Thursday, January 14, 2021

Various Events on New Year's Eve

 By Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday December 31 2020 was New Year's Eve, and the day and night for everyone to tell the old year goodbye and welcome in the new one. 2020 had been a tough and hard year in real life with much tragedy and drama, and many were very glad it was over and hoping/praying 2021 would be much better.

One of the big events was a series of smaller events, the Furry Club Alliance Club Crawl. It was an ambitious undertaking of six clubs having events back to back from twelve hours from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight.

The crawl started at the newest of the FCA clubs, the Bouncing Bunny Beach Club, or BBBC.

Yours truly was there in my newer fox avatar, with a New Year's top hat.

DJ Maliit, on the far left, was playing the tunes.

The winners of the contest were Lycill Shiriki-Elysian (diwowo Resident) and Mr.Fox da'Alenfey  (Spooked Dreamscape), who split the 2000 Linden prize.

At the Ark around this time, DJ Tantari was playing some tunes for the crowd there.

Virtual Ability held a New Year's party of their own at this time as well.

There were a few comments about the change from 2020 to 2021, with this display showing a bottle of hand sanitizer in place of the "1."

"Happy New Year 2021 in Athens.  2020 begone and don't darken our doorway again."

Fireworks rang out to mark the arrival of the new year in part of the world.

At 2PM SL time, the Club Crawl moved to Club Zero Gravity,

DJ Mallit spun the tunes at the "Party among the stars" for the new year.

The winners of the contest were Dusk Griswold and Perri Prinz.

4PM SL time was when the Club Crawl moved to Urban Furry.

The club is currently the sole one in the FCA not part of the Sunweaver community, so it got plenty of new people dropping in.


 DJ Snowbuns played the tunes for the event.

The big winner of the contest was Valkyrie "Ice" McGill, who took home 500 Lindens. Second and third place went to Noc (Nocturnal23 Resident), and Rose

6PM was when Club Cutlass had it's turn in the Club Crawl in a rare Thursday event.

 There were a few party favors people could grab.

Cynthia Farshore was the DJ for the event. Shockwave Yareach had a hat that read, "Burn in Hell 2020."

The winners of the contest were Andrew Foxian Arctic (AndrewFoxianArctic Resident), and Perri Prinz.

8PM was when the Club Crawl headed on to Club Xanadu, the Sunweaver's classic rock club.

DJ Christine played the music for the party. 

The winner of the  500L prize was Gil Otaared. Afterwards, she and a few others loaded the 'sploader, and it showered people with cash.

Also at this time was Caledon's New Year's party at the Goblin Cave in Caledon Downs.

Cynthia Farshore, the owner of the location, DJed the music for the event.

Pictures from Cynthia Farshore.

Mieville would have a "Black and White" New Year's ball that night as well.

"A formal occasion... gorgeous gowns for the ladies, 'penguin' suits (tuxedos) for us men."

The Mayor's assistant, Wyvvy the Snugglefox (Wyvern Dryke) danced away with the larger avatars.

Finally at 10 PM SL time, it was time for the last of the FCA New Year's Eve parties, taking place at the Happy Vixen beach club.

Before the party, a "prim drop" had been set up to go down at one minute to midnight.

DJ Snowbuns would play the last music the club would hear in 2020.

The theme was "Dog and Pony," with a 5000L prize.

At Bay City, they would have their own event in the North Channel Fairgrounds.

They called it the "Prim Drop", with their prim to go down at a minute to Midnight.

The place was packed, so there was a bit of lag, and gray, in my viewer. 

Among those at the party were Marianne McCann, GoSpeed Racer, and April Linden.

Back at the Happy Vixen, at 11:59 PM SL time, the big prim started to lower.

Getting closer to the ground as the final seconds of 2020 ticked away.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

Zero, and Happy New Year. 

The winner of the contest with Piper Pekli, whom took home 5000 Lindens.

It was an event-filled New Year's Eve, and what we hoped would be a great start to a new year.

Bixyl Shuftan