Tuesday, November 30, 2010

16 Day Womens' Rights Festival in Second Life

Second Life's grandest Women's Right festival spans 16 days of live music, art, and talks gridwide! TODAY! JOIN US! SCHEDULE BELOW! VISIT Afghan Womens Museum - Learn Truth About Womens Rights!

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four Bridges Exhibit/117/125/641

OFFICIAL SITE: 16 Days of Activism in SL (http://16daysactivismsl.wetpaint.com/page/Schedule+of+Events)

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

10AM SLT -- Tommie Scorpio performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

1PM SLT -- animorf Kawadias speaks on "Gender Violence It Affects Everyone, Even You. (Violence among the LGBT Comunity, Adults and Youth )."
animorf Kawadias is the founder of the The SL LGBT Alliance Bridge -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Wednesday, 1 December, 2010

World AIDS Day

5PM SLT --
Ren Stonecutter -- Paper on the subject of AIDS- Four Bridges Main Stage

Thursday, 2 December, 2010

2PM SLT -- Tone Uriza performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

3PM SLT -- Juel Resistance performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

4PM SLT -- Andreus Gustafson performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Friday, 3 December, 2010

8:30AM SLT -- Any1 Gynoid, Book Launch and Interview: "Communities of SL" -- NonProfit Commons
Chapter 5 covers Secrets of SL Activism - Power Organizing Skills!
Chapter 6 covers Citizen Journalism Activism - Power Blogging Skills!
Download Free SL Book!

10AM SLT -- Winters Kanto performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

1PM SLT --
Ellie Brewster, "Is there a connection between violence against women and environmental destruction?" -- Four Bridges Main Stage

2PM SLT --
SLLU Feminist Network Anti-Fashion Show -- SLLU Feminist Network, Flagg

5PM SLT -- Terrylynn Melody performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

8PM SLT -- Kitty Zeddmore performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Saturday, 4 December, 2010

6:30AM SLT -- any1 Gynoid -- Activist Citizen Journalism - Free Class -- Any's Classroom
Learn to Report and Blog about 16 Days Campaign in SL! Spread the Word!

11AM SLT -- Opening of Artistide Despres's Art Installation, Deaths of Juarez -- Four Bridges North
Over 420 women were raped and killed mysteriously in Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican border city of the United States. None of these crimes has yet been solved. The local government, apparently overwhelmed by the magnitude of these events, has thrown up its hands. Security measures and protection for women are conspicuous by their absence. And in response, women are mobilizing once again.

12 Noon SLT -- "Walk in Her Shoes -- Are You Man Enough?" -- March From Deaths of Juarez
Men march in support of women . . . in pink high heels!!
March From: Deaths of Juarez
March To: Garden for Change

1PM SLT -- The Women Monologues, with Paulette Felissimo, Truellie Telling, TheDove Rhode, Siri Vita, Medora Chevalier, and Explorer Dastardly -- Garden for Change
Storytelling, from a woman's perspective.

2PM SLT -- Men's Roundtable: Role of Men in the Elimination of Violence -- Garden for Change
Featured Panelists: Xikotenkatl Ethaniel, Ren Stonecutter, Uri Morpork, and Cotton Thorne

Sunday, 5 December, 2010

6:30AM SLT-- any1 Gynoid -- Secrets of SL Activism! Organizing for SL Activists - Free Class -- Any's Classroom
Learn Power Activist Organizing Skills for SL! Change the World!

11AM SLT -- Alexjo Magic, "The Impact of Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Women" -- Four Bridges Main Stage

12 Noon SLT -- Millay Freschi, "Women in Science and Technology, and Social Justice" -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Monday, 6 December, 2010

21st Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre

Vigil for the Victims of the Montreal Massacre at Deaths of Juarez

Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

11AM SLT -- SonyaJevette Charisma performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

1PM SLT -- Brendan Shoreland Benefit Concert Against Violence Against Women -- Four Bridges Main Stage

2PM SLT -- Poets Against Women's Violence - Serene Bechir (Moderator) -- Four Bridges Drum Circle

5PM SLT -- Kitzie Lane performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

6PM SLT -- Dann Numbers performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Wednesday, 8 December, 2010

2PM SLT -- Jenele Levenque presents "Violence against Transgender Communities" -- Four Bridges Drum Circle

3PM SLT -- Josina Burgess, "Liberation of the Feminine Species," an exhibit of sculpture and photography -- Four Bridges Main Stage
Introduction by the artist, followed immediately by an Open discussion on the power of art with SL women artists.

