Friday, May 30, 2014

Raglan Shire's Art Show

The weekend of May 24th and 25th were the last official days of the Raglan Shire art show. For those who don't know, Raglan Shire, and it's neighboring several sims, are the home of Second Life's most well known "Tiny" community. Most whom have been in Second Life for a while have seen them, these small avatars just a few feet high. Those of the Raglan community are known for their lighthearted ways, playfully greeting one another in ways like beeping one another on the nose, cheer at the sight or mention of waffles, and have a seemingly complete absence of drama (probably because they're too busy having fun). While some might find them a bit silly, others find them a delight to be around and find their cheerful manner contagious.

On Saturday the 24th, I dropped in as a music concert was going on. Two "biggies," as tinies sometimes call human (and furry & neko) avatars, were performing for a crowd of tiny locals and normal-sized visitors. Grif Bamaisin and Drutim Bates sung on stage for the crowd, "luvs da Live Musicians." When it was over, the tinies cheered, and invited others to see the art show while it was still up, "yay for raglan!!! yay for art!!!!!" There was also an air combat match elsewhere, "Jay iz dog fightin in planes - wants to go?" The musicians left in good spirits, "Thanks again everyone - you guys are great to play to."

While there, I ran into Zayn Till, the magistrate. He greeted me, "Helloz Bixyl (smile). Good day to come! last day of Artwalk." Asking him how it turned out, he answered, "It has been wonderful (smile), so much fabulous art, YESH!"

Zayn turned to a nearby artist, "Skyblue, loved your watercolors." When I asked which art had gotten the most attention, he wasn't sure, "with so much art that would be impossible.. its all about self expression and art of coursed.. is subjective. You'd have to walk about and see yourself. (smile)" One local nearby suggested, "Esops fables on Athen's Shire?? The giant flower with book pages for petals on Morning Shire, or the giant carrot sculpture on Heron?? We'll go see it all! hah!" "Enjoy the arts!" Zayn would say again, "ART WALK!!! Its INTENTS!!"

There was quite a bit to see. There were a number of paintings exhibited.

There was also a table where visitors could pick up some tiny avatars, outfits, and animations/gestures. Some were for free.

There was more than just paintings, but also 3D sculptures.

One display needed a teleport to get to. It showed a couple in an ever twirling dance. 

Some sims had no, or few, paintings, but just sculptures. 

Black rat magic?

A pink tree? Was there a lorax nearby?

Why do I get the feeling Jack Nicholson is nearby with an axe?

Deep meanings

This was the Aesop's Fables exhibit mentioned earlier.

This was meant to be seen at night.

When artists clown around.

A faceless figure hugging a critter.

Juggling robot bunny.

Just "dragging" along.

Floating ink, as if squirted by an octopus.

Not everything that looked appealing was an art exhibit. The neighborhood itself was nice to look around in, one place having an eye-catching aurora.

This resident obviously wants to "keep it cool" despite the summer.

One resident showed me one of the community trees. Note the acorn elevator.

It'll be another year until the next art show, but Raglan has events every month. And Saturday May 31, the Giant Snails drop by for their cross sim race, taking place on the last Saturday of each month of the Relay season.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, May 23, 2014

Reader Submitted: Relay Rockers' Relaystock - A $1.5 Million Linden Weekend

This past weekend the Relay Rockers hosted Relay Stock a multi-team event headlined by the conclusion of the team's Celebrate Remember Fight Back Top DJ Competition.  The event which raised more than L$1.5 million, was held in Relay dAlliez, the team's Relay For Life dedicated sim. The sim was transformed to a 60s era outdoor rock festival complete with Hippie VW buses, tie-died tents and yep.. Mud!

More than 30 teams participated with vendors and kiosks galore.  Teams hosted DJ shows on the event's concert stage and the sim was filled to capacity almost all weekend!

On Saturday afternoon the Rockers took over the stage with the semi final round of their signature CRFB Top DJ Competition.  The event which is in its 3rd year drew 18 DJ's from 14 different teams. Each DJ competed for 'votes' in the form of donations to the RFL kiosk or team convio during a series of 1 hour sets.  The semi finalists were Jay Sparrowtree of Goreans For Life, Chevelley Silentghost of Hearts Hands Hope, Dee Wolfe of the Relay Rockers and Jordan Morgenrote.  Jordan had set a preliminary round record raising more than L$531,000 in 1 hour. The top 2 DJ's would move on the Finals on Sunday. Jay set the bar high, raising L$241,050, but Dee Wolfe responded with L$250,500.  Anticipation was high for another incredible turn out for Jordan, but she withdrew after 15 minutes fighting a major software error that prevented her from continuing..

