Saturday, June 25, 2022

At The SL19B, Part Two

By Gemma Cleanslate

As the days pass at the SL19B I have had a chance to greet at the Welcome Area, the Tapestry, the Arboretum and wander along some of the roads to say hello and offer information. 

It is fun to meet many Second Life residents who come in from all across the grid to enjoy the birthday. I also stopped in at these venues when an event was going on.

One day I arrived at the Arboretum to find a raucous crowd clapping and hollering at at Wrestling match hosted by Premier Wrestling. Nadie DarkMoon Ireland (elcazador2003 Resident) and Khia Norsewood (Khiandres Resident) entered the ring to great applause and began tossing each other all over. The referee, Greyson Cooper (GreysonCooper101 Resident) oversaw what was going on. I have no idea who won or if anyone did since I am not familiar with the rules. Everyone there was enjoying the whole thing. I know there is a huge following of this sport in Second Life and it was evident.

The Arboretum is built to hold various events there on different stages. All of Saffia Widdershins interviews with Linden Lab are held here at a different stage that can accommodate hundreds of visitors at a time.

From there I stopped over at the Steamworks to find Classical steampunk music with Colin Scientist not only offering the music but also doing ballet dance steps for an appreciative audience. Some of the audience joined him with ballet steps . The Steamworks is an amazing installation of … also known as Faust in other years. I always look for his builds every year.

Sunday will be the last day for parties at the stages but this is a good time to start exploring the many installations across the more than 20 regions. I have visited some this week in between greeting at the various venues. Below are a few of the artists work that I have seen and enjoyed.

Bear Castle

Cake at Undersea 

Happy Hippo Team

Stephen Venkman's exhibit

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, June 20, 2022

SL19B Opening Ceremonies Hit By Technical Difficulties


By Bixyl Shuftan,

Not even the mighty Lindens are immune to crashing.

Thursday June 16 was the start of the Second Life Nineteenth Birthday, of SL19B. Yours truly dropped by early at the Arboretum, where Patch Linden was due for the opening speech. There were others whom had the same idea, and we were entertained by Squeaky Mole dancing and doing a few antics on stage. Three of the four sims in the area were quickly filling up. They must have been the high-capacity sims the Lindens were talking about as soon two were at 130 residents each while the third had over a hundred, for over 360 residents. 

I hoped they could keep these once-impossible numbers up, wondering if there'd soon be a crash. And it turned out I wondered correct once more. I had Strawberry Linden's Youtube going, and she crashed as well. 

Logging back on, I found myself in Horizons. I tried to TP back to the Aboretum, but couldn't. I went to a nearby sim and tried to walk over, only to find the sims were considered full, even though they had about 80 each instead of 130. It seems something happened with the sim, and they cut it's capacity. So I would listen to Patch's speech through the Youtube stream. Due to other technical issues, it would be delayed past the planned time of 12 Noon as well (21:50 in the Youtube).

(Click here if the video does not play)

Patch, whom appeared clouded throughout Strawberry's stream, would talk about various things. This included inspiring others to make their own virtual worlds, or as he put it, "some new legless entrants more recently to the fold." He would mention accomplishments of Second Life, saying the virtual world had a gross domestic product of over $650 billion USD. Patch would also discuss the various places of the Second Life Birthday area, such as the community gallery, where he invited people to share their screenshots, which he called allowing others a glimpse in the virtual lives of the residents, such as times when two friends are having a cup of coffee. Then he made a reference to his Fantasy Faire Jail and Bail, "then there are completely insane moments where a horde of angry tinies throws you into a jail and pokes you with pointy sticks. I may or may not be familiar with that." His aim was for the gallery to be a mix of "The beautiful, the crazy, and the poignant moments."

He also talked about a few changes at the SLB, such as moving the gifts to the Tapestry of Time, and the Music Fest events would be speak over the three stages over the three days, one day for each. He also talked about the three stages, the Arboretum, the Steamworks, and the Vernian Rotunda. Over the course of 11 days, there will be over 350 performers. 

He then brought up the exhibits, "There is nothing that better showcases the imagination and abilities of our community than the exhibit regions." Then came the Shop and Hop, "With over 400 merchants, this is the largest shopping event we have ever hosted ... a must-visit for both the sales and the mountain of gifts that are available to the ardent shopper."

He would then go on to describe the accomplishments in the virtual world such as "leveraging our newly-found Cloud environment muscles with the debut of event regions, which you're currently sitting in. It's a lot of people here. In fact, over 350 of us at one point, something we wouldn't have been able to have done without all of the various improvements to performance our engineering teams have been so hardworking on."

Patch stated there would be more Linden Home themes to come, but did not mention the next one. "I don't want to give anything away just yet," he would say, "Next week, please come and see 'Meet the Lindens,'" saying he would be at the first, "I have many great things I have yet to announce."

