Friday, October 23, 2020

The Burning of The Man And The Temple Burn

By Gemma Cleanslate

The burning of the Man was super! Lamplighters, builders, Rangers and visitor burners gathered for the procession two hours before noon Saturday and made their way over to the Man structure that was built by Zoran Manray . There was dancing and merriment for the hours until noon and then it was time. 

Everyone backed away to a respectful distance to watch . The outer structure went first.

Slowly smoke appeared here and there and  then crept over the whole body until the entire man glowed orange and red.

The parts began to fall onto the playa until there was little left  and then all approached and danced among the embers. It was a beautiful successful burn.

This is Zoran Manray


Sunday it was time for the Temple. Again it all began with the procession and dancing inside and outside the Temple that was created by Daark Gothly and Planoman. As noon approached all moved to the edge of the region to watch the Temple go. Before the burn began words from the censer appeared in chat. There were the messages left during the week by visitors. Here are some of the thoughts...

“Censer of the Multiverse Temple shouts: Healing of body mind and spirit for myself , friends and family

 "Censer of the Multiverse Temple shouts: I’m quirky I know. I don’t always do things in a traditional way. But I know what’s right. I know how to stand my ground for what I believe to be true. Still, I need Your help dear God. You planted the seed. You nourish me.

"Censer of the Multiverse Temple shouts: Here's to the dream, here's to the forest, here's to the water, here's to the village that reaches for life among them, in harmony and connection, doing no harm.

"Censer of the Multiverse Temple shouts: Bless the many lost and damaged from the virus that changed us all in 2020. May  the suffering, like hot fire make meaningful difference in the world.”

And so many more ....

And Daark Gothly and Pianoman (P1an0man) happily watch their work disappear.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Scenes From Burn2

By Gemma Cleanslate

The Burn2 is open and welcoming all visitors ...”Home” as is the tradition. Getting ready for the big week is a very busy time for all the staff of the Playa. There are schedules to be made for Performances on the several stages, Stage Managers and Hosts to train , builders assigned their plots and so much more.

As a Ranger I had to attend several training sessions to review the Principles and playa rules and get ready to help anyone who needs help during the event. Then out to the playa we went to see if the builders were all set up or needed assistance. It was quite a time before the opening.

Now the roadways are full of fun and awe as visitors enter by the greeters, gathering gifts as they move through the entrance. One of the principles, decommodification , means many gifts and no pay . Builders and staff donate fun items that sit next to the entrance and some place more on their own plots.  

The playa is six regions with a riot of color and charm. Rustic camps much like the real Burning Man playa are scattered about mixed in with massive art installations. There are surprises everywhere.
The people who visit are full of surprises too in their garb and their sense of fun. 

I ride my own horse around the roads but there are two horse rezzers there, one in Deep Hole before the entrance and one out on the playa. Art Cars created for the event are available in Rezzers you will find here and there, one more strange and enticing then the other .. try them!

Here are some visitors and scenes from the event so far. Make sure you save time to visit and don’t forget the gifts! More to come!!

Gemma Cleanslate