Friday, September 29, 2017

Scenes From "Lovefest" At Inspire Space Park

Inspire Space Park, located high above the Shinda sim at (33/218/1560), is one of those "must see" places in Second Life that has been around for over a decade. Hardly a realistic depiction of space, it's more like a dream or fantasy brought to life, or rather virtual life, in the form of an asteroid field you can watch the planets, stars, and other cosmic objects float by, or perhaps float in space among them yourself.. The following description in the Destination Guide probably sums it up best.

Meditate in a cosmic sci-fi ambient natural space galaxy. Relax to psychedelic, inspiring chill tunes while you fly through the stars and hug the universe at Inspire Space Park. ISP was recently updated with new park areas, hidden caves to explore, an emporium with spacey themed merchandise and more!

While the place is always worth stopping by, on Thursday September 14 there was a reason that made it better. The park was having a twelve hour "Lovefest" with music and particle shows.

Inspire Space Park is one of SL's longest running hangouts and the centre for a great community of people. They are a having a fundraiser event Thursday Sept 14 from 11am to 10pm.

For me, it was a chance to head back to this classic location that I hadn't visited for a while.

 And the show I saw was spectacular.

Some people were dancing to the music that was being played. One had "Dreamer" over her head, which was the name of the group a few of the people had highlighted.

DJ Grafx provided the tunes for the event. I didn't see who was doing the light show.

Some there had dressed themselves fancy for the occasion.

The light show continued for a while, the crowd continuing to "Ooooooo" and "Ahhhhhhh,"

A view of high above the park.

 Now this part of the show fit the name.

Eventually, it was time for me to go. I enjoyed the show while I was able to be there.

When the next light show at Inspired Space Park will be remains to be known. But it's still a nice place to just drop by and visit when the place is it's usual space dream brought to life.

Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tombstone Says Goodbye to Breezes Babii

By Bixyl Shuftan

How does a community say goodbye to someone who meant much to so many? The Tombstone roleplay community, taking place in the days of the wild west, calls itself "The Town Too Tough To Die." But sadly, the players do die. And on Saturday September 9, Breezes Babii passed away after an illness that had kept her offline since June. She had been a big part of the community, and the sad residents made preparations for a memorial service to say goodbye to her one last time.

OPERATOR: A. Wise, Mayor and Everyone in TOMBSTONE
MESSAGE: Place your Medical Bag down now, dear Breezes Babii, Your services are needed elsewhere.
From the Town Too Tough To Die, Thank you forever for your Storyline. WALK DOWN for Miss Bree will be at 2:00 pm SLT beginning at the clock-tower on Allen Street.

Talking to one of the people who knew about Tombstone, a "Walk Down" was the Old West equivalent to the funeral drive from the church to the graveyard. There would be a procession on foot led by a riderless horse with the horse-drawn hearse in the back. It would be going through town, and ending at Boot Hill

 But before that, on Thursday September 14 there was a party in Tombstone in Breeze's honor. Gemma Cleanslate was there and got this picture.

 At ten minutes before 2PM SL time, I headed to Tombstone. Those wanting to attend the service who were outside the Tombstone community, notably others in the Relay for Life, had to contact Nuala Maracas so she could provide them a landmark, as well as being invited into the group to access the sims beyond the small entry area that was open to all.

Among those relatively new to Tombstone besides me and Gemma were Relayers Trader and Arizona Whiplash, Oldesoul Eldemar, Nevar Lobo, and Madonna Daehlie, and the owner of the Newser's predecessor paper, the Second Life Newspaper, JamesT Juno. They were mixed in among the Apache, cowboys, and townsfolk of the Old West community. Tina (Tanyja Resident) told everyone, "Great to see you all peoples here." Terrry Dezno commented, "I had no idea was so many here. This would make Bree very happy." "She would love it!!" Gemma responded. Vickie Maidstone, "Yes it sure would make her very happy." Sara Llewellyn (Sarandel Llewellyn) commented, "I think this proves...'mi familia es tu familia' Tombstone has a big family...but so does the Relay for Life community." Mystic Dream (mysticalldream11 Resident) spoke, "Wonderful so many peeps are here to honour our beloved Bree." Sara spoke, "More than enough love to go around."

