Monday, March 20, 2023

More St. Patrick's Shenanigans And An Art Exhibit

 By Gemma Cleanslate

I spent St. Patrick's Day at a couple events that were fun for the celebration. My first stop was over at The River where an all day dance was in progress for the benefit of The Relay for Life.

 Huge beer mugs sat on the stage where two avatars, ʂȾ.βunny ԋҽʅʅϝყɾҽ Vαլεητϊno (mikiablaze Resident) and ĐŔŨŚĨĻĻÀ ĎĄŔĶĐŔĄĞŐŊ  (drusilla03 Resident) were ready to sacrifice them for their team. I quickly grabbed a baseball and dunked both L.! The team, The River of Life,  of which Selene (selene Jashan) is a member held this event. All were dressed in green, of course. It was a great time with good tunes while I was there. It will be open until the end of the month. There were other people involved in the creation of this lovely installation and you will find their names on the Welcome notecard.

Next I made my way over to The Bellisseria Fairgrounds. After I made my way through the forest I found the magnificent party area built by Gracie (GracieAustinn) Resident, and sponsored by one of the  many active groups of Bellissera, The Bike Drive Scoot Group.

FAR (fwdfwd Farslider) a well known DJ in SL who usually holds a Friday Party at his place was DJing here today, playing really  fun tunes of Ireland. Some from the bars, and some from the streets and some from the choirs of Ireland.

Again most were dressed in green and sporting the gifts from the stage, a ”yay” that produced shamrocks and gold coins that floated through the air. In the same gift box was a great mug of port beer like Guinness . Other food and drink offerings were at the side table.

The Hammies both were there having a great time as I danced by. The dance floor was littered with gold coins but I could not grab any. There were rainbows but no leprechauns that I could find or catch.

Gracie looked lovely in her costume .

Nearby there was a beer delivery truck and  I caught Diamond Marchant , a well known builder in Second Life, slugging a long drink of beer  out of  a faucet at the back of the truck . It was a great party and was still going on as I wandered off to real life. Another whole year before we find what St Pat’s day will hold for us in SL again.

Saturday Morning I attended  a Virtual World Best Practices in Education pre event field trip to view a wonderful exhibit , The Magical Forest” It is truly a lovely installation don’t miss it. Jaz (Jessamine2108) has written a story and then created show boxes for each chapter. One can read the story or one can listen to an audio version.

Visitors can also add some effects to the display . All the directions are there at the entrance. It was a wonderful visit and all enjoyed the offered by the creating artist. The creator, Jaz describes it as “This is the implementation of a metaphorical story about climate change. It tells about a story of a young man, who is chosen to go into a magical forest to explore and bring back information so that the forest can be used and creatures destroyed for humans' greed. The story is implemented in 11 scenes, which are interactive and tell each part of the story. The user will be taken along a road that contains these scenes.”

Jaz  accompanied us through it. She also pointed out other parts of the landscape that added to the story. It will be open until the end of the month. The story may not be ended, we will see.