Monday, October 30, 2023

Reader Submitted: Rock Band Tribute Concert At Steelhead


On October 20th, The Johnathan Heiss Project held Scorpions Tribute Concert to promote Steelhead. 

They dedicated their time to help Steelhead out, and gave everyone a rocking good time. 

It was probably the biggest event to happen in all of Steelhead's history.

Steelhead Mayor Fuzzball Ortega (in a Trek Captain uniform), Genie Ortega (Trek officer's uniform), Zaida Gearbox, and Stereo Nacht

Deputy Mayor Zantyago Mannonen enjoying the show

More people showed up after these pictures were taken, and everyone enjoyed themselves, the event went smoothly, and Johnathan Heiss has shown an interest in returning to Steelhead for more events.

Just the start of more positive changes coming to Steelhead

Fuzzball Ortega