Someone's Tombstone HUD, a Mad Thunder HUD 4.7, would occasionally announce, or shout when someone entered, "Crazy Woodells has entered Tombstone!" and with the lag with so many around, people were crashing a bit, "Crazy Woodells has left Tombstone!" Dancing Cloud (awarmleg Resident) grumbled, "Damn lag!!" Sara commented, "You think this lag is bad, wait for Relay weekend."

Eventually, someone saw the hearse, and motioned everyone aside, Sara adding, "Make way." Then people began following.

The lag would make for some slow rezzing of people as they appeared after relogging.

One compared the lag to walking down a muddy road.

Around the corner, going down the railroad tracks.

Making another right.

Heading on.

Crossing a bridge.

Making a left at the railroad tracks.

I crashed and had to relog as we got to the next town, Bisbee.

The riderless horse turned around, so we did as well.

The hearse passed me and others as we walked.

Some of us came close to crashing as we did the "walk of lag." In my case I rubber-banded back, and somehow ended up just behind the riderless horse, and mayor Adrian Wise.

Back into town

Going past the Oriental Saloon.

Going through more of Tombstone, the railroad in the distance up ahead.

The cemetery within sight.

 One last bridge, then one more left.

 Finally, we were at the cemetery. Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident) spoke, "Bree would love seeig all these people showing her so much love." Angeles A. Stine (AngelesAmor Resident) responded, "Bree deserved all this love."

 People continued to gather.

The location of Breeze's memorial. Christopher Lyric *kneels in silent respect, love, and prayer for my dear friend* Starling Rubble (AprilSprings Resident) *wipes away a tear hoping no one saw her* DollEyes Barbosa *tries to hold back the tears* Lillybett Latrell *pulls out  a handkerchief  and wipes my eyes*

Marigolds were passed around, Gemma shown here holding one. "Tombstone was Bree's real home," she told everyone. Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) responded, "Yes, Gemma. She would wish it full of joy." Behind her, the hearse rolled in.

The casket was taken from the hearse, several roleplaying the shouldering it and moving it to it's final location. Pet Karu apoke, "That casket is so beautiful." Wedge Zeluco *touches her casket one last time* Joy Goodfinger (AprilStarr Iwish) *turns to her husband and sobs softly remembering the sweet Bree a good and loyal friend* The music stream played, "Don't Cry Sister" by J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton.

 JamesT Juno and Gemma were side by side, but as I moved up, Gemma crashed. Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident) *Squeezes my wifes hand a little tighter as tears start to flow (RL)* DollEyes Barbosa *feels the tears flowing freely  now* Christopher Lyric spoke, "Miss Bree got her promotion. Dear God, thank you for no more pain and hurt. Amen..." Leigh Elton spoke, "Bree is loving this as she watches us all." Kii'ba'  Yat'eego bil-deyol (Cherra Noel) spoke, "She loved purple." Sara spoke, "In the coming years, we'll paint the grid purple for Bree. (smile)" Angeles A. Stine (AngelesAmor Resident) *cries on silence (RL) seeing the wings flowing on Bree back like a new angel*

Adrian Wise then began speaking a poem, "As I sit here all alone admiring the view of an early sunrise,
"I tilt my head back and close my eyes.
"A soft gentle breeze crosses my face.
"I look around and enjoy the quietness of God's peace and the soft gentle pace.
"The trees are in full bloom, the leaves ready to fall.
"God's beauty of earth, I admire it all.
"As the sun comes up and begins a new day,
"I sit here quietly and begin to pray.
"Dear God, I begin to say, please watch over my life and keep me safe.
"Give me hope and show me faith."

"Guide my path and let me know you are near.
"Allow me to be strong and filled with love, for love conquers all fear.
"A gentle breeze crosses my path and gives me a slight chill.
"God answers and says: I am with you still."
Tina (tanyja Resident) muttered, "You was great Miss Bree." Goodfinger (Bill Hayabusa) mumbled "How fragile we all are and the gift of life we cannot keep." OldeSoul Eldemar lowered his head, "Well stated, Mayor Wise.

Adrian continued, "I've never left you alone or threw you aside, I am in your heart, I will be your guide.
"I will show you the way to master life's difficulties and trust your heart,
"For I am with you now and forever, I shall never part.
"A gentle breeze I feel again,
"I've never left you alone or threw you aside, I am in your heart, I will be your guide.
"I will show you the way to master life's difficulties and trust your heart,
"For I am with you now and forever, I shall never part.
"A gentle breeze I feel again,
"I know my prayers are answered, God has heard my plea.
"He has pointed this out for me to see.
"Life has many surprises each and every day. We cannot live on regrets and sorrow."