Thursday, 9 December, 2010

12PM SLT -- Ayjla Onmura -- Four Bridges Main Stage

2PM SLT -- Vincent Mericks performs -- Four Bridges Main Stage

Friday, 10 December, 2010
International Human Rights Day

12PM SLT -- Closing Day Ceremonies with The Light Show, featuring Medora Chevalier, Junivers Stockholm, Sunshine Vayandar, Jeanette Janus, and Southern Riptide -- Garden for Change

1PM SLT -- Arimo Teixera performs -- Four Bridges Sky Beach

3PM - 5PM SLT -- U2inSL TRIBUTE CONCERT! -- Four Bridges Main Stage
Amnesty International-E and the organizers of the 16 Days event are proud to present U2inSL on International Human Rights Day at the Four Bridges Main Stage. U2inSL is a roleplay group existing in support of the War Child, One Campaign, Make Poverty History, African Well Fund, Music Rising & others. No money is made by the band.The group is not affiliated with the real U2. U2 is a registered trademark owned by U2. Bono is a registered trademark owned by Bono/Paul Hewson.All rights reserved. No infringement intended." They will begin their stream of awareness at 3pm and the concert will begin at 4pm.

5PM SLT -- 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Closing Keynote by Millay Freschi, Director of Amnesty International-E -- Four Bridges Main Stage


Four Bridges Main Stage

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four Bridges Project/123/241/24

Afghan Womens Museum

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four Bridges Exhibit/117/125/641

Free Activism Classes @ NCI


Four Bridges Sky Beach


Garden for Change


Dead of Juarez (Les Mortes de Juarez)

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four Bridges North/83/114/2

any1 Gynoid
(article originally on CNN)

Friday, November 26, 2010

PAD! Not So Common

Pop Art, ”The transformation of the Commonplace“. We see it every day. It is used in advertising, in the comics, in magazines, in museums, just about everywhere. Some is funny, some very serious, but it is all real Art.

I was invited to attend the opening of a new exhibit of Pop Art Display, PAD, in SL on Tuesday. It was an amazing opening with 45 avatars there at various times and for most of the tour. The tour was enlightening as Matteus Taurog, one of the principles behind the exhibit, narrated the vision of the exhibit in Italian. And Ramona Halsey translated for the English Speakers. He described some of the 176 works with 40 in 3-D. Eros Boa, famous for his 3D work in Second Life, has placed some duplicates of famous pieces that you allows you to join with costumes and avatars he has placed there for you.

The exhibit building is 10 stories, so be prepared to stay a while to view and interact with many of the components of the exhibit. We moved from floor to floor by either flying or falling through appropriately marked openings. I know I will be going back several more times. There is so much there to appreciate.

Many of your favorite real-life artists and celebrities are represented in this magnificent exhibit. I saw Zorro Hirvi, another of the creators looking surprisingly like Andy Warhol, as did Eros. One floor is a complete re-creation of Warhol’s Silver Factory, his studio and the gathering place.

You will find an information card as you move through the museum at floor 1 that will give you a concise history of POP Art. The exhibit plans to stay in Second Life for a long time. At my last visit Eros was arranging a machine that had gum balls rolling all over the floor so it is still a work in progress. There is no closing date.

The Pop Art Display is located at the Solaris Island sim at (46,167,486)

Gemma Cleanslate

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mystery Throws Surprise Party for Owner Tygeria Mirabeau

Tygeria Mirabeau, the owner of the popular Mystery sim, didn’t have a birthday until a couple days later on Monday. But manager Amythe Moonlight wanted to throw a little surprise party for her Saturday morning. So she messaged a few friends to show up at 8:30 AM SL time. Among the people were live musicians Maxx Sabertooth, and the popular Debi Latte.

As the time neared, people began showing up at the Queen of Hearts riverboat club. Amy and staff member Ajay Carpenter had already set the stage up, a big “Happy Birthday Tygeria” sign on stage with the letters flashing, a birthday cake, and for some reason, a platter of sushi. The reason for the gift of raw fish was never given.

