Friday, January 31, 2020

Reader Submitted: American Cancer Society Holds Open House and Ribbon Cutting

By Cynthia Farshore

On Sunday January 26 the Relay For Life of Second life held an Open House and Ribbon Cutting to celebrate the re-opening of the American Cancer Society Campus with a new and much improved sim that was later followed by a special live broadcast of Relay Rap"ACS Day" on T1 Radio. The event started at 12 noon SLT with the open house. The American Cancer Society Campus is a new full estate sim with Information Center, Hope Haven Support Group Building, Events Information building,Catt Gable Memorial Garden,and even an ACS Museum plus more.All is set out in a large open environment and in sections making it easy to go directly to what you are looking for.There is a lot on the sim and you will spend some time covering it all.For a relayer certainly worth it. There were volunteers around to answer questions and give tours.

One of the most touching parts of the campus is the Catt Gable Memorial Garden. It's simple but charming with pictures on easels placed in a square on square multi-layer platforms with just enough plants to add a garden environment. Touching the pictures will give you a note card telling you information about the person. A sign as you enter the memorial garden allows you to place a candle or flowers at the memorial of your choosing that will last for 30 days. If you wish to erect a memorial in honor of a person who has died from cancer contact Zander Greene, ACS Memorial Garden Curator.

 While walking through, I found the picture of Artistic Fimicloud, who was one of the Sunweaver community members we lost to cancer. I took a picture, and afterwards I realized it's like she's looking at me as if saying 'Don't forget me.' And seeing that the old team, the Passionate Redheads, has carried on to become the Sunbeamers. No Fimi, you are not forgotten, and we have not quit the fight.

At 3PM SLT people gathered on the roof of the Hope Haven Building and the Ribbon Cutting began with Stingray Raymaker, who is the American Cancer Society Staff Director for the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life of Second Life performing the ribbon cutting.

 After 30 minutes of small talk and more coming to take a seat the relay staff sat on a stage and T1 Radio personality Trader Whiplash opened the stream.

For around an hour and a half,they spoke about the things to be found in the various buildings including relay tools, banners, lots of info, and personal interaction with caregivers and survivors. They covered what the relay has done over the years in Second Life which has lead up to over one billion Lindens donated! Then the plans and schedule for this year was discussed. There was much to cover since this year everything is much earlier than prior years. Events included the Home and Garden Expo coming in February and the Fantasy Faire coming in April.

For more information concerning the Relay for Life of Second Life check out the web site at -

You listen to Relay Rap on Sundays at 3:30pm SLT during Relay season on these channels.
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Cynthia Farshore

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wedding at Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

Bellisseria had its first wedding . It was quite an event. The festivities started at 11 am slt with music for those gathering early. By the start of the ceremony  at 12 at the lovely venue arranged for it there were 65 at the fairgrounds site.

The decor was lovely and arranged so well for such a special day.

The groom is Red Daidig. “True love is not measured in hugs and kisses, but in struggles and fears, and those who can work though those...they possess true love". , he says of his lovely Second Life wife, Ravyen Daidig (Ravyen Woodward). She says of him, ”What can I say."  

But from the Fire, 
Is  born anew. 
A creature beloved,
To stand by you.

They did not say that today but some years ago.  A storybook meeting on the day he decided to leave Second Life if nothing inspired him. However a newbie arrived needing help and so he did. And so it began. A relationship that lasted not only in Second Life, but they married in real life in August 2015. They wanted to be married here in Second Life for a while and finally it has come true for them. They are among their SL friends here and wanted them to be part of their happiness in witnessing their vows.

 Patch Linden officiated at the wedding, telling us their story and reading their vows.

“Do you Red , vow on this day to love and support Ravyen, to grow , to have and  to hold through trials and tribulations, together, forever?”

“Do you Ravyen, vow on this day to love and support Ravyen, to grow, to have and  to hold through trials and tribulations, together, forever?”

The answer was yes from both, of course, and Patch then told them  to seal it with a kiss and they did.
It was a short and sweet and lovely ceremony.