With Adrian's poem done, DJ NotyNots  Isabella Jansma (BellaWhitewolf Resident) spoke, "There are times in life when the curve ball doesn't curve and life throws at you a ball so far from left field that you are unaware that it has hit you. Today, on the the glorious 17th of 2017, an event of tragedy once again hit our Tombstone family. So again we send one of ours to join our other angels on the range. Bree rides the ranges looking down on us with much love and peace in her heart.

"It is in turn that we send our love and prayers that her journey to join our others angels range is fill with joy and love. It is with our minds we say this last farewell to one that has been a big part of Tombstone. You will dearly be missed. May west winds never be filled with rain only the warmth of the love from those left behind give your journey a good path into the heavens."

With the casket lowered into the ground, a wooden headstone was placed, reading: "Breezes Babii, May 31 2007 - Sept 9, 2017, May any who read these words have the same good friends around you."
Flowers were placed over the memorial site by the people. There was also a children's poem placed by one of the child avies.

Late in the night when everything was still, a trumpet blew its music over Tombstone hills.
Two angels appeared moving slowly in the night, They looked for a while to find a shining light.
They were on the hunt for a precious lady to take back home, They knew she was weary and no longer wished to be alone.
They were told be God to get the very best you see, They found her in her bed sleeping our sweet Miss Bree.
All her friends knew she was getting ready to pack her things, We knew she was leaving us all to be fitted for her wings.
The one thing I will miss most about MY Miss Bree, Are all those times she would look me up JUST to hug HER Jeffery.
Tombstone will forever be the home of Miss Breezes Babii, I wish she was here one more time to dance with my friends and me.
I am not saying goodbye to you Miss Bree cause there is no way I can do that, but I'll come by your grave from time to time to sit and chat.

You were always there for us children when we needed you most. When others would walk past, you would stop in, bringing stew or roast. You watched after us and kept us fed, and sometimes tucked us in bed. Certain things burn in a childs mind thats short and sweeet, like all the times we ran to see you on Allen Street.


Adrian then asked, "Jeffery? Ya got somethin to say? The child avatar answered, "Yes sir." "Speak your mind." "I saved my poen on this hear board I made for her grave but I wanted to say something else. I wanna start with saying Miss Bree was my Friend. To me friends are few and far between in this world. We are lucky when we get a real friend. Miss Bree was one of the

kindest ladies I ever known. I will miss her in every single area in Tombstone. The bank, saloons, bakeries, orphanage... all of everything here. She was apart of it ALL. I know God takes folks when he knows they are ready, and I would never doubt God or his work (sad). I ain't gonna say 'but' , I will miss her with all my heart. If by chance God is letting Miss Bree attened in spirit here today I wanna say to her. I love you Miss Bree and I will be a good boy like you ask me to do and if ever you need anything I am always a step away. Stay close to the angels Miss Bree cause they care for you. Tell the Lord hi for me. Bye my Friend (for now)"

OldeSoul spoke, "Jeffrey, Ms. Bree loved you so much." Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) added, "She sure did." Christopher Lyric nodded and smiled as did Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident) and Sonseeray  (Margo Coba). Wedge Zeluco apoke, "Amen lil man." Lot Balbozar nudged Jeffery, "Damm you son, ya made my eyes break"

It was then the turn of Rev. Wulf Warfield Falconer (Wulf Falconer) to speak, "We are gathered here to Celebrate the memory and life we all shared knowing our Sister and dear dear Friend Bree. 1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; 3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; 7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

"We have come to a moment of great sadness as we pay tribute to the memory of Bree,  What a privilege is mine to have been asked to take this Service, and to pay my own tribute to Her a fried with  with a big heart. It is good at times like this, in moments of great sorrow, to turn for comfort and strength to the Word of God. The Scripture chosen. that we read earlier, speaks of there being a time for everything. This is something we can find hard to accept. We gladly accept the nice, happy parts, but when it speaks of there being a time to mourn, and even a time to die, we find that hard to accept.

