Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pillory A Linden (Or Mole)

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Friday September 22, the Second Life Renaissance Festival began. This is a yearly event held to benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, an annual fundraiser to help the American Cancer Society which focuses on breast cancer. Until Sunday October 1, there will be three sims and many days of various happenings, such as dances with DJs playing music, roleplays, silent auctions and raffles, lots of shopping, and plenty of scenery and people dressing up in Medieval and Renaissance outfits.

 The Lindens an Moles have also gotten into the act, happy to lend a hand, or paw in the case of the furries and tinies among them. In the past, they've done events such as "Joust A Linden." This year, their event was "Pillory A Linden (or Mole)."

The Lindens & Moles have  escaped the castle guards who chased them down the country side and have arrived safely at the SL Renaissance Festival.  However, they had a few, shall we say, “incidents” along the way whilst visiting the village taverns and partaking in  local merriment. Some, more so than others it appears. Reports of table dancing, chandelier swinging and loud singing in the streets in the wee hours have reached the Festival Queen

They must be held accountable for their loud and rambunctious behavior and have been ordered to the pillory by the Festival Queen.

By  Royal Decree, Second Life Residents are to be the judges!  What crew do you think deserves to be in the Pillory?

Voting is by L$ donation to the kiosk beside the team you want to save from being locked in the pillory.

In true Pillory style, rotten vegetables will be provided for all to throw.

Lindens & Moles will be live at the Pillory ... trying to proclaim their innocence! Don’t be fooled!  Don’t let them bribe you!

Nuala Maracas would state, "Reports have been received that the Linden Delegation has lost its way and journeyed far to the lands in the north where they have come across a mysterious and valuable treasure, which they have taken with them to RenFest.  The treasure was found outside a castle, apparently the housekeepers were doing a through castle cleaning and set the treasure outside to 'air out'. The castle guards are now in hot pursuit of the Lindens and Moles.
"The Lindens & Moles have  escaped the castle guards who chased them down the country side and have arrived safely at the SL Renaissance Festival.  However, they had a few, shall we say, 'incidents' along the way whilst visiting the village taverns and partaking in  local merriment. Some, more so than others it appears. Reports of table dancing, chandelier swinging and loud singing in the streets in the wee hours have reached the Festival Queen." 

 There were quite a few people there, so some avatars were gray to me for a while. There were also plenty of Lindens and Moles there, standing out with their blue nametags and blue dots on the minimap. For the event, they were originally going to be split into five teams, led by Derrick Linden the tiny Dragon, Itsa Mole, Alota Mole, Chronos Mole, and Patch Linden himself. But there would be only three at the event, including Patch's Team One.

There was no shortage of people around in period clothing. 

Patch Linden was there, in a green sweater and white shorts.

Both Gemma Cleanslate and I were there for the event. I was wearing my outfit from the Fairelands Quest in the Fantasy Faire of 2018.

There were four kinds of rotten food to toss at those in the pillory. Xia Xevious would comment, "That's why I don't eat those rotten foods.  Crew 2 do have fresh food there. And CLEAN water."

Anna Mole as a small robot in a princess hat.

Avariel Falcon, the Relay's dark unicorn, was among the crowd.

Star Mole in a flowery dress.

Someone in the audience threw up some fireworks at one point. 

Grumpy Mole, or was it Chronos, was sitting on a throne at one point.

 As time went on, people donated to kiosks representing the five groups of Lindens and Moles. Relayer Nuala Maracas would occasionally shout to encourage it, "Your donation helps us with supporting those with Breast Cancer.     Through a secure mobile app, The American Cancer Society  connects 2,900 women facing breast cancer with trained breast cancer survivors to support them during their journey – anywhere in the country."

People would root for various teams and make various comments. Xia Xevious: "That is true. I"m animal lover but I'm torn between you and Mini.  You know who got my attention all the time?  Mini of course. :P DONATE TO CREW TWO!" Liz Wilner: "does anyone honestly want to see the Jester be in a stockade?  This only makes for a sad Jester...which makes for no fun." Eladrin Nightshade (squidpaladin Resident): "The poor Jester DESPAIRED at the sight of the stocks earlier." Jibble Pizzaro: "Everyone donate so each kiosk is even so they all PAY THE PRICE!" SLRenaissanceFestival Resident shouts: "There ya go !!!  lock them all up!" Eladrin Nightshade (squidpaladin Resident): "Actually that I could get behind. Get them all!" 

The Lindens and Moles would join in the talk, Jester Molesaying, "Dont make a sad Jester! donate to crew 1!" Patch would muse, appealing to the tinies, "Team 2 is responsible for the wootberry fountain being delayed.  Vote for team 1 to get it back on track!" Xia Xevious grinned, "I knew it was Patch's fault. Stick to Crew 2!" Mini Mole blinked, then spoke,  "It was us!" Then she wavered, " Wasn't yes that was WAS NOT!" Brigantia Mole: "WOOOT for team ONE!!.  Vote Team One and Spare the ... kitty!" Liz Wilner blurted, "Wootberry...delayed?  Dinkies and Tinies unite!  vote Team 1!"

