Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bellisseria Zoopalooza

By Gemma Cleanslate

Right now there is an event you might like to visit at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The Hammies of Bellisseria arranged this enjoyable zoo and it will be open until April 4. I made a visit Sunday and loved it.

As I entered the zoo I found it very well constructed for viewing the animals in their own habitats. I found the Zoo Keeper, Varistentia Varriale,  sleeping in his little trailer . Hope someone is watching while he rests.The other zoo keeper, TheBellisseriaHamster (JessycaJayne)  was not around. The kiddies will enjoy the children’s play area to the left as you enter.

I walked the path to see all the different wildlife they had collected for the exhibit, from sweet deer , zebras, giraffe, to lions and more. At the giant water tank I found the huge whale jumping and spouting among the smaller schools of fish. When I looked closer I noticed a mermaid, Roary McGillivary swimming among the fish. A surprise in a zoo!

There is a run down broken Tivoli fair  there that looks tempting but just does not work. It is great for taking photos though .  A raccoon family has set up a national park at the foot of the roller coaster .

There is food and drink available at the   Hamburger cafe and Zoo-Palooza Sweet Treats and a nearby  comfort area is available. There will be activities during the week and here is the timeline. https://bellisseriazoopalooza.webnode.com/event-timeline/

As I was leaving I noticed a huge dirigible airship at the landing strip so wandered over to find CAPTAIN (Santor0730 Resident) offering rides circling the fairgrounds and announcing as we passed over the zoo ," below us we have the whalea....there it is.... there they are ... below us “

 We passed over the water , then going to the nearby houseboats and onto  the Victorian regions. I was offered champagne and a menu for the trip. It was most enjoyable with music playing so take the tour if you can.

Here is the entrance to the Zoo . Have fun!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, March 23, 2020

Reader Submitted: A SL Surf Battle Royale

The Triple Crown of Surfing : A SL Surf Battle Royale Promises Fierce
Competition and Fun Across the Grid

By Shiny Journo (NarayanRaja Resident)

A new Second Life virtual surf competition is on the horizon. The contest organized by
Solsty, Kris Marley, and Richie Marley of Surf SL want to discover who has what it takes to be
Crowned the Best Surfer on the Grid.

In an exclusive pre-announcement interview, I met the organizers at one of Second Life’s hottest
and new Surfing and Watersports sim, on the beach of Cohiba Cay Surf Sim. Under Caribbean
skies, we talked about the competition on the shore of a beautiful stretch of white sand beach.
They shared the details of the competition among lush green palms, as set after set of sparkling
and cascading Maoli waves, ripping left and right, roared in the distance.

“Bascially, it’s like battle royale style, I guess!” organizer Kris Marley explained, standing ankle
knee-deep in the shore break laughing. “It’s an elimination over 3 competitions. It starts with
twenty surfers. After the first comp, five competitors are eliminated, and the winner gets a free
ride to the final. The 2nd comp starts with fifteen from the last round, and five more gets
eliminated by the end of this heat. Then there will be a ten-person final, with two heats, five
surfers are discharged after heat 1, and the last five who have survives to go to the final and surf
it out to see who is champion. The final is the Grand Prix.”

The competition is a three-month, multi-board, multi-Sim event. The first heat is April 18th and
takes place at 2pm SLT Cohiba Surf Sim on the newest surfboard in SL, the Sally. The second
competition takes place on May 16th (time and sim to be announced), and competitors will surf
the infamous C3 surfboard for this heat. (time to be announced). The finals and the third round
takes place on June 20th, Cielo. This is a finely crafted sim and set of waves in majestic ruins
you can surf through. It is set adjacent of a five sim Surfing beach island and with contenders
pitted against one another on the classic HP5 surfboard.

Registration for the competition opens April 3rd and closes April 16th. Registration sign-up
boards will be located at the following locations: Cohiba Cay, Bundy Reef, Cielo, Kanaloa

The competition is free to join and completely community funded, with most of the budget
coming from the organizers who happily volunteer their time and resources to the sport and
community they love. You won’t find a way to donate to their cause, they prefer the support goes
to the sims and creators who make virtual surf life possible. They are still seeking experienced
judges and performers for the event, as winners and runner-ups and fans of surfing party all day
on the beach. It’s a great day for spectators too!

No Lindens have been collected, but the organizers hope the Brands and Sims that make Surfing
in Second life possible will be supported. Maoli Waves and Ramps, Cohiba Cay, Surf SL, Cielo,
Umbrella, Bee Designs, The Shack, InkMe, and HP5, are some of the essential terraformers,
makers, and builders that make extreme sport and community experiences possible.

Kris Marley swigs his beer and says, “Sponsors are the kind people who donate and contribute to
our events. Obviously, we don’t ask for any money from sponsors, it is a no money pot we sit
on! We usually pay for everything ourselves, but we like to make sure their (creators and sims)
contribution to surfing are highlighted.”

Solsty, a hardworking, pointy-eared, community organizer, laughs off the financial question,
“That hadn’t even crossed our minds. I’d say donate to the venue or brand. (For us) It’s always
just about bringing the community together, never really crosses our mind about receiving. If
people want to donate, I’d say donate to Cohiba or Maoli or whatever is happening that month?”
When asked if some funding could help propel some new projects, they say it would be nice.
However, they still ground their work in the spirit of generosity and community. “It’s s really
about having fun, surfer, organizer, says Richie Marley Di Vaio, and the passion for surf.”

Look for more official announcements and details today on www.slsurf.com.