"But with the wisdom that the Lord has, which is far above ours, it becomes real and acceptable. ‘To everything there is a season’. At a time like this we need to remember that in God’s order there is a time to weep, and it helps us to bear the sorrow we feel when we allow the tears to flow, as we face the fact that there is also ‘a time to die‘. We must also remember that ‘weeping may be for a night, but joy comes in the ...

"We read in the Scriptures of the God who loved so much that He gave His only Son to die for us. Can there be greater love than that? God cares for you and me! It is at a time like this that we can feel vulnerable, and need reassurance, a time when we hurt because we miss a loved one. You will remember that Jesus said 'I lay down my life.' He knew that there was ‘a time to die‘. For Him to die. Here is One, the Son of God who is interested in each one, interested enough to die for us, and who now calls us to follow Him. It is in the closeness of His presence that we find encouragement and strength at a time like this?

"Here we are, come to pay tribute to the memory of Bree a dear friend. No wonder there is sorrow at such a time as this. We cannot deny that there will be an ache in many hearts because of this loss. This then is the time to draw near to the Lord, the time when we hurt because we miss our loved one. It is at this time that we need to allow the Lord to care for us. Right here in this gathering, as you lift your heart to the Lord, you too can find the Peace of God coming into your heart. We need to come to Him to find His rest; to hear the comfort of His voice speaking to our hearts."

"Amen" many spoke following the prayer. Goodfinger (Bill Hayabusa) mmbled "Time... the only thing we truly own in life." BrotherD Core then spoke, "The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead; and their passing away was thought an affliction, and their going forth from us, utter destruction. But they are in peace.

"God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, So that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life. Miss Breezes has left us but she is not gone forever. She has only gone on a journey we must all someday take. She has gone to join the community of saints of that I have no doubt. She has gone to join the community of saints of that I have no doubt. She was a beautiful gift from God to all who encountered her. Those who know her must recoginize how blessed they are to have known her. We are not saying goodbye to this wonderful lady. We are only saying See you later Miss Breeze. So I ask you all here give a loud 'Alleluia' that she can hear in heaven."

And many in the group spoke up, "Alleluia" or "Amen." A few nodded softly, praying silently.  JamesT Juno whispered, "Bits to bits ... pixels to pixels .... and dust to dust." Fearchar ''Buck'' Enoch (Fearchar Enoch) went, "Aw, aint gotta shout....she's right close." BrotherD went on, "Receive in tranquility and peace, O Lord, the soul of your servant Breeze who has departed this present life to come to you. Grant her rest and place her in the habitations of light, the abodes of blessed spirits. Give her the life that will not age, good things that will not pass away, delights that have no end, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 'Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again.'  As Miss Breezes soul has departed to heaven may her memory live on. Amen.

"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen."

At one point, someone's gun began glitching. Adrian told him, "Take your guns off!" Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident) smiled lightly, "He's 'compensating' Mayor." Adrian responded, "Watch how quick I can get another hole dug." Lillybett Latrell spoke, "The light Breeze that blows around the group has a light feel as if shes saying 'I am ok now.' Tombstone was her life outside the pain and struggles of the other one.  She is a dear friend still  and somewhere she is looking at all of us and smiling in a new dress with a halo for a hat. 'Till we meet again Miss Bree ....."

DollEyes Barbosa spoke, "I love you Bree and I and your Tombstone Family, and your Relay For Life Family miss you dearly... we will always love you, our Miss Bree.. may we all be comforted by the memory of her love."  Esmerelda Falconer (Esmerelda Kleiner) spoke, "Not even the prettiest flower will grow unless first the seed is planted in the ground. Now Miss Bree is gonna be among the prettiest."

Kii'ba'  Yat'eego bil-deyol (Cherra Noel) spoke, "Bree.. was friend even though Kii' was apache she not care. She was always her for Kii', she was very close to me as if mother. Kii' talk to her about many things. Kii'  played differant roles in Bree's life as she did mine. Kii' will love and Miss you friend sister mother."

Christopher Lyric reminded everyone, "Just remember, my friends. That's only Miss Bree's shell in that box. Her sweet soul soars with the angels now! She's hanging out with the Boss upstairs. Our Heavenly Daddy!" Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident), "It's amazing how many people she touched in their hearts.... we will miss her smile and love for all of us... and especially Tombstone."

