Monday, March 20, 2023

More St. Patrick's Shenanigans And An Art Exhibit

 By Gemma Cleanslate

I spent St. Patrick's Day at a couple events that were fun for the celebration. My first stop was over at The River where an all day dance was in progress for the benefit of The Relay for Life.

 Huge beer mugs sat on the stage where two avatars, ʂȾ.βunny ԋҽʅʅϝყɾҽ Vαլεητϊno (mikiablaze Resident) and ĐŔŨŚĨĻĻÀ ĎĄŔĶĐŔĄĞŐŊ  (drusilla03 Resident) were ready to sacrifice them for their team. I quickly grabbed a baseball and dunked both L.! The team, At The River ,  of which Selene (selene Jashan) is a member held this event. All were dressed in green, of course. It was a great time with good tunes  while I was there.

Next I made my way over to The Bellisseria Fairgrounds. After I made my way through the forest I found the magnificent party area built by Gracie (GracieAustinn) Resident, and sponsored by one of the  many active groups of Bellissera, The Bike Drive Scoot Group.

FAR (fwdfwd Farslider) a well known DJ in SL who usually holds a Friday Party at his place was DJing here today, playing really  fun tunes of Ireland. Some from the bars, and some from the streets and some from the choirs of Ireland.

Again most were dressed in green and sporting the gifts from the stage, a ”yay” that produced shamrocks and gold coins that floated through the air. In the same gift box was a great mug of port beer like Guinness . Other food and drink offerings were at the side table.

The Hammies both were there having a great time as I danced by. The dance floor was littered with gold coins but I could not grab any. There were rainbows but no leprechauns that I could find or catch.

Gracie looked lovely in her costume .

Nearby there was a beer delivery truck and  I caught Diamond Marchant , a well known builder in Second Life, slugging a long drink of beer  out of  a faucet at the back of the truck . It was a great party and was still going on as I wandered off to real life. Another whole year before we find what St Pat’s day will hold for us in SL again.

Saturday Morning I attended  a Virtual World Best Practices in Education pre event field trip to view a wonderful exhibit , The Magical Forest” It is truly a lovely installation don’t miss it. Jessamine2108 has written a story and then created show boxes for each chapter. One can read the story or one can listen to an audio version.

Visitors can also add some effects to the display . All the directions are there at the entrance. It was a wonderful visit and all enjoyed the offered by the creating artist. The creator, Jess  describes it as “This is the implementation of a metaphorical story about climate change. It tells about a story of a young man, who is chosen to go into a magical forest to explore and bring back information so that the forest can be used and creatures destroyed for humans' greed. The story is implemented in 11 scenes, which are interactive and tell each part of the story. The user will be taken along a road that contains these scenes.”

Jess  accompanied us through it. She also pointed out other parts of the landscape that added to the story. It will be open until the end of the month. The story may not be ended, we will see. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The "Love Train" And "Hug A Linden/Dunk A Linden/Spank A Linden"

By Bixyl Shuftan

February 14 was Valentines Day, an unofficial holiday for love and romance. Many places such as clubs had Valentine-themed events. Linden Lab would have two that day, the "Love Train" and "Hug A Linden/Dunk A Linden."

On Tuesday, February 14 starting at 12pm SLT, join us on the Love Train!  
The Moles will be running trolleys all along the Eastern Loop of the Bellisseria Railway. The primary departure point is Muehlenbach Station, but residents can hop on from any station as the trolleys go by. The trolleys will run in both directions along the route, stopping in Allrutti Station just outside of Newbank for residents to disembark.
On Tuesday, February 14 starting at 12pm SLT, join us on the Love Train!  
The Moles will be running trolleys all along the Eastern Loop of the Bellisseria Railway. The primary departure point is Muehlenbach Station, but residents can hop on from any station as the trolleys go by. The trolleys will run in both directions along the route, stopping in Allrutti Station just outside of Newbank for residents to disembark.

So on February 14 at just before Noon, I tried hopping over. But there was a slight snag. The region was full. Me and a few others were looking at the station from the outside.