"I continue to commit to all of you that I will carry forward our mission of making Second Life the biggest, best, and most vibrant virtual world there can ever be. Oh, and we will always have legs."  He then thanked the moles, who he described as having been planning the event for months, in addition to certain residents who contributed, and invited people to take a slice of provided cake (the resident-run SLB events were noted for their "Cake Stage" locations), "have fun and stay virtual." 

Strawberry would apologize for her viewer not being able to rezz Patch, and would look around a few more places before ending the stream.

Patch will appear again at the SL19B for "Meet the Lindens," once again at the Arboretum, today, Monday June 20 at 2PM SL time: SLB Exhilarate (228/224/23) *

Bixyl Shuftan 


Friday, June 10, 2022

Yukiko Yeshto‘s Weekly Tour

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday I was able to make it to Yukiko Yeshto ‘s weekly tour What great fun her tours are.

This week we took a tour through many of the newer regions with the log homes and through one camper region too. Though we were enjoying the landscapes with the lovely foliage we were on the hunt for new visa stamps for our Passport huds. As Members of the BBB group we have huds that collect stamps from all over the grid. Now anyone who lives in sl has that opportunity by finding the visa stamp dispensers around the world. Yuki told me, “ for them, they can join the Continental Passport Control Board group,”

We started in the bus and took a ride through the narrow roads of many regions to get to our first stop the Circle B Ranch where we stepped out to see it and grab our stamp.

Back in the bus we headed for the Randelsham National Forest. There it was along the railroad with a beautiful tree house Community Center where we found our second stamp. This is a delightful place to visit. And here we switched to a train car for the next part of the tour. I got such a kick out of one of the names, “Gigglesnort Rapids/Falls” Station. I think the Lindens and Moles had a wonderful time naming places as they built.

We arrived at the Switching Post, another surprise to me. I had never seen it before and must go back to check out the area. Our next stop was at the Hammies Place, The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary. I have visited here before. The Hammies, as you know take over the fairgrounds often for their builds and parties

At our last stop at the Railway Station Yuki told us of a really special tour next weekend. It will be on a
Bar train!! That sounds like lots of fun and I hope I can make it! Will let you know! There are so many beautiful places to visit and you are all invited to come explore all the new locations . I have a box of notecards that Jon Ree puts out that will give you landmarks for loads of places of interest like the ones above that you can enjoy. Ask me anytime and I will pass it along.

Sunday I made sure I stopped over at the huge Wish Upon a Star American Cancer Society event. If you have not been to this Alice in Wonderland venue get there to see the magnificent build and take a look at the Relay for Life raffles in the garden. Make a donation in memory of Bixyl’s close family member who passed in a kiosk.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Heterocera Embassy Opening, And A Glance At The SLEA

By Gemma Cleanslate

My busy week getting back to business and fun was a mixture of events I could get to. Eduardo Minghuang dj and owner of Cuban Cafe has post blockade Cuba featuring “Latin tunes & dances: BALLROOM SAMBA SALSA MAMBO MERENGUE FLAMENCO LAMBADA BACHATA KIZOMBA RUMBA TANGO! Also beaches, Cuban coffeehouse & Revolution Museum.”
The venue is open on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays..

Romie Vella invited me to this event and I am glad I got there. The visitors were both Spanish and English and all had a great time listening and dancing to the tunes.

I went over to SLEA for the first time in a long time. I received a notice that the Art Walk had new artists exhibiting there . Most of the artists were new to me and so interesting. It is a very eclectic grouping and each installation is one that takes some meditation to explore the theme.

I was taken with Bryn Oh’s exhibit. It is so different from her usual story lines. I walked into her garden of flowers and was immediately surrounded by giggles! It was so pleasant to walk through I had to do it several times enjoying the laughs of the flowers I touched as I walked. She was the only artists I was really familiar with .

Another build that was fun to walk on was the particle show. By walking on tiny islands set in a pond I was able to activate particles nearby. The artist ,Tyrehl Byk, calls it The Ego’s Many eyes. Have some fun there.There are other installations to explore and enjoy. I will let you have the pleasure of understanding the artists and their work. Just walk along the path , barefoot if you like as Tansee suggests . It is a circle that takes you by each exhibit . In front of each you can pick up a notecard that tells you the background and experience of each artist in real life and SL.

Saturday there was installation of a new Ambassador for the continent of Heterocera. Daria Raynier received her key from Suη (Dark Sunflower), a BBB official, since Abnor was was not able to attend.

Yuriko Kimura (Rydia Lacombe) Hiraya mayor greeted the audience and Dariah as the new Ambassador and wished her well in her new position. There were several other Ambassadors attending.

Dariah graciously thanked her and made a short and sweet speech , “Last Saturday I celebrated my 13th rezday. Now I am pleased and have the honor to contribute to our communities. Now in a new position as ambassador I did a lot of travel things in the past. And I am happy to do new things for Heterocera and Bellisseria now.Thank you all for coming. We will no go to the music and fun part of the day …”

And the party began with music by Mandy Dorfler ,known from the grid-wide famous Harlow's Women Club. That was the end of my week. 

The embassy is at

Gemma Cleanslate