Lot Balbozar then stood, reached into his jacket and took out one of Miss Breezes cakes that he stole, or 'acquired', earlier. Jeffery watched him. Lot unwraped the the cake, took a bite, then passed it to Jeffery. Jeffrey took the cake and bit the biggest bite he could before passing it to Ivy Lexington, smiling with pooched out cheeks. Ivy took a small bite and passed it on to Wedge. Wedge nodded as he took it and bit off a piece just as his sister Angel Ansar was placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Adrian noticed this, "Are they nibblin' on Bree's buns?" The choice of words caused Fearchar to laugh a little, as did Christopher Lyric. Lot answered the mayor, "We sure are Mr Wise, before they get stale."

Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) spoke, "Bree and I would talk privately, and she loved hearing me tell her how things were with Tony and I. She loved romance." Starling Rubble (AprilSprings Resident) spoke, "God Bless Miss Bree may he watch over you and keep you safe." Soria Avro spoke, "I remember Miss Bree taking my hands and swinging my arms from side to side in a playful way." Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo) spoke, "She was a precious person." Isabella Jansma (BellaWhitewolf Resident) whispered, "Bree let your hair down and let the wind blow through it. You are loved by all." Angeles A. Stine (AngelesAmor Resident) spoke, "Walk and touch with a kiss on my hand whispering the boxcage... Be a good angel Auntie, you will always in our heart as we know you will care for all us too."

TrentLaureate took the cake after Wedge held it out, took a small bite, then handed it to Pet Karu. She had a small piece then handed it to Leigh. Pet asked, "Trent? Do you know what the best part of todays service was?" Lot quipped, "The cake!" Jeffrey grinned. TrentLaureate answered, "Yes Miss Pet...the love. Friends too of course. The cake was great too." Jeffery commented, "The cake ya passed is a forever one it not getting any smaller that means miss bree must be making sure everyone gets a bite."

Adria Celeste Bloodwyne (AdriaCeleste Resident) walked up ti the grave and lay a flower down, "till we meet again Bree." Esmerelda Falconer (Esmerelda Kleiner) spoke, "Bye for now Miss Bree" before leaving sorrowfully back to her home. Pet spoke, "God loved that woman and put her in a community where she could give that love to everyone she met." TrentLaureate responded, "You are right miss pet, we were very lucky to now her." Kyle Rand Bloodwyne (kada9952 Resident): knelt by the grave, "I will always share coffee with you Bree... I will keep the pot hot and ready for our chats" Rest in Peace my friend." OldeSoul spoke, "To our dear friend Bree- whom we spent many hours with and loved her company and fun." Lillybett Latrell left a wreath at the gravesite, then walked home with a handkerchief to her face. Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) set a doll out on the border of the resting place, "to always watch over my dear friend Bree." Christopher told the group, "Everyone be blessed. See you all again soon." then turned to walk off.

Lot commented, "Ya'll know what Miss Bree would be wanting us to do?" Fearchar asked, "What, Lot?" wondering if he should have asked. Lot answered, "Go to her Cantina, drink her tequila, eat her cakes and talk about the good old days and have a laugh." Ivy called out, "Everyone to Bree's Catina, drinks are on Lot!" Jeffery asked, "Even lemonade?" Lot answered, "Even lemonade." Ivy told him, "No lemonade for you, young man, you need a beer, a rootbeer!" Jeffery responded, "Yay! Root beer is yummy." Dolleyes called out, "Yes, Relay family come join us at Bree's cantina." Nuala agreed, "Bree's cantina it is."

Pet Karu whispered to Trent, "Um excuse me there's something I gotta do." She turned and headed off toward the church. Missy O’Donnell (DolfinMissy Resident) spoke, "I pray that the Lord keeps Miss Breezes by His side and that all those who loved her can heal and remember her in His glory." She made a prayer, then walked home silently.  Isabella Jansma (BellaWhitewolf Resident) told the group, "If anyone would like a picture of Bree can wander over to Club Vinice and on stage is one of her click on it as it is set to pay $0." Sara Llewellyn (Sarandel Llewellyn) quietly stepped up to the grave and laid a pink rose at the foot. Angel Ansar (angilias Wassersztrom) handed me a pictascope picture of Breezes, the one appearing at the top of this article, then placed a rose at her resting place.

