Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The VWBPE 2022

By Gemma Cleanslate

One of the most prestigious international events of the year will open March 31. The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Event will take place with a jam packed program with events for everyone interested in any way with education. Phoenix Rising is the theme this year. To learn more about the event, presenters and participants visit the website that will answer so many questions. https://www.vwbpe.org/

“The 15th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference will be an online distributed conference happening in multiple virtual spaces. This conference focuses on the use of immersive virtual environments for educational purposes including virtual and augmented reality. 

To the best ability possible, VWBPE provides educational and networking opportunities that are relevant to educational curriculum development utilizing virtual environments and “best practices”. These include

    helping to build community through extension of learning best practices to practical application of those ideas and techniques;
    providing networking opportunities for educators and the communities that help support education; and
    providing access to current innovations, trends, ideas, case studies, and other best practices for educators and the communities that help support education”

I have been hosting at the Gateway, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Auditorium and other venues through out the extensive regions. This is the fifteenth year of presentations in SL. There is so much to see and absorb during the three days . I am glad it will probably remain open for visitors several days following the close.

Two keynotes are on the program which you can see on the program. Three guests will also address the conference. Workshops will be taking place all over. Fortunately there is a great hud to help you get around as well as many hosts to answer questions and help those not quite familiar with second life.Do not miss a visit to “Lest We Forget” area. Remembrance candles are set out for those who were part of the event in the past and have departed. There is a memorial this year for Ebbe Linden who was one of the guests last year. At the Gateway find the Swag Bag and get lots of information and the hud.

The social aspect is not ignored so there will be parties at the social area often. When one arrives at the entrance to the social area take a left and there is a room filled with free goodies to grab, clothing hats, boots, tee shirts and more. some cute slippers help after being on your feet. I am sure I will be wearing them for the dancing. Proceed to the dance floor where there will be lots of fun with good entertainment.

A hunt is going on during the days for Phoenix eggs. The eggs can be traded in as payment for goodies. You need a special hud for this so remember to go grab one. Check out the directions and go get those eggs! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20Social%20Lyra/65/224/1717

Sponsors for the event are visible on blocks set a various sites and thanks to Linden Lab for being a Gold Sponsor. They are all listed on the website too. I am looking forward to the whole event . Say hi if you see me at work wearing the title VWBPE Host. Here is the Gateway, the best place to begin your visit and get that Swag.

Many education groups or related to education in Second Life have their own little islands in the sky where some will be hosting events there too but go visit the sites and get information on all each has to offer. Marcel Mosswood, one of our own SL Newser reporters has two such sites to visit. The hud will help you get to each site or ask for assistance. One can also fly or TP from one to another as you see them in the sky. The exhibits are listed separately on the hud.

Here is the entrance to the Gateway! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20Gateway%20Pyxis/100/128/24

Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Home and Garden Shopping: Part One


By Gemma Cleanslate & Bixyl Shuftan

 It has been a wonderful experience roaming the Home and Garden grounds and shops. There is so many lovely items for the home and all I do is think, “How many prims?” and pass on by.

However I found a shop that has some lovely art pieces. Michiel Bechir has beautiful landscapes from various SL regions and other aspects of Second Life that attract anyone interested in collecting. His vendor offering is a subtle photo of a photographer getting ready to snap that picture.

I love the setup there where he has a photo of himself as photographer taking photos with an antique camera. Drop by and enjoy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%202/38/63/23

Gemma Cleanslate

*  *  *  *  *

There's plenty to shop for at the RFL Home and Garden. Among the things you can get is artwork, which Gemma found. But there's much more. At Terry Wardark's Warhorse store, I found a pottery fountain. 

The water flows from the jar on the top to three brass bowls, each pouring water to what's below it, in the case of the bottom one to the fountain base. The water is continually in motion, and you can hear the sounds of it pouring. In real life, this would be accomplished by a small pump moving water from the basin up to the jar.

The pottery fountain costs 450 Linden dollars, with 100% going to the Relay for Life, and has a land impact of 7.

You can find the Warhorse store at. Hope 2/(11/121/25). 

Stay tuned for more examples of items.
Bixyl Shuftan