Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Rocky Horrid Show Live at the Paramount

By DrFran Babcock

This is just a brief press release/teaser to inform you about The Rocky Horrid Show,  a live show in Second Life™ that recreates the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Maybe you were one of the people who would go to a midnight showing of this cult film every week, or every day. If you were, then you don’t need an explanation of the phenomena, but for those of you who are Rocky Horror virgins here’s a bit about it in a nutshell: The movie is a pseudo-horror flick in which a straightlaced couple Brad and Janet, need to use a phone because their car broke down, and they knock on the door of Frank N. Furter, a transvestite in the process of creating his dream man. They all loosen up, and have some fun, and you will too if you go. What sets the Rocky Horror Picture Show apart from most other cult movies is that it has become an audience participation event wherever it is shown. Lucky for you, the Paramount Playhouse staff provides you with a folder full of prompts and props, so you don’t have to feel like a noob all over again.

The folks at The Paramount Playhouse have taken on the daunting task of doing this live show. I went to the opening, along with about 50 or more other avatars, and while it was “crashtastic,” the crowd was wholly appreciative. Anyone who has been in SL for any length of time understands the perils of bringing together a crowd for any event. When the actors crashed, the audience danced good-naturedly, and all had a great time.

The choreography, by Starlena Darkfire, who also stars as Frank N. Further, is realistic and sexy. The actors on the stage moved in synchrony, and the effect was quite like a Broadway show. The actors were all good sports, dealing with the lag and crashes. The rest of the cast must have worked very hard as well to pull this off:

Janet played by Victoria Juliette
Brad played by Trailfire
Riff Raff played by Shannon Sittingbull
Magenta played by Lotta D. Campbell-MacGregor
Columbia played by Leann Campbell-MacGregor
Rocky Horrid played by Path Campbell-MacGregor
Dr Evelyn Scott played by  Begonia Oh
Eddie  played by Oodlemi Noodle
The Transylvanians played by  Begonia, Oodlemi Noodle, Sadie Hancroft, Babypea von Phoenix, and Gunner von Phoenix

The show is going to be staged again, December 7 at 7PM. Also, the sim on which the show is staged is an Adult sim, and there is nudity, which I am sure will keep you all away.

For future dates and times of the show:

Group Invite:

SLURL - Adult



By DrFran Babcock

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Dr. Who Anniversary" Dance in Steelhead

At 7PM on Saturday November 22nd, Steelhead held it's "Dr. Who Anniversary" Dance. It was fifty years since the famous BBC science-fiction show first aired. And with time travel being no stranger to Steampunk, The Steelheaders were all set to throw an event any Whovian would be proud of.

Tonight, Steelhead celebrates Doctor Who, Fifty years worth.

A TARDIS has landed in Club Gearz, simply enter the TARDIS (don't worry, K9 is there with instructions), and enter the TARDIS. Ballroom will be to the right.

Fun starts at 7:00 with two hours of Doctor Who related tunes provided by Fuzzball Ortega, with Willow Leafstorm providing the After Party Music at 9:00. Don't be's about a Time Lord, we can travel in time....wait, it's the Doctor we're talking about....

To get to the event, one had to go to Club Gearz in Steelhead Boomtown. There, one would find a Tardis there, which one had to step inside ...

And as any Whovian will tell you, The Tardis looks a *lot* bigger on the inside. I think The Doctor tried to explain how it was to one of his companions, comparing how an object further away from another can appear as big or smaller than a similar but smaller object closer. Still confusing.

But this wasn't the time to get headaches trying to figure out how those things worked. Now was the time to play fun music and dance. And there was no shortage of themed avatars. Some were familiar to casual fans, such as the Fourth Doctor's outfit with the trademark scarf and the Cyberman. Others less familiar, such as the Weeping Angels. And on the walls of the Tardis, there were portraits of all but one of the eleven Doctors.

There was also a tiny-sized steam powered Dalek, although being a Tiny, it was devoid of the hate normal Daleks are known for.

And to casual fans, it wasn't always certain what was a Whovian costume, and what was Steelhead funnery.

One of the more unusual Dr. Who avatars was one of Cassandra, the self-proclaimed "Last Human" in the year Five Billion, whom was little more than a brain in a jar, and a face in the middle of her stretched skin, which had to be repeatedly moisturized by attendants, "Moisturize Me!" Her arrogant manner gets her some Michael Jackson jokes from The Doctor's companion.

Superman (Kalel Venkman) also showed up to join in the dancing.

Fuzzball Ortega, still in his purple skin from the Relay for Life season earlier this year, was the DJ for the event, mixing Dr. Who music with other sci-fi themes and other tunes. TotalLunar Eclipse was also there with Tensai Hilra.

And it wasn't long before the party had some crashers, in the form of a bunch of Daleks. But these were of two different kinds, "Imperial" and "Renegade." The result was the robotic villains ignoring the others and going after one another, resulting in a pile or blown up robot parts with the Steelheaders not getting a scratch.

A good time was had by all that night. Unfortunately since it was held in the Tardis itself, they couldn't go back in time to experience it again.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, November 8, 2013

Last Look at Burn2

Burn2, the last of the big yearly events in Second Life, officially ended late in the evening of Sunday October 27 after the Burning of the Temple and the final few DJ parties. But the builds could remain up for about a week afterwards. While some artists cleaned up a little early, others left their exhibits for others to see. And there were quite a few things.

Dropping by a few days after the last event, many exhibits were still shining brightly.

A van, bringing in water and pipes. 

"Communing with John Frum," this thingy was actually a tattoo dispenser.

A spooky-looking cemetary and mad-scientist lab.

Much of the build was made of of freebies, made available in dispensers outside.

Burn2 is known for it's amusing toilet designs. Although not truly needed in Second Life, they can inspire a chuckle.

Sunday November the third was the last day to see the exhibits before they were to be picked up. Among the builds, the wreckage of The Temple, still smouldering  from it's burning a week before.

One of the mutant vehicles.

Later in the day, I sent my alt Rezzdammit to see more. Among the first things he noticed was a gathering of Burners. They were having one last bash that night.

They had quite a bit of fun, dancing away presumably late into the night.

Not far away from the Burners was this  interactive exhibit.

The exhibit was also a ride. Getting in, one would end up in a plastic ball and launched down the tubes.

Telling a story, next to a cardboard cutout of Rod Linden.

Inside a cannon, ready to be fired elsewhere in the area.

Tentacle attack!

 One of the "flying pig" builds, resembling a rusty technological craft.

Now *this* was one of the funniest things I'd seen at the Burn: a port-o potty with a disco dance ball. Of course it quickly got cartooned.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guy Fawkes Night

 November 5 was Guy Fawkes Day in Great Britain,  and in Britannia Village in the Green Park sim the residents held a "Bonfire Night" party. The music started at 1PM SL time.

 There was even an avatar names Guyfawkes Redgrave, though he was most likely an alt used for this time of year. He ended up on the bonfire.

Some of the partiers also dressed by like Guy Fawkes, both with the mask made famous in the movie "V For Vendetta," and without. Among the people there was one British lady whom had come to Second Life that very morning. For her, the party was a blast.

 Britannia Village also caters to Dr Who fans. One tossed a Dalek into the bonfire.

 And someone was using fire gestures at one point, spreading flames all around. No avatars got singed of course.

Britannia Village wasn't the only place holding a Guy Fawkes Night party, There was also one at Club Zero Gravity, with DJ Reactor spinning the tunes. With the furry avatars, there were a few "Guy Fox" jokes.

Bixyl Shuftan