Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Scenes From the Belliseeria Valentine's Cruise

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday February 12, there was a boating event organized by Linden Lab, the "Valentine's Love Boat Cruise." The idea was for people to sail in boats through the river and lake cutting through the Linden Home continent, and either stop at the Bellisserian Fairgrounds, or circle around the large island sometimes called "The Pickle," and then then stop at the Fairgrounds.

Yours truly had a particular look for the occasion, this being a Valentine's-themed event.

 The event was supposed to start in the Campwich Forest sim. But it was full to the point I couldn't get in, at first. 

I thought I saw a Linden or Mole on my minimap, but couldn't make out who it was.

This boat was very much decked out for the holiday.

With the lag, an occasional boat went airborne.

One guy was dancing on top of the water. 

Eventually enough people left Campwich Forest so I could get in. There was a board with a map of the cruise route, plus clicking on it gave a notecard with some information. I had heard somewhere one could get a free boat, but it wasn't from here. 

It was next to some docks where one could rezz boats.

I rezzed my own sailboat, and got in.

As it turned out, one of the freebies at the "Shop and Hop" was a boat. So someone unpackaged and rezzed one. 

Some people patiently waited their turn, either to rezz their own boat, 

Or perhaps just wanted a ride with someone who had one.

I was soon on my way, and once in the next sim over could increase my draw distance.

With the lag, boats often rezzed well before their owners.

It wasn't too long before the river led into Bellisseria's lake. 

I temporarily cranked up the draw distance, and the shore came into view. 

And into the river to the lake's north.

Bridge ahead.

This boat took a stop.

And sailing past the bridge and boat.


A short AFK moment due to real-life led to my boat going to the shore.

Another boat passing.

This boat was huge. 

A WW2 PT boat, with the VICE combat system. The joke was, they could handle any griefers around.

There were two of them, and ended up running into one another. 

 With the lag, this lady fell off the boat she was on. I messaged her if she wanted a lift. She told me her ride was on her way back.

These two ladies were watching the show from their amphibious vehicle.

This woman's tag was from a cyclist group. She traded her bike for a kayak today.

And out into the ocean.

Near one island, I saw a helicopter.

And the two on this boat were in a party mood.

Another slow to rezz boat crew. 

Getting close to the Fairgrounds, one detailed boat I saw didn't rezz completely.

Bunk beds and other details were visible from the outside.

Approaching the dock.

But getting off ended up with the boat de-rezzing, and me in the drink.

As it turned out, the sim where the party was in was full. So I could only see in from outside.

With the numbers, not everyone was rezzing for me.

Mischievous, Abnor, and Moonstruck Mole were among the crowd.

Mischievous was playing the music. The others were dancing away.

I never did get to the party area as I soon had other places to be. But it was still a great time.

Zada Bury, noted for her "Drivers of SL" videos, would also sail the cruise. She did a video of her journey, and got better pictures of the party.

And that was my experience at Bellisseria's Valentine Cruise. But for those who didn't make it, don't despair. The shores of Bellisseria have a number of rezz spots. There's also a Bellisseria boat group one can join. So by all means come by any time and sail away. 

Bixyl Shuftan