Monday, February 22, 2021

The 2021 Relay Kickoff

 By Bixyl Shuftan

After months of waiting, the Relay for Life's 2021 fundraising season finally started on Saturday February 20.

The theme for this year, "Cure for a Happy Ending."

Yours truly hopped over a couple days early for a few pictures of the American Cancer society sim.

But what was behind the curtain wouldn't be revealed until later.

The schedule that day was: 9am - music by Trader then at 10am the Kick Off Ceremony. Following that was the "all day party" with 11am music by Fiz Underwood, 1pm Purelife Magnifico, 3pm Riker, 5pm Tazzie Tuque, 7pm Anni Braveheart. Those who couldn't listen inworld could tune to T1Radio and RelayRadio on their webbrowsers.

Gemma Cleanslate was there before I was, and got a few pictures.

The sim where most of the action was, American Cancer Society2, was full with 60 avatars. I was at the edge of ACS in the "overflow" with over two dozen more.

Because of the Platinum Avatar Challenge, I was in a different form, a tiny Dinkie fox. 

Some of the people didn't show up as much more than body parts early on, but Stingray Raymaker and Gem Sunkiller rezzed okay.

Several members of team Friends For A Cure, including co-captains Ari and Adam Spark. Behind them are Avariel Falcon, Bane Finch, and Panza Eilde.

There were several members of team Sunbeamers, Matt Carlton, Liska Fuchs, Spooked Dreamscape, Snowbuns (Skylark Lefavre) and Nikki (Cynthia Farshore had made it ahead of us)

One of the HC Honor Guard.

By now, most people had rezzed, most of them. I still needed to "cover some butts" in the editing room.

The lighting was best viewed at Midnight. We caught up with Cynthia.

MamaP Alter (AlterP Beerbaum) was among those dancing to the music.

Visible at times were scenes of fireworks.

 In the back of the sim behind the castle was a "Road to Recovery."

It was a path with a number of obstacles.

But persistence eventually overcomes them.

For those interested, the "Road to Recovery" is still up, at least for now.

A video of the event was made, and pictures can be found on the RFL Flickr page, including Ishtarkiss's Kickoff album.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Look At One Billion Rising

By Gemma Cleanslate

The weekend was busy with many activities and events that had to do with Valentine Day and love across the grid. I spent most of my time over at One Billion Rising greeting visitors to this event that tries to bring into focus issues that affect women in so many ways in everyday life . I showed you the family in crisis in Sunday article. This is the family in the future when Covid is done.

This year the theme was Gardens.  “The global climate crisis continues to affect communities around the world, but women and girls suffer the most as a result of long term loss of livelihood, forced migration, trafficking and other climate related conflicts. Indigenous populations everywhere have also suffered gravely – displaced and forced to flee and relocate – making them the world’s first climate refugees.”  Amazing to see that even Climate puts women again at the most risk along with all the other issues.  It reminds us all we don’t always realize how many issues there are affecting women everywhere all the time.

The entire four regions were  full of beautiful and diverse gardens to roam and enjoy and reflect on the peace and relaxation that gardens bring in times of stress and perhaps despair.

Many of the artist installations demonstrated their view of gardens and women. Daark Gothly made her garden a place “ Untangle The Stories.” She explains this, “The beginning of understanding is Love. Planting Seeds with plenty of Water brings on a Growth that will be shared. As each person untangles the stories of the past: Listen, Say, Hear, Value, Watch, Tell. Growth will begin.” It is beautiful and enchanting to walk through.

Krystali Rabeni  reminds of the reality that still persists in many places around the globe.

At Lampithaler"s installation I stopped to talk with her and do some tai chi.

Over at the Poetry Plaza there were poetry readings . I stopped to hear the Sean... women doing readings. Aoife( Aiofe Lorefield  was reading  at the time. 

The plaza was another lovely garden setting that was a place for meditating and relaxing .

One place I love to visit there every year is the Hall of Heroes.  Here  are life stories of some of those who have fought for women’s rights for many years all around the world. The placards highlight their successes. and honor their work.

Morgan  is an example of one who worked not only in real life but brought her work into sl at the  Care and Hope Center. 

A reminder for all of us by Angela Thespian-Ireland.

Congratulations to the leads of this project every year since 2013. Their behind the scenes work is long and difficult . And thanks to the artists who did the building of the forests and gardens and stage for performers who participated for 24 hours. If you missed this event remember to come next year.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Last Hurrah at Urban Furry

By Bixyl Shuftan

 After several months of operation, the Urban Furry club was closing down. The decision had been made around mid-January, and the final week saw more people than usual dropping by to get a few last looks at the venue. Saturday night would be the final event, starting at 8PM SL time.

It's a sad duty when it comes to having to announce the closing of a great club. Sadly, Urban Furry will be closing after Jan 30. DJane Maliit will be the closing DJ that night. Please, come out, show support and help Whiskey turn the lights out one final time in a great SL furry club that will surely be missed by all. I hope to see you all there.

DJ Maliit played the music that night, with Brandi Streusel as the hostess.

 A number of people would show up this final night, some regulars, a few coming by to wish everyone well.

The Newser first heard about the venue owned by Whiskey (Thorrin Resident) in Summer 2018. It made news that year for it's "Furry Prom" event, taking part in the FCA Halloween Club Crawl, and it's winter area.

But the club would close it's doors in March 2019. About a year and a half later, it would reopen in July 2020. It would make some news in the winter for it's Christmas globe and taking part in the FCA New Year's Eve Club Crawl.

After the event was officially over, people were invited to hop on stage. Some were sans clothing or topless. So a little covering up was needed for this picture. "Thank you all sooooooooo much for joining us." Maliit would say.

From behind, not so much covering up needed.

For some moments, some hung around and chatted.

Then Whiskey began taking the place down, piece by piece.

Before long, it was down to just one prim left, the floor.

When it vanished, people fell down, or they flew.

And everyone left met on the ground.

And there were some final goodbyes before parting. "Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful place," Maliit would say.

So ended the Urban Furry club. But is it truly the end? I've heard some wonder if Whiskey might bring it back sometime in the future. But this is all speculation. For now, all that's left are documented pictures, stories, and memories.

Bixyl Shuftan