With so many residents, many took a while to fully rezz, "Am I the only one who sees everyone on the train station as naked?""Half of em are nakey for me." "Well, they are sort of half rezzed, half transparent and generally a mess. Not a pretty sight, despite them being naked." "So you're saying I could get naked, and people wouldn't know if I was being debauched or just not rezzing properly?"

Being a Linden or Mole didn't always help you be seen.

But as time went on, people started to rezz, including Zady Bury, noted for her "Drivers of SL" videos.

Kristen Linden was looking a little "metal."

Eventually, a trolley showed up, and people started getting on.

Someone else rezzed a small locomotive and flat railcar.

A friend called me over to check something, and coming back I was able to get in the sim.

And onto the train station. Adora Mole would tell people, "... hop on. This is the last train of the day."

One guy chuckled, "You guys should totally come put a train on my sim (laugh) This is cool."

I got a seat next to Wendi Linden.

But as the train went through a sim crossing, well, not even Lindens are immune to hiccups, and Wendi got knocked off.

So did Adora Mole.

Others got knocked off as well. Somehow, I stayed on. Those knocked off soon got back on.

I would end up sitting between Lulabell Linden and Adora, the rodentlike tiny Mole sporting a chainsaw. Watch out! Adora Mole just yanked the starter on her chainsaw. I asked what was with that, "Too many 'the lag is so thick, you can cut it' jokes?" Someone saw it only when I pointed it out, "I had to get out of mouselook to check out the chainsaw, hahahah!"

Adora would then change seats, onto the one next to the brake, and putting her woodcutter/weapon from hell away, "I put it away.. I can't drive and hold on to it. Want me to try? ... Soooo.. you all want this to be a Love Train or a Love train of TERROR??!!" She got her chainsaw out again. My response was to muse, " I recall cows used to be a problem blocking trains. Is that what the saw is for? Getting rid of cows on the tracks and free beef?" "Yes... and hamburgers served afterward."

Sparkling Mole ended up on top of the train.

One guy had wrestler's championship belt and a boquet of roses. I figured he was either someone was going to his sweetheart after a match, or got something off Marketplace to look impressive. He would later say he was a wrestler at at Vitality arena.

The train continued on.

At one point, Adora had some trouble, "I can't figure out how to NOT sit on Kris' lap! (laugh) Stopping the train for a moment... going to try to get  off the passenger's lap (grin)."

Our trip took us through a tunnel. With our trip taking us below water level, Adora mused, "just make sure you return all towels and snorkels at the end of the ride."

And out.

We passed an area where the Linden Homes were still in development.

Going through a marshy area.

And finally, the trip was over, with everyone getting off. Grumpity Linden was there, "So sad, it ditched me at the station!" Adora would comment, "I didn't have to cut anyone up with my chainsaw!! It's a good day! ... Hope everyone enjoyed the ride!"

Next, it was onto the Isle of View, for "Hug A Linden/Dunk A Linden."

Gemma Cleanslate was there.

So was Serenity Kitty.

And so was the mouse mole Squeaky Mole.

Zada Bury was here as well, along with many Lindens and Moles.

 Including Patch Linden.

Someone was wondering why Cupid Linden wasn't getting hugs. So I gave her one.

Besides hugging Lindens and Moles, one could dunk them.

Adora Mole was among voulentering to take a bath.


Someone appeared as a chocobo from "Final Fantasy 7."

Grumpy Mole was there.

Patch was more than happy to chat with the residents.

Then at one point, I heard a *SMACK* noise. Looking around, I saw Patch on the ground, but only for a couple seconds. He'd been talked into putting on a spanker, and someone swatted him.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long before it happened again. Others were slapping him in the behind as well. Even one of the Moles got into the act.

I eventually had the chance to try out the dunking booth, when Abnor Mole was seated there.

Grumpity Linden also took a try.

 And got her bath.

Cosmic Mole was there too.

And joined the ranks of the damp.

Ran into Pantera Polnocy there as well.

It was a fun "Hug and Dunk A Linden." Though thanks to Patch's going "above and beyond the call of duty," it became known as "Hug, Dunk, and Spank A Linden."

Zada Bury would do a video of the two events, including Patch Linden's deriere getting a smacking.

Happy Valentines Day
Bixyl Shuftan