Triple Crown Surf Competiton
□ Schedule □
 ▷ April 18th @ 2pm SLT: Cohiba Cay (212,102,22): Sally
 ▷ May 16th @ TBA :TBD: C3
 ▷ June 20th @ TBA : Cielo (37,174,22): HP5
□ Registration Information □
 ▷ Registration Opens: April 3rd
 ▷ Registration Closes: April 16th
□ Sponsors/Contributors □
Brands that have contributed in some way, no Lindens collected:
Maoli Waves and Ramps
Cohiba Cay
Surf SL
Bee Designs
The Shack
□ Available Opportunities □
Judges Needed
Contributors/Sponsors Wanted
 ▷ Barter system preferred

□ Organizers □
Kris Marley
Richie Marley
Solsty Kismet
□ Media □
Surf SL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/636725840069521/
Surf SL Website: https://www.surfsl.com/

Shiny Journo

Monday, March 16, 2020

International Women's Day at The CDS

By Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday March 8 was International Women's Day. It is "a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality." The Wikipedia article stated it's commemoration "ranges from being a public holiday in some countries to being largely ignored elsewhere. In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood."

In Second Life, there would be a celebration of the day at the Confederation of Democratic Simulators.

 There would be several events that day. At 10AM SL time was a performance by the Debauche dancers

The dancers had quite a show.

I dropped in when DJ Babe was playing some music on stage, "a bit over half way through my set so still time to TP in all your friends and enemies."

Besides LRA (Leader of Representative Assembly) Lyubov (20180414 Resident), there were other notable CDS personalities, such as Rosie Gray. Rosie was among those whom had set up the event.

"Welcome everyone, to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators!  If you haven't already, take a turn on the Sharing Wall to the side of the theatre building, and check out the Making Waves display on the history of feminism and the advancement of women, just behind us here on the dance floor."

Another was Lilith Ivory, whom cracked a few jokes, "Obviously my computer is male and wants me to stay home in the kitchen." "Is it mansplaining that to you?" another mused. Lilith answered with a laugh, "It makes me crash whenever I make a wrong move or zoom around."

Lyubov would comment, "Lilith has found a few outfits already today!" Lilith responded, "I was diving DEEP inside of my inventory. Had to as you stole my dress, Lyubov (laughter)." The amused LRA responded, "Hey! I stole it first!" Someone else commented she was going to lock her lingerie drawer.

Behind the crowd was the "Making Waves" exhibit, made by Scylla Rhiadra, "This exhibit chronicles the historical contributions of Feminism to the continuing struggle ... acknowledging the past while looking ahead to the future of the women's movement."

The exhibit traced the beginnings of Feminism to the publication in 1792 of "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" in England. Although women would gain the right to vote in New Zealand in 1892, it wasn't until after the First World War that many Western nations would pass Women's Suffrage. But this was only the first part, or "wave" as the exhibit called it, of the road to equality as other problems remained.

The exhibit would also attempt to answer why those calling for more support for women's rights sometimes find themselves in conflict with one another.

One example was those who saw the idea of freer sexual expression as a threat to women versus those whom felt the right to enjoy sex was important to them.

But one thing all can agree on is violence against women is wrong.

At 2PM SL time, it was Aleykat's turn to get on stage, where she would sing for the crowd.

There were a few other topics discussed, such as the last names issue.

Quite a bit of fun was had.

Others also took some pictures, Sudane Erato, and Lyubov and Rosie Gray (two of these would be used in the article).

Addition: One exhibit that I missed was "The Broken Balance" (picture by Lyubov) an "installation by Sudane Erato.  The door is a tp to a nearby parcel where she had two installations, the Chapel of Women and the Sanctuary of Women."

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, March 13, 2020

Relay Event at Bellisseria Fairgrounds This Weekend

By Gemma Cleanslate

This weekend will be very busy on the Bellisseria Continent at the Fairgrounds. It is a long weekend extending through March 17 ,and a continuation of efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society begins. Actually it began Thursday at 12 when Ąŗį Ąņãţįņę (Ariradel Bowenford) and Ąđãм Ąņãţįņę (Adam Spark) took to the stage to spin tunes for the party.  Lots of people and dinkies, and other critters showed up  including the elusive Slenderman.

Who is he???? That is the question, “ The Bellisseria Slenderman is the enigmatic presence of the collective fears of all Bellisserians.  His origins are unknown but he was first sighted at Campwich Forest by a group of party goers.  Bellisserians are advised not to approach the Slenderman.  He likely will not interact with you, but your fears may increase his power.”

He just shows up. If you want to see more of him check this out.  https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/450169-bellisseria-slenderman-sightings/

There will be boatride tours of the areas around the Fairgrounds on Sinemax’s "SINAS PARTY BARGE. I took it and since it was the first one of the day so was rather quiet and I got the royal treatent . There was just Sinemax, MagnificentMax  and me. I chose to sit rather than dance and am glad I did . We lost MagnificentMax at a sim crossing the bay waters, never to be seen again.He just fell off the boat.

I hopped on a hot air balloon with Roman Kiranov which I assume will be giving rides during the week. He was just setting up the tour which was interesting in itself. I will try it out again .

All across the fairgrounds are activities to get involved in, Shops offering wares for sale all proceeds headed for the Relay for Life, including amusement games, (try the bungee jumping. I did)  parties, and more parties and activities I still need to explore. I saw a kissing booth. You are all invited to come see the fairgrounds and join in with the citizens of Bellisseria and Relay folk and have a lot of fun.  This will take you to the entrance to the fairgrounds near the party boat launch area where boats will be taking off every hour on the hour beginning mostly at 2ish.  Lots to do on the fairgrounds while you wait...


PS Friday I dunked Constantine Linden twice and got a bear too!

Gemma Cleanslate