept her focus on evolving relay beyond our volunteer group.
[11:18]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Personally, I know how much this event means to her and how

much each and everyone of you means to her. I know why relay for life is important to her. I

regret not being able to let her know how important she is until now.
[11:18]  cυddly waғғle: Sting I know whats in her heart and her ultimate goal has always been

for us to act as one unit, in being members of the SL commuity. Her vision is so much more

than just beinga  fundraiser. She dreams we can be a community leader, and use our success

to help other communities become valuable contribitors.
[11:19]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: It was never about her, or getting her way. It was about how

can we propel this relay, so we can make a real difference?
[11:19]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: I, Stingray Raymaker, am proud to induct into the RFL Hall of

Honor, Nikki Mathieson.
[11:23]  Kitty Gumbo: Thank you Cuddly
[11:23]  Kitty Gumbo: HUGS
[11:26]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: And now we're gonna force her on the mic... congratulations

[11:26]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: oh , I am so shocked, and i thank you guys so much. Your crier

is back! That recording was just ... the people you reched out to.. who i had the extreme

mpleasure of working wih over the years...
[11:27]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: I cant even tell you one moment that stands out became so many

do. I thank you guys very very much, I did not see this coming.
[11:28]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: I love you guys , I love every one of you.
[11:29]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: I#'ll never forget this day.
[11:29]  cυddly waғғle: Sting: Does the cable man wonder why you're crying?
[11:29]  cυddly waғғle: Nikki: No, he's gone.
[11:30]  cυddly waғғle: Random: NOW sit back and relax.  Please give a warm welcome to Misfit

Dance and Performance Art dance troupe.   JenZa Misfit is the captain of RFL Butterfly

Strong team a first year team.  Jenza and her dance team who consist of   Dulcikate Noel   &

  Pheobe ( darkentippy resident ) have performed throughout the Relay.
[11:30]  cυddly waғғle: Random: I quote from JenZa “  I have been producing dance performance

art for about 8 months and when I decided to put a number of my pieces together in a fully

produced "show" , I needed to think about a title.   I have always loved the word MOSAIC. 

It reminds me that bigger  pictures can be created by combining individual pieces into a

creative & beautiful pattern that magically come together and take on a whole new meaning!
[11:31]  cυddly waғғle: Random: "I am so inspired by everyone involved with Relay For Life in

SL~  and as I was setting up our camp this year, it dawned on me that I was part of a huge

amazing " living " MOSAIC. "
[11:31]  cυddly waғғle: Random: You are ALL the singular pieces that unite with so much

passion, dedication & creativity to form this grand MOSAIC we call RFL in SL and I am

honored to be amongst you.
[11:31]  cυddly waғғle: Random: The Future is Now , but I want to personally Thank You for

your commitment to a bigger & better tomorrow and I look forward to working with you all

again in 2016!   Join us now for our presentation of MOSAIC.”
[11:33]  cυddly waғғle: [11:31]  Now playing Sister Sledge -- We Are Family