Monday, January 31, 2022

More Activities With The BBB

By Gemma Cleanslate

It has been a dizzying week with the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. It is hard to keep up with all the activities going on! Tuesday There was a Meet and Greet in the Gallery where there was a showing art pieces in an exhibit called The Art of Travel. Amanda Tamatzui hosted with Dave (Lord Junibalya). There were many photos of travel places and ways to get there in the Gallery.

Michiel Bechir was the artist of the day. He spoke about his early life in art and his love of drawing from an early age and created some Comics in his teens and recently found some of them .They might appear somewhere in sl soon. He spoke of his love of travel and interacted with the audience answering questions.

I attended a party also at the Fairgrounds where Gιʂҽʅʅҽ Sƚɾҽҽƚҽɾ-LαƈσɱႦҽ (Giselle Lacombe) was the DJ and played great tunes for the attendees. Everyone is having such a good time . There is an ongoing attempt to get all the special visa stamps for this one week. As soon as people arrive at an event they start looking for the staff on the list I am doing well so far. It is not easy to capture a stamp from a dancer doing a stomping dance.

Wednesday The continent Sartori opened its embassy. Now all the continents have their own Embassy and Ambassador. It is similar in design but the Ambassador ,Bijoux Barr, art aficionado   has set her imprint on it . There is a marvelous Japanese garden outside the Embassy building. There was a meet and greet held there before the ceremony . Abnor Mole arrived and the ceremony was held on the porch of the Embassy. The Honorable Ambassador accepted the key and promised to bring the Continent residents and Bellisseria closer together .

After the doors opened we took a look at the office that reflected the Ambassador herself then teleported over to the Fairgrounds for another great party . This party had Bsukmet Stormcrow as the entertainment who gave us some beautiful haunting music of original composition. It was a delightful party with many in attendance. Everyone turned out in their best formal wear.

Thursday morning many of the staff were back on the Fairgrounds to give those still hunting for special stamps a chance to grab them. I was happy to get two more. I am still hunting for one more elusive staff member with only three more days to get it! There was to be balloon tour but it was postponed and replaced by another boat tour with Captain Cʅαɯ Sƚɾҽҽƚҽɾ-LαƈσɱႦҽ (Claw Streeter) taking out a large boat and Yuki following him with a smaller one taking passengers who still needed to do the tour. I skipped that since I had completed it already. On to the rest of the week!

Gemma Cleanslate

Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy's Second Anniversary

By Gemma Cleanslate

Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy is celebrating the second anniversary. This group is for those of Bellisseria citizens who wish to obtain a passport, a driver’s license and a registration for vehicles. It is a wonderful asset to all those who love to explore , visit new places, and old ones that we have not seen before.

 Boo, and all the staff have done an amazing job this year creating and issuing passports for visa stamps for travel all over the grid. The SL Newser has a stamp terminal in our office lobby. Anyone who is a resident wears a visa book and collects a stamp showing they have been there.

The week is full of events -

I attended the first event which was a boat parade through many regions to collect stamps at various points along the way. There were several large boats and many smaller ones and several merpeople traveling the route.

Yukiko Yeshto led the tour around many regions of Bellisseria. I drove my Iseo speedboat for a while then hopped on one of the other boats. It was great fun but I will have to go back to the terminals because I missed a few as I began to crash.

The next wonderful event of the day at the fairgrounds was a formal ball to open the week. DJ Dulcinea Andretti provided the lovely music and took requests. Most of the Ambassadors and the staff of the BBB were dancing away. They all carried a tablet that gave out special stamps . It was fun trying to grab a stamp as they danced. Fireworks capped off the event.

Monday the staff of the BBB spent time at the Fairgrounds meeting and greeting carrying silver tablets that held a special stamp for our passports for the anniversary week. That is Boo with his tablet .
There will be other opportunities all week. I hope to attend most of them . You are invited to tour the fairgrounds and check out the information and see the gallery. Take a train ride to see the fairgrounds. See the beauty of the fairgrounds for this event. Pring Productions made a video of the décor for the event .Video Production by: Sceneris : Videographer Prudence Anton : Film Editor

Take a train ride through the fairgrounds to appreciate the installation by the BBB Staff.

Rezz a boat at the boat launch and just have a great time! Start your visit here .