As 9 AM approached, Amy announced Tygeria was online, but was out of the sim looking at something. So Amy thought of something, “Okay folks! Get ready! I’m IMing her that there’s trouble here.” So we waited, and after a couple minutes, she chuckled, “She’s away from the keyboard (giggle). Hang onto your hats!” And a couple minutes later, there were shouts of “Whhoohhooooooo!”, “Happy Birthday, Tyg!”, “and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYGERIA!!” Tygeria was stunned quiet for a few moments, before commenting, “Thank you.” She would later say she had tears in her eyes behind her computer.

And with that, Maxx Sabertooth took to the stage, he began singing, and everyone broke out into dance. Amy invited people to, “Call your friends and lets make this the best party ever!” And so as the party went on, more guests arrived. Among them was a lady elsewhere from Second Life media, Persia Bravin. Seeing me, “Are we stalking each other around SL? (laughter).”

Before long, the sim was so packed, a couple of the men sat down so they were less likely to crash from the grid, “Wow talk about a graphics glitch...from here it looked like Ayjay was doing the splits.” “At his age?” Late in the hour Max got offstage and into the middle of the dance floor, “Look out! Wild man off stage!”

At 10 AM, Debi Latte got on stage, wearing a flowing red dress, starting off singing “Happy Birthday” to Tygeria. Supposedly, she skipped lunch to sing, her local time being 1 PM. Someone must have promised Tyg flowers, because for part of the hour she was in a flower costume. And it wasn’t long before Debi was singing the club’s signature song, “Queen of Hearts.”

“Playing with the Queen of Hearts,
knowing it ain’t really smart,

the joker ain’t the only fool,

who’ll do anything for you.”

There were a few examples of “creative misbehaving” going on. This included someone trying to swipe the cookie off a lady microfox, “Nooooo! Not my cookie!” A lady then grabbed his hands, “Noooooooooo! Want cookie!” “(giggles)Too bad!” She then started to drag him away from the foot tall vixen, “Nooooo!” “Will you stop trying to take that cookie? ... The poor little thing is going to crawl up your pant leg and bite you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Tygeria kept cracking naughty jokes at Debi, which got her giggling a bit, "How am I supposed to keep singing cool songs if you keep making me laugh, Tyg?" Late in the hour, her curiosity got the best of her and she got off stage and headed to the back, Y'all are misbehaving, I want to see what's going on." She then saw the lady microvixen had a dance partner, a second microfox, and giggled a bit. It was about this time someone found the fireworks, and launched a few rounds, giving a pyrotechnic display for the birthday girl.

Finally at 11 AM, Debi concluded her hour of live music. She signed off, and the radio came back on. But people continued to dance for a while on the riverboat’s top deck. Some of those who did stop dancing explored the sim for a while, which had recently been given a winter look with a covering of snow. And the sim does have a lot to explore from the mountain to the manor, to the village, and more.

Surprise parties are nothing new to Mystery. In September 2009, it was Tygeria who pulled a surprise rezzday party on Amy. It’s a sure thing the surprises will continue.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veterans Tribute Events on the US Marines’ Anniversary

November 10th was the 235th anniversary of the founding of the United States Marine Corps. In Second Life, The Second Life Veterans’ Tribute at Pelton Creek had a few special events in addition to their DJs and live musicians such as DJ Ramblin Rick and guitarist Kitzie Lane.

From 6 to 8 PM SL time, the Flying Tigers did an air show. Over the sim, the various planes from the air group performed acrobatics for the residents, taking off from the runway in the southern part of the sim. At 7 PM, there was a Coast Guard rescue demonstration. A civilian-owned pleasure craft puttered from the docks a short distance, then floundered, going belly-up. The boater lit a bright green smoke signal, visible from across the sim, and bobbed at the surface wearing a life vest, “Many boaters do not bother to take this step, and don’t make it,” the announcer shouted. It wasn’t much longer before a rescue helicopter appeared on the scene, dropping a basket, and the boater was safe.

At 8 PM, the air show took on a new form. Those Flying Tigers in the air landed, and two other air groups prepared to take off, the RA Biggin Hill Squadron in their Spitfires, and JG-2, the “Richthofens,” in their Messerschmit Me109s. They went up to engage in a virtual reenactment tribute of the Battle of Britain to thrill those below. Unfortunately, the sim was a bit laggy to some, hard to move or finding other planes hard to see at times. But the dogfight continued, with both shooting and fancy manuvers. After about an hour, JG-2s commander Vickster Khun ordered the German planes down, “We lost the Battle of Britain after all.”