As time went on, the donations came in. SLRenaissanceFestival Resident announced, "Team 1 L$42,383      Team 2 $19,893   Team 3  L$24,700   ..  18 minutes remain." Eladrin Nightshade (squidpaladin Resident): "Oh heavens. Thats a BIG jump for Team 1!" Xia Xevious: Donate to CREW two!  They have fresh clean water and food here. And kill the lag real quick." Then she noticed something and laughed, "Who donated huge to that ridiculous Team 1?" Patch Linden mused, "Team 2 is responsible for the spoiling of the Ye Olde Waffle Syrup!   Luckily Team 1 saved some and can provide you with all the waffles!" Icer Shimmerscale (Icer Oakleaf) cried out, "Not the syrup!" Xia Xevious: "Team 1 cost you the LAGGEST to the core.. Donate to Crew 2!" Jibble Pizzaro asked, "Which team makes the best casinos?" Patch answered, "Team 2 made the casino!!!  That's all I'm going to say!"

Wendi Linden tried to take advantage of the One vs Two banter, "While team one and team two attack each other, donate to the team that support you - Team Three!"  Kitty (Prettykitty Gumbo) seemingly bought it, "I shall donate to team 3." Eirynne (Eirynne Sieyes) was saying, "Wow Team one way ahead!" Then heading about the last donation, "Noooo they keep the lag away!" Liz Wilner: "I insist that Jesters remain happy...or they give a very poor juggling performance...and they don't dance Team 1!" Eirynne (Eirynne Sieyes): "Team 1 makes lag by keeping us here all day. And night!" Patch Linden mused, "Mirror Mirror on the wall....  who has the highest ARC of us all????" After a pause, " You don't say...    Magic mirror proclaims it is those who make up Team 2!    So vote for team 1 instead!" Xia Xevious responded, "The mirror broke when you look at that mirror?  that's Team 1.  Donate to Crew two!"

Brigantia Mole did a cheer, "Team Two, Team Two, you're so great, You're always there to collaborate. With your teamwork and your might, You'll win every day and night. Team One, Team One, you're number one, You're the best, second to none. With your leadership and your grace, You'll always take first place." SLRenaissanceFestival Resident announced the updated totals, "Team 1  42,583      Team 2 20,100    Team 3   45,200" Then stated "Our Pillory guard is up on the top .... ready and waiting to lock them in !" Mini Mole wipes a tear from her cheek, "Yes, please save Crew Two.  The pillory is a cruel thing. Vote Crew Two!"

As it got to a few minutes to the deadline, SLRenaissanceFestival was updating more, "$44,350 team 2 ... $46,350, $3,000 away from being safe. 2 minute. $50,000 team 3 ... $48, 150 team 2 ... $53,150 team 2. ... $69,150 team 2 ... $55,000 team 3 ,,, $65,000 team 3 ,,, $75,000 team 3"

Finally the time ran out and the final totals were announced, "Team `1  $104,690     Team 2   $76,500     Team 3  $76, 100  FINAL TOTALS!" Then came the results, "TEAM 3 IS LOCKED UP!" And so the Lindens and Moles of Team Three, Itsa, Milli, Chronos, Binky, and Alota Mole, and Derrick, Wendi, and Vix Linden would be in a one-sided food-fight, "Let them get in the pillory and grab your tomoatoes. Grab your tomatoes in the crates on the sides" Someone commented, "Tomatoes sounds like a griefer attack."
And the rotten food started flying, "(laughter) You all are hitting those poor folks pretty hard!" Much of it seemed aimed at the dragon, "So many hitting Derrick." 

One resident went, "This is terrible. I can't watch." Another spoke, "Poor people, I can't do it." But Mini Mole stood behind Patch, getting ready to throw a tomato, "Better duck, Patch. I'm a terrible shot." For some reason, the radio stream started playing "The Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton.

 At one point, there was a fire in front of the pillory. Maybe the dragon had enough.

 At one point, some long white length of slide appeared. 

And some lights.

Hobbes Linden showed up only after the totals were rang, "I'm sad I missed all the fun, but hello to peoples, thank you for saving Team one and if anyone wants a very late Linden Bear bribe, just let me know." 

Kitty (Prettykitty Gumbo) threw a fresh apple to Avariel, and the unicorn went "Yay, apple!" and started eating it. Hobbes then commented, "I dunno, if people are throwing fresh food maybe I'll hop up there even though my team is safe."

Patch Linden was the subject of a couple pranks. Hobbes Linden tossed something at Patch, "I may have risked my very existence...but I have fruited Patch. Haha!" At one point, someone yelled out, "A bad Scottish accent shouts: PATCH LINDEN! MARY LAYTON HAS BESTOWED UPON YE THE GIFT OF THE HAGGI!" And then a number of odd brownish critters started circling around the mouse-eared Linden.

Eventually, the Lindens and Moles in the pillory were let go (and presumably offered a bath and change of clothes). It was then time for the next event, the Parade of Nights. 

Patch Linden would be part of the parade, near the front. Later on, Gem Sunkiller would DJ at the Minstrel's Corner stage. 
Nuala Maracas shouted, "Huge thank you to the Lindens and Moles for their support in the fight against breast cancer! Thank you, thank you! You are such good sports." Another resident spoke with a smile, "Thank you Lindens and Moles! We tease, but we do love you!" Kitty added, "Yes, we do love you all." Xia Xevious threw in, "Indeed!  Thank you guys very much!!!" A fourth spoke, "You raised a lot of money thanks to you all hugs lindens and moles you all are amazing."  

It should be noted that there's still plenty to see and do at the Renaissance Festival. There's the music events, there are the archery and melee tournaments, there are the silent auctions for things like free Premium Plus and name changes that are open until Saturday September 30, and plenty of shopping.
"Thank you again to all the Lindens and Moles !   Another successful year !    (try to stay out of trouble next year )"
Bixyl Shuftan