On Sunday, the festival goers discovered the 'rainmakers' and mud tattoos available for free in the sim, and the skies opened up.  Throughout the day relayers danced in the rain and mud, most eschewing umbrella's.

By 1pm the crowd was again swelling to near capacity and Jay Sparrowtree took the stage for his 2 hour final.  He played many inspiration songs, explaining his reasons to Relay and by the end of his set his total stood at  formidable total of L$370,555.

Dee Wolfe took the stage with a difficult task ahead of her and she opened her set with driving rock n roll.  The 2012 Champ was not going to let up, and donations began to pour in. With 'matching' challenges being announced regularly she quickly passed L$150,000 and again L$200,000.  About 90 minutes into her set she eclipsed the L$300,000 total and her supporters didn’t stop. With still more than 30 minutes remaining her kiosk total soared to L$400,000 and the Trophy was hers. She finished the day with an amazing L$422,501.

The awards ceremony held at the conclusion of the event recognized each Competitor, all of whom received an award.  Ariel Stormcrow, Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas were joined on stage by RFL of SL Event Chair Nikki Mathieson as the team recognized not only the competitors, but also presented special thank you's to Richardina Petty and Kiff Clutterbuck of Junkyard Blues and Sue Peregrine of dAlliez Estates, who hosted preliminary rounds at their Venues.

The 4 Semi Finalists received their awards: Purple Marble trophies topped by a glistening gold microphone.

The 2014 CRFB Top DJ Competition raised more than L$3,333,000 and the top fund raisers were Dee Wolfe, L$933,601; Jordan Morgenrote L$805,801 and Jay Sparrowtree L$726,355.

The weekend finished with a "Bring Your Own Kiosk featuring" Trader Whiplash of T1Radio and his ever popular Time Machine 60's Classic Rock radio show and dozens of happy Relayers dancing in the mud surrounded by their team's Kiosks.

Trader Whiplash

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bay City's Sixth Anniversary

What a hoot!! Sunday May 18 at 12:30, the parade started. Right on time Uccello Poultry led off the celebration of the Bay City 6th Anniversary parade . From the start to finish it was an amazing event. 

Elegant floats took the corners with some trepidation but for the most part made it without a hitch. 

Noise makers and fire abounded. The fire was deliberate. As you know one of the most loved citizens, Ever Dreamscape, passed away so she was dearly remembered during this time. I ear she loved to set fires so in her honor most of Bay City was in flames when I checked in this morning. Fire was prevalent even in the hair of some. 

I took numerous pictures of the citizens and the floats. Marianne Mccann played a huge horn as she marched. Pygar Bu waved the flags proudly. Vic Forcella, with burning hair, announced they had they best team! 

Everyone worked hard on this parade and it was a great one. It terminated at the fairgrounds with enormous lag as everyone rushed into the party area. But finally we got to the dance floor and listened to the music of Christov Kohnke. 

Great fun for all!

Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's Note: Arriving at the tail end of the event, I caught a surprise. One of the Lindens had dropped in: April Linden. "Heya!" she greeted us, "I can't stay long, I just wanted to come see what was goin on and say congrats to Bay City. (smile)" April was in a furry bunnygirl av, which got complements from the crowd, "April, aren't you an adorable little rabbit. Oh and you're a Linden too. Nice to meet ya!"

I had time to ask her a couple questions, "How's Ebbe doing?" "I've only seen him in passing, but seems to be a very nice fellow." "Word has it Ebbe's been encouraging the Lindens to interact with the residents more." "That is correct. (smile)." But she soon had to depart, "Bye everyone!! Yay Bay City!! (smile)" She waved, and ported out.

As the last musician finished his set, Marianne McCann directed everyone's attention to the sky. We then saw fireworks going off. The crowd cheered, "Yay for Marianne!" "(gigglemews) Mari wants BIG BOOM!" "Woot Woot!" "Yaaaaaaaaay!" Marianne called out, "Happy Sixth Anniversary Bay City! ... And to Ever Dreamscape, It was a honor to know you!"