Vickster has had a busy time at the Tribute, not only representing JG-2, but also taking on other roles. At one point, she commented, “I have had to change hats four times today,” then chuckled.

Following the dogfight, the pilots were invited to join those on the carrier for the dance, the SLVT volunteers and other guests, including veterans. Among the decorations for the party, a birthday cake for the United States Marine Corps.

It was a great day for the Second Life Veterans Tribute.

The Tribute goes on until the Closing Ceremonies at 6 PM

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Events on Halloween Weekend 2010

There’s just something about Halloween that brings out the creative side in people, both in real life and Second Life. Second LIfe can be a little Halloweenish to begin with as people are free to make their avatars more or less what they want them to look like. In the last few days of October, however, people can be a lot more free with their imaginations.

On Friday night the 29th, came a bittersweet event for some in the vampire community. A popular vamp club, “The Damned,” was all set to shut it’s doors after one final party. Some of it’s patrons had been regulars at the “Vampire & Succubus Club” in the past. Not everyone at the club was a vamp, there were also a number of furred avatars there. The party went on until the clock struck Midnight. And with that, the revelers wished each other well, and bade their hangout goodbye.

With Halloween falling on a Sunday, some of the bigger celebrations fell on Saturday. Many clubs and other places held their Halloween party or other big event on this day. Moolto and Team Phoenix had theirs in the early afternoon. In the late afternoon, I briefly dropped by a trivia event at XR hosted by Hydra Shaftoe of “The 1st Question.” Winners got 25L for each correct answer.

An aviation group, the Flying Tigers, held a party at the bar in their airfield sim, inviting the pilots of the rival Richthofen group to join them. The dance ball of the party was a little model red triplane spinning around in the air. The winner of the contest, a “dead pilot” skeleton in a flying cap. No word on if he ever uttered, “Curse you Red Baron!”

The residential sim of yours truly, Sunweaver Air, also held it’s big bash at the Cutlass Club, with residents going all out. A number of decorations were set up, complete with a spooky fog covering the dance floor. From a pixie, to a zombie, to a beholder, to a biiiiig spider, there was no shortage of variety in the costumes. There was even a little improvised roleplay as the beholder had it’s owner in it’s jaws, and a hatchet-wielding girl ran up to try a “rescue.”

Luskwood had it’s own Halloween bash. This year, the residents made a more impressive show than previous parties, painting the decks a spooky green, putting up all sorts of decorations, including a noob floating in a bloody pool, and giving the hollow in the Great Tree a spook-tacular look, making it look like a scary, twisted face with open jaws leading to a glowing interior. They held a 10,000 Linden costume contest, which had two tying for first. They also had a special holiday-themed avatar on sale. The party went on to Midnight with a number of shenanigans taking place, including one lady who made the mistake of blurting “Bite me!” within earshot of a vampire bat.

Sunday had fewer big events, but there were some. The Mystery Sim held it’s Halloween Event at Noon, with singer Debi Latte performing live to a nearly-packed sim, the revelers packed on the riverboat club’s top deck. As in other parties, there were all kinds of costumes from the scary in the form of a skeleton Grim Reaper to the humorous in the form of a vampire duck. Cowgirl Head Hostess Micah Giha was a “milkmaid” offering glasses of milk on a try to partiers (no word on where it came from). The event lasted longer than the planned hour, close to an hour and a half.

There were other events. In the New Bastogne combat RP sim, an “apple bob” was set up, with soldiers on both sides calling an uneasy truce to go after the prizes. Prizes ranged from junk, to freebie vehicles, and for a lucky few tanks and warplanes. Yours truly got a junk car for his efforts.

Closer to home, SpiritValley had it’s Halloween bash with devilgirls on dancing poles. Cutlass had it’s “Euro party” with a Halloween theme, the French and English wanting in on the fun, along with the Americans who joined in. And there were some private residence parties. Nydia Tungsten invited me and other neighbors, and friends, to her pad.

Happy Halloween, Second Life

Bixyl Shuftan