Saturday, November 13, 2021

Some Halloween Parties in Second Life

By Bixyl Shuftan

There isn't another time of year quite like Halloween. In real life, there's all sorts of spooky fun parties, and people wear costumes to look like what they want. In Second Life, people can already look more or less what they want to. But the occasion gives them the opportunity to go wild and take on looks they otherwise wouldn't. And of course there are all sorts of haunts.

Some places, such as the Happy Vixen, had a number of Halloween-themed events across the month such as "Orange and Black." The events had been moved to this year's Halloween area as well, the ghost pirate island

And there were the Halloween pranks, like the one I pulled a couple days before Halloween with an avatar I don't usually wear.

[20:09] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident): Bix??
[20:09] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident): There you are :)
[20:09] Bixyl Shuftan: Hey there, I found a scary Halloween costume
[20:09] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident): Wait a minute, you're a human
[20:09] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident) screams in horror
[20:09] Bixyl Shuftan: Heh heh
[20:09] Muertos Okawa (Muertos Ashbourne): OMG!!!!!
[20:09] Bixyl Shuftan: I guess to scary, just a moment
[20:10] Scratch Musikatt (ScratchMusikatt Fox): *Giggles insanely* good costume! That thing's horrofying
[20:10] Clove (VoxDragon Resident): that is scary
[20:10] Bixyl Shuftan: Hey Snowy
[20:10] Muertos Okawa (Muertos Ashbourne): That's super scary
[20:10] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident): Hi Snowy sis
[20:10] Bixyl Shuftan: I think I found a scary Halloween look
[20:10] Muertos Okawa (Muertos Ashbourne): Heyas Snow
[20:10] Now playing: Silver Screen Orchestra - Theme from "The Omen"
[20:10] Snowy AngelBun Lefavre (Skylark Lefavre): Yeah Bix you are scary
[20:10] Bixyl Shuftan: heh heh
[20:10] Snowy AngelBun Lefavre (Skylark Lefavre): hi Penny sis
[20:10] Clove (VoxDragon Resident): hi snow
[20:10] Snowy AngelBun Lefavre (Skylark Lefavre): Hii Clove
[20:11] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident) yanks a gun out and cocks it before aiming it at Bix
[20:11] Penny Shuftan (DeafLegacy Resident): Please... kindly.. change your avatar, Bix bro...
[20:11] Bixyl Shuftan: okay, changing
[20:11] Muertos Okawa (Muertos Ashbourne): LMAO
[20:11] Scratch Musikatt (ScratchMusikatt Fox): set phasers to furrify!
[20:12] Muertos Okawa (Muertos Ashbourne): LMAO 

 Here's a better picture of the avatar in question, taken a few years earlier at a Halloween Club Crawl.

On Saturday October 30, Club Cutlass, the main club of the Sunweaver community, had it's Halloween party.

Well, this guy sure used his brain with his costume.

Xanadu would also have a Halloween Party that night.

A number of places would have events on Halloween Day. This included Virtual Ability.

They were doing the monster mash.

Gentle Heron herself was looking a little green.

The National Space Society would have a small Halloween party.

With some Halloweenish science posters.

The Spooky Strides event, raising money for the Relay for Life, had it's last night. 

Among the performances on the last day and night was by Drum.

The Bouncing Bunny Beach Club would have a "Monster party." DJ Mattie was playing the music.

Trick or treat.

Only some of those attending went into what could be called a monster look. But it was a monstrous good time.

Also having a Halloween party was the Fallout Shelter in the Deadlands. 

Rebel Wolf, aka The Baron, had a good-sized party there.

For a place still recovering from a nuclear war, they were doing pretty good, for one night anyway.

It was quite the Halloween bash. 

Among other places having events were the Furry Fashion Lounge, and the Goblin Cave at Caledon Downs. 

At 5PM SL time, the main event in the Sunweaver community started, the Happy Vixen's Halloween party.

"Alright all you ghouls and gals. Dj Jazz is kicking it off at The Happy Vixen Haunted Island tonight from 5 to 7. Playing all the Halloween tunes and hits.  Everything from old school horror to current. Oh.. and did I mention there's a Fishbowl event happening?  No? Well here ya go then. Dishing out not one but TWO epic prizes this evening awarded out on the top the hour. 2500L awarded out at the first hour and another 2500L at the close of the event. Want in? Simple, be there and be in theme for a Halloween party."

The "Howloween" event was of course at the ghost pirate island area, and drew quite a crowd.

At one point, there were two dozen present, and probably more than three dozen were there at some time in the four hour party.

From 5 to 7PM, DJ Jazzy played the music. From 7 to 9PM, DJ Squeaks did the tunage.

For the first half of the event, the 2500 Linden prize had been boosted to 3000 L, and the usual prohibition against club staff entering was lifted. The prize was split between Aubrytia Resident (Nikkita Sugar Lefavre), ShinyWhiteDragon, and DeniseUnicorn Toonie. For the second half of the event, the 1000L prize was split between Piper Pekli and Gil Otaared.

Eventually, it would be time for the ghosts and goblin avatars to be put away for another year, or at least until the "Nightmare Before Christmas" event. But it was a fun event for all. 