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, January 21, 2022

Various New Year's Happenings

By Bixyl Shuftan

2021 was coming to an end. In real life, it had been a rough year with the Pandemic and shortages, and because of Covid people were staying home instead of going to real-life parties. But in Second Life, people were free to go to celebrations. 

Among the events was that by Chanel Harvey. She had an event that I hoped over at 1:30 PM SL time.

There were several people there. On one screen was some live footage of fireworks somewhere in the world where the ball dropped.

Chantal was partying in a robot avatar.

I would also stop by Safra Nitely's party. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took there were glitched. The only one that wasn't was a map of the world showing where it was Midnight in the world.

I would then join the Burners, such as Mia Wallace, at the "Boomday" event. 

Come and BURN the year away! There will also be a COVID germ burn. We're gonna obliterate that Omicron variant, and if you come, YOU will participate in getting that started! Fire syringes for one and all! What's more, there will be skydiving, drunk hockey, Thunderdome, drive-by shooting gallery, ice skating, aaaaaaaannnnnd fireworks!

People were invited to get a syringe ...

And set the nearby effigies of Covid viruses on fire.

The numbers representing the old year caught fire as well.

The germs finally caught fire.

And the numbers representing the old year were all burnt and collapsed.

The viruses were collapsing as well.

One black unicorn, proudly dressed in Christmas lights. 

Virtual Ability at Cape Heron would also have a New Year's party.

New Year's Eve! Stepin will be DJing from 7pm - 10pm SLT. There will also be fireworks at 10pm, midnight, and possibly other times throughout the day. It's all happening in the Nest, so stop in for a while. Happy New Year!

Furry Fashion would have a New Years Bash with a twist, it's "Abudction Point Event" with DJ Roswell Kepler.

It's the night we've all been waiting for! Abduction Point! We're ready to not only be beamed up but be transported to another dimension! Our incredible DJ Roswell Kepler has an out of this world LIVE mix, and prizes, prizes and more prizes including Spotify giftcards up for grabs! The contest is for Come As You Are (CAYA)  Get over to our New Years Eve celebration asap! Let's get probed together. 5-8p-slt!Your transport beam is waiting.

The Mieville community would have their "New Year's Eve Block Party."

 Among those there was the Mayor's Assistant Wyvern Dryke aka "Wyvvy the Snugglefox," or "flox" as he's often called there, dancing away dressed in Christmas lights.

On Friday nights, I'm usually at Cutlass and the Happy Vixen. On New Years Night, they were closed. Instead, Nydia Tungsten hosted the White Vixen Enterprises staff party at her Mouse Hole Manor.

Today is our annual New Years eve party ALL staff is invite to join us for great music and cash Prizes we will be kicking off with a preshow at  4 pm SLT and we will be going until after midnight, Bring your friends and loved ones and have a great time! ALL clubs will be dark tonight. This will be happening at Mouse hole manor SEE YOU THERE!

There were avatars of various sizes there.

"Total cash prizes tonight was a little over 20,000L's done all for my staff, they work so hard they deserve some recognition and some relaxation. Not including tips for the volunteers."

While some of the Sunweavers went to Nydia's party others went to Caledon Downs where Cynthia Farshore was holding a New Years bash at the Goblin Cave.

As there is no Cutlass tonight you are invited to the yearly Duchy of Downs New Years Eve Party at the Goblin Cave! Party starting at 8 PM and will last till at least 1 AM. Music will be provided by Her Grace Cynthia Farshore.

At Midnight on Eastern Standard Time (9PM SL time), fireworks would go off, both on the inside.

And on the outside (pictures from Cynthia Farshore).

"Happfy newg yeer efferboggy! (Hic)" One girl gurgled after overdoing it on the champagne. Another was more somber, "May this year be better than the last two. I'm sick of losing people." "One can only hope," a friend responded. 

One of the big events was the Prim Drop at Bay City. This was the scene earlier in the day before the event, and all it's lag.

The party started at 11 PM SL time. Due to the lag, no shots of the main crowd.

At 11:59, the prim began to lower.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ..."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..."

"Happy New Year!!!"

And so, Second Life had rung in a new year. Hopefully it will be a good one, both in reality and virtual reality.

Bixyl Shuftan