On to the Party! The party went on  for several hours after the ceremony was over.

Patch and Squeaky Mole danced and danced with us all and had a great time!

I am just afraid that Patch will now have to take the second job of officiating all bellisseria weddings. Look out Linden Lab.

To see flickr shots of the wedding check out ZZ Bottom’s page.

image credit: Rebellah Antoinette D'Arcy (Deloreen Resident)

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, January 3, 2020

Some New Year's Eve Events in Second Life

By Bixyl Shuftan

It's now a new year and a new decade. And all around Second Life, people celebrated New Years Eve at different places.

Club Cutlass held it's New Year party early, on Saturday night December 28.

There were party favors, notably hats, people could pick up and wear.

There was an extra large prize, 5000 Lindens, up for grabs for the top male and top female New Year's look. Shockwave Yareach won the prize for the men. For the women, it was a four way tie. This was one of only two times a Cutlass contest had five winners in recent years.

Sunday night, December 29, was the Holiday staff party for Nydia Tungsten's White Vixen Enterprises. Normally, the DJs, hostesses, and other folks considered staff can't enter contests. But this was one party in which they could. It was held in the ballroom of Mouse Hole Manor.

DJ Snowbuns (Skylark Lefavre) was the DJ for the party, which went on for three hours. The prize would be split between Aubrytia Resident (Nikkita), Ranchan Weidman, and Nydia.

I can't remember what theme Eternal Desires had on Monday Night, December 30, but this guy was in the mood to bring back the "Roaring 20s."

Tuesday Night, December 31 was the big night, and many places had celebrations. This included Montecito Bay at the Magnum Opus.

"The Moff" played tunes for his audience there while doing crux dances on stage.

Another place was T1 Radio's Arinultra Cay, which really decorated their pier for their "Rockin' New Year's Eve" party.

Netara Landar, a former writer at the Newser, was hosting at a club doing a live music event.

Virtual Ability had a small party, with a conversation that got interesting at times, "I look at the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey and we aren't quite there yet, by a long shot." "Who thought the 21st century would suck this bad." "No PanAm flights to the moon." "Not even a flying car."

As it turned out, there are flying cars, at least in Second Life. "There's a lot of good that's happened in this century, and a lot that's gone wrong that hopefully can be put right."

For the Sunweavers/Angels, there would be no scheduled party at either the Happy Vixen or Club Cutlass. Instead they and the people of Caledon partied at the Goblin Cave in Caledon Downs.

 Duchess Cynthia Farshore invites everyone to celebrate the coming of the 20's at the Goblin Cave! Starting tomorrow around 7 PM SLT, that's one hour till midnight east coast, on till it passes the west. Wear what you want but be fun and come styled in the 1920's. Hopefully this party no one will crash it at the end. ..but there may be some explosions!

Cynthia played the music for the party, in which the suggested wear was fashion around the 1920s. So it was more "Dieselpunk" than steampunk.

And the party had it's own ball drop. Ten seconds before every hour, it would start to lower, and once at the bottom, it would ring in the New Year in another time zone with a few fireworks.

Bay City would have it's own New Year's party, the Prim Drop at the Bay City Fairgrounds. As it took place at 11 PM SL time, not everyone from the East Coast and Midwest could stay up that late. "Rawring 20's about to begin at Bay City!"

Among those at the party was everyone's favorite Linden bunny, April Linden. "It's rare that I can manage to stay awake past midnight."

There was no shortage of chatter, and jokes, "Hide your alcohol from the bay city police.  The 20s are about to start." "Who's gonna clean up all of the confetti THIS year?" "Not me.  i'll be hiding behind the prim."

 Eventually, the final moments of 2019 arrived, and the prim slowly went down the pole.

And with the clock striking 12, 2020 had officially arrived in Second Life. Marianne McCann would announce that their total for fundraising for the Childs Play charity was L$217,000. "Here's to Bay City, Second Life, and especially to everyone who makes this such a special place every day! Second Life is as good as its people, and y'all are gold!"

It was a brand new year, and a brand new decade.

Bixyl Shuftan