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, November 8, 2021

Wedding in Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday, the 6th of November , an event took place that once again merged Second Life and real-life. It was billed as the event of the year and it certainly was. Half of Bellisseria residents and others tried to get to the there  which was impossible. The region filled up as soon as it opened an hour before the ceremony was to take place. I could not get there. 

I moved to a nearby region to try and see the activities and suddenly landed at the foot of the stairs leading to the venue. Magic!

This was the Second Life wedding of the couple, Riot Hax and Kalia Cherry Anatine-Hax (Kalia Anatine). A long romance that began way back in 2007 here and moved to real-life in 2008 is being celebrated finally with an SL wedding. Riot and Kalia met way back then and became friends and then fell  so in love they met in real life and have been together ever since. 

The event was urged on by Patch Linden who was the best man. The site of the wedding is a spectacular site, Community Center for the Fantasy homes.

My laptop could not handle the complexities of the attendees and I saw mostly orange clouds . Fortunately several people sent over some lovely shots of the couple as they announced their vows and after that danced at the reception held in the massive Community Center and environs that  occupy the entire region of Eyrie. Stevie Morane Alexander-Basevi escorted the bride. Dreamer Pixelmaid was the Maid of Honor . Other attendants were Zarah Coronet, Prudence Anton, Cian Wycliffe. 

Halzel Lightworker officiated at the ceremony. Music was provided at the reception by DJ Shamu, Dj Far, and DJ Katie. It was live streamed for those who could not get there in person. At its release I will have a link to it so those who missed it all and those who would like to see will be able to do so.

I went back Sunday to really see the whole region without lag. I understand that the region Eyrie will be rearranged for Community Center  now that this event is over. Watch for its return soon . The Moles, Patch, the organizing group are to be congratulated for all their work . I know they had fun at the event too!

Thanks to Mandy (BatMandy Aftermath) and Gingir Ghoststar for helping with photos.

You can find more pictures on Flickr:

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween in Bellisseria

By Bixyl Shuftan

So what's the Linden Home continent, Bellisseria, offering for Halloween? As these homes aren't as modifyable as places on the mainland, some might thing not very much. But actually there is. The Lindens have a fun game going on. Plus there are a couple fun places to see.

A few days ago, we reported on the "Great Trick or Treat Event," which was about to take place. Taking a peek the first night, I went ahead and grabbed a HUD for the trick or treating. As I was in the Belliserian community group, I didn't have long to wait to find to place as homeowners were letting people know their place had a pumpkin and giving a SURL. 

Some places had decked out their homes for Halloween as well. One had a mockup of the Belliserian Slenderman, and the homeowner was nearby a chainsaw, which encouraged me to make a quick retreat after getting the candy. But not everything went as planned. Sometimes I'd end up inside the house  Another thing that went wrong from the sound of Belliserian group chatter was some homeowners didn't deactivate their security systems, which they weren't supposed to have to begin with. The result was a number of trick or treaters getting thrown out, getting a trick instead of a treat.

Despite the mishaps, some people were racking up some good candy scores. Already I've heard of a few claiming to have gotten over a hundred, so the competition for the ten "deady bears" is intense. But others are just going about at their own pace. One guy commented the Trick or Treat event was giving him the opportunity to explore the Linden Home continent and what it offered.

Besides the Trick or Treat going on, the Haunted Neighborhood from last year is back in the Millbank sim. The place is just as creepy as I remember it. One thing I forgot to mention last year was the haunted balloon tour. Just grab the red balloon and hang on as it takes you for a spin around the creepy neighborhood while taunting you, "Two paths diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one where people die... BAHAHAHAAH!!!" But eventually you land, "Darn... another survivor. This is going to ruin my 1 star Uber rating."

Picking up the flashlight from the table is recommended as it gives you a little light to see, and there are plenty of creepy and goulish sights from one house with a carnivorous plant making sickening slurping sounds, another with a creepy doll collection, a house that outright explodes with the sounds of people screaming, and more. 

Some people were traveling in groups, possibly for security. Though one group I encountered while exploring didn't appreciate the "creepy fox" around. I should note that sometimes lag will cause people to slow down a little, especially when there's a lot of people at the sim, which can make things a bit nerve wracking when you're trying to leave a place that really gave you the willies.

Oh, and you can now get a Bellisseria stamp here.

 Millbank (217/38/23).

At the Bellisseria Fairgrounds, "Hammieween II" is taking place. Advertised as being "presented by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary," with two hamsters in costume on the event advertisement, this place is less scary, and more spooky fun than your run of the mill Halloween happening.

Hammieween takes place in a skybox well above Bellisseria Fairgrounds. It starts off as a walk through a spooky trail, then leads to a party area made up of stones and slimy spaces, with a DJ booth with coffin-shaped speakers. There's also a haunted house that looks abandoned with much of the place crumbling and a ghost in the bathroom. But the black cat in one place suggests maybe someone's been coming by.

 Bellisseria Fairgrounds (163/208/617). 

Before wrapping things up like an Egyptian mummy, when checking the map over Bellisseria, I happened to notice an orange spot on the map. When going online and heading over, it turned out to be one homeowner trying to be The Great Pumpkin. 

That's it for now from the Linden Home continent. If you have any trick or treating tales, or any other Halloween story, feel free to write a reader submission about it. For now, Happy Halloween, in Second Life and real life.

Bixyl Shuftan