People talked on about the late Ever Dreamscape. Uccie commented, "It was an honor to have Ever sneak into my house and scare the crap out of me. .... we need a Fire Day for Ever. Someone pick one." People suggested her rezzday or her birthday. Uccie reminded, "April 1 is her birthday." So Marianne decreed, "The 1st of April will be Ever's Night."

And so, the place that was built to represent the mid-20th Century North American urban experience had ended it's Sixth Anniversary. This time it was to both celebrate what they accomplished, and to say goodbye to a friend whom would be remembered.

For more pictures, check out ZZBottom's and Daniel Voyager's Flickr accounts.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Scenes From the Relay For Life Fantasy Faire 2014

Earlier this month in Second Life, the Relay for Life's 2014 Fantasy Faire took place. Although the place was set up to sell items for charity, it also got attention for the sims great designs. There were a total of 11 sims, mostly in a circle, setup next to the permanent American Cancer Society sim. Each was an eyeful to see.

The Fairlands Junction was the official entrance to the Faire. One appeared in a small island in a shallow lake with shops around.

To the north was a wooden walkway over a river in a marsh, which led around the sim, leading one west, north, or east.

To the west of Fairlands Junction, and east of American Cancer Society, was the Palace of Tears.

This sim was the scene of some dance parties.

Some events were on a boat in the air.

Which was carried by a dragon.

To the north of Fairlands Junction was the Sanctum sim with a flying palace.

North of Sanctum was the Blackwater Glen.

It was a mix of marshy woods, with wooden walkways providing a path over the water, and clear areas, with shops all around.

North of Blackwater Glen was Mourningvale Thicket.

The place was the darkest of the sims of the Faire, a dark forest, the trees keeping most of the sunlight out.

There were some elements of a dark RP game about, such as this headless body.

East of Mourningvale Thicket was The Faery Court.

The sim had the appearance of a fantasy village, though the west had a touch of dark from being next to the forest.

The east was a brighter shade of green.

Going east from the Faery Court was the sim of Heavenslough.

At both the west and south sides, there was a "Survival Station," where one could pick up a few freebies.

My favorite among them was the backback, with critters in the back. The rat in the cage is waving a flag that says "help."

There were a few more walkways over water, but they also went up and down hills.

And one sometimes went across rock, looking down at waterfalls and trees.

South of Heavenslough was Hopes Horizon, the Dwarfins' sponsored sim.

One went down a stone path ...

To a city of carved stone.

South of Hopes Horizon was Medhir Woods.

The place was simpler, with shops along the stone roads. I noticed places that sold treehouses.

And a magic shopp owned by Zachh Barkley, Second Life's self-professed "King of Magic."

Asperatus started off at the foot of a misty, snow covered mountain.

One went up the slope, and some stairs ...

And into a Steampunkish city in the clouds.

The place seemed to be held up by a combination of balloons and propellers

And it looks like there had been some roleplay going on, " 'The Revenge of Professor Timmons.' In it, the professor has built a treacherous robot, which damages our town’s power center.  They then make their escape to Asperatus.  We townsfolk chase after these miscreants, so there will be lots of excitement, fighting in the streets, and general mayhem going on. In the end, we will capture the bad guys, and there will be a great big celebration on Friday, 9 May.  After which, we will return the evil doers to NeoVictoria to receive their just desserts.”

West of Asperatus was Wiggenstead Moorning, the Tiny-themed sim.

The place reminded me a bit of Mulgore in "World of Warcraft," though instead of on mesas, the shops were placed around floating islands.

But the scenery wasn't just above, but also underneath on the surface.

To the west of this sim was back to the beginning at Fairlands Junction. So this is where the journey in pictures ends. It was quite a well-designed and visually pleasing place.

There are a few other links for Fantasy Faire pics, such as Daniel Voyager, Ciaran Laval, Loverdag, and the Fantasy Faire Photography contest.

There will be other events in Second Life. As I was writing this, the "RelayStock" was taking place, but the memories, and screenshots, of the Fantasy Faire will go on.

Bixyl Shuftan