With everyone heading off, some to Breezes' cantina, I decided to head to her place here in Tombstone as well. I was passed a landmark, but decided to run over. A number of the people had headed over, such as Gemma and JamesT. There were a number of candles lit for our late friend. Jeffery asked, "Why come they burn candles when folks go to Heaven?" Gemma answered, "Just to remember." Jeffery then looked up at a picture of Breezes in a short dress, "Woo!" Ivy saw it and commented, "Oh my, she did have a wicked side to her.  Wickedly good fun!" She blushed, but admired Breeze's wild side.

With the service over and a smaller number of people here, people took notice of me and greeted. Jeffery went, "Good to meet you Bixyl 'im Jeffery. I believe I heard about ya." "How do you do, Jeffry," I answered, "Yes, Breezes and I were coworkers at the old SL Newspaper." Lot, seeing my foxlike appearance, commented, "I sure hope Bixyl shakes hands when he meets folks and not sniffs backsides." My response was to chuckle, "Hey, I'm on two legs you know." Prettykitty Gumbo's response to seeing me was to give me a hug. Gemma commented, "Careful lot he can bite."

There was some food out on a table, placed there by Breezes. Trent showed up from the inside of the place with some drinks, "Jeffery yours is root beer, sorry." Arizona responded, "Thank you Trent." Trent passed me a mug, and I thanked him. The talk about Breezes and her writing continued, Jeffery saying, "I didn't even know she helped with a paper." JamesT was nearby and smiled, remembering. "So much she did," Jeffery commented. "Yes, she wrote the 'Breezes Thoughts' column for JamesT's Second Life Newspaper." Gemma smiled, "They were so cute!!!! The stories. Wish we could access some, all gone. There are a few from the SL Newser."

Ivy spoke up of Lot's comment, "Pay no mind Mr. Bixyl, they constantly tease me about my nose length." I looked her way, "What's wrong with your nose?" She responded, "Nothing is wrong with my nose, why do you ask?" Jeffrey went, "Your nose is fine Miss Ivy I seen way bigger ones then yours." Lot commented, "Her nose is finally not the biggest in the group, now that we have a fox here." Ivy made a comment about not "even needing to look cross eyed at her own nose for it is surely big enough for all to see." Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) commented, "I thought you were referring at how it wrinkles up right before she sneezes.. But most folks noses do that."

Fearchar ''Buck'' Enoch (Fearchar Enoch) remarked, "Now 'ol Pinocchio's nose, it grows, when he lies. Anybody who sees his nose, knows when it grows, he just done told a lie."Ivy asked, "And your point, Mr. Buck?" My response was to grin, "Heh, my nose is the same length as when I started writing here, next question." Fearchar added, "Well now, just sayin that ol Pinocchio's nose is even bigger n yers."

At one point, Lot commented, " And no Ivy, i will not take him out back and 'Whack' him, yer not getting a fox muff for this winter." Ivy yelled, "LOT!" I looked at Lot oddly, and he decided to say nothing else for the moment.

Trent then asked, "Could I make a toast to Miss Bree, if'n no one minds?" He then raised his glass, "To Miss Bree, thank you for all the smiles and for you service and courage here in Tombstone. God Bless you." Ivy held up her mug, "To Miss Bree!" Jeffrey raised his root beer, "To Miss Bree." Fearchar raised his glass, "Amen t' that...t' Miz Bree." Paisley Nelson (Paisley Ganesvoort) found a mug near her and raised it, "Here! here!" Sara Llewellyn (Sarandel Llewellyn) raised her mug and smiled. Ivy drank from her mug, nudging Lot with her elbow, making a comment about showing him her nose does not get in the way of her drinking, "not this time at least." Lot responded, "Yes, from now on you can drink champagne from mugs."

Lot then asked me, "Yer writing a story bout Tombstone, sir?" I told him, "Well, I will be writing about what the people here were saying about Breezes." OldeSoul complemented my work, and Jeffery, having taking a look at the front page of the Newser, agreed.

Lot Balbozar commented, "Were do we start, Miss Bree in both worlds had a heart of gold.  In RP, if i ever went to rob the bank she would get inot IMs to Ivy and explain how her heart would race, scared we would shoot her. And, yet in real life, she was as tough as old nails." Fearchar laughed, "Aw, Lot, yer too law abidin' t' rob th' bank." Gemma commented, "I saw her testify in one of the trials once." Oldesoul coughed, "Lot, are you judge again?" Ivy made a comment, "Of course I would nag Lot, to NOT shoot her, and then she would get that shot gun out and turn the tables on him." Jeffery asked, "Did she blast him?" Lot answered, "No cause she couldn't figure out how to fire it." Ivy answered, "Sometimes she did, sometimes she would bribe him with pastries." Oldesoul commented, "About a deposit I made once, Miss Bree said- "Ooo now I can go shoppin'.' Never saw that money again." Ivy told, "When I would have to produce my bank book for her she was ever so patient with me emptying my purse." Oldesoul told, "She told me, I did not need one." Trent chuckled at Oldesoul's story. Jefferey stated, "I asked her once can kids open a bank account. She said yes, then I layed a pennie on the counter and she was quiet a minute. Then she said 'come back Jefferey when you get one hundred of those.'"

There were a few jokes about whether someone meant a spare hose or horse in her purse. Angel Ansar (angilias Wassersztrom) spoke of, "Miss Bree also loved to decorate so much. I remeber helping her find decorations for every occasion and even making some for her." Lott commented, "YES! And when Miss Bre decorated, oh my did she leave prims all over." Trent spoke, "I loved at the dances when I could talk her into joining me for a beer and at the dances the food discussions and her enthusiastic descriptions of some foods I had never heard of, I will miss her." DollEyes spoke, "I know she would love seeing her Tombstone Family and her Relay For Life Family together celebrating her love for us all (smile)."

Lot then commented, "Ya know what would give this Cantina a real homely feel?" Fearchar guessed, "An extra chamber pot?" Ivy corrected, "Lot, HOMEY, not HOMELY!" Lott then quipped, "A fox tail nailed to the door post." I again looked at Lott oddly. Jeffrey went, "But she loved Bixyl so we cant use his tail."

DollEyes Barbosa spoke alloud, "A toast to Miss Bree, we know you are one of our guardian angels now watching over this town, Mercy Sakes! how you were loved!! May that love protect us and comfort us always. We love you Bree! To Bree!!" Pet Karu finished her drink and tossed it over her shoulder.

DollEyes then brought up, "Well we had our first case of Bree watching over us. During the hurricane one of the folks told me that as the storm hit their town. The winds picked up and made a tunnel over their town, and that it made such a big bubble the tornado could not touch down. The person said that all they could think of then was that Bree always kept them safe. So she is still watching over us." She smiled. Lot quipped, "That's why she was called Breeze. She had wind." Fearchar looked his way, "You'd know, Lot." Lot went on, "Ivy thinks its the ducks, so lets continue to let her think that." Ivy responded, " And Breeze would be the only one that could keep Lot in line. I'm sure she would be able to keep you two in line as well."

Jeffrey felt, "feels kind strange all us here and I not see Breezes Babii over no ones head. This will take time to get used to." Dolleyes told him, "Yes it will Jeff. But she is still here with us, just up a little higher in the clouds as a beautiful angel."

it was about this time Arizona Ballinger-Whiplash then told everyone, "It was a moving service, very fitting for Bree.   I must excuse myself to take care of some things away from here.  Good evening everyone." Gemma told the group she had to head out too, "I am afraid I have to get to real life now. Thanks to all who made Breeze's life so full." Oldesoul left as well, "Take care dear friends. It was a lovely service and I know Bree was with us. Once again, we defeated lag." Prettykitty Gumbo did as well, "Night all.. I'm so sorry for your loss." Sara Llewellyn was also headed out, "Time for me to go...Take care everyone." Dolleyes told us, "Thank you for loving her and thank you all in relay who came today."

I also decided to take my leave, my presence needed elsewhere, "Well, I need to go take care of something. Breezes was a friend of mine as well, and good to hear that she had a place here. Thank you for taking care of her." Dolleyes told me, "Take care Bix. Big hugs. (smile)" Fearchar went, "OK, Bixyl, take keer!" I raised my glass one last time, then headed out of Tombstone.

And so, Tombstone gave it's farewell to one of it's own who was like no other. While the roleplay community will most likely go on until the end of Second Life, and would probably just move on to another grid if that happened, there's no doubt they'll continue to remember "Bree."

Goodbye my friend, our friend, you meant so much to so many.

Top picture from Angel Ansar (Angilias Wassersztrom), some pictures from Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl Shuftan