Monday, February 19, 2024

Valentine's Day - Love in the Air at Love & Harmony Jazz Romantic

By Dancerina Starlight

Despite one's position about Valentine's Day, it is clear the history of what we know as Love and Friendship Day, dates back to Ancient Rome.  And while Valentine's Day is now known for kissing, Valentine's Day gifts, and hard-to-get dinner reservations, the origins of the holiday are far less romantic.  Yet, how beautiful and super cool that resilient and relentless humans can aesthetically make lemonade from lemons.  Looking at a half full glass of lemonade versus a half filled glass with lemons, is a great perspective to have. Collectively, we have beat the odds and have set aside one day for the "unbeatable" state called LOVE!

We know that "in honor of one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine, and, through, later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. Regions known and unknown observe this day in reds and pinks; and even some purple and elegant blacks.

Here in Second Life, many regions coordinated events for such a special day. One named is Love & Harmony Jazz Romantic, owned and operated by Mrs. Orchide Delmar.

Each year Love & Harmony attracts the most in-love guests and members of its VIP tiered Clubs this time of the year. Approximately sixty-five (65) SL residents celebrated with Love & Harmony Jazz Romantic, from sun-up to sundown. Some engaged in semi private dinners, which started on Saturday February 10th through Wednesday February 14th. As couples wine, dined, and danced, Cupid was shooting his arrows of love over Love & Harmony all day.  Esteemed guests brought themselves and their sweethearts and others found love.  

As on a daily basis and any events, Mrs. Orchid Delmar sets the atmosphere accordingly. This year she was not shy about demonstrating her passion for Valentine's Day. The ballroom was decorated in shades of red and pink; accentuated with gold trimmings. Her expressed image of two pink hearts was hard to miss and this captured guests' attention. Guests repeatedly acknowledged the displayed symbolism of love and harmony.

As Mrs. Delmar remained among guests, she thanked them for coming and reminded them of the true meaning of love. Her expressed words are best defined in the unknown authored Valentine's Day poem.

As Mrs. Delmar remained among guests, she thanked them for coming and reminded them of the true meaning of love. Her expressed words are best defined in the unknown authored Valentine's Day poem.

Five little hearts, all in a row. The first one said, "I love you so!" The second one said, "Will you be my Valentine?" The third one said, "I will, if you'll be mine!" The fourth one said, "I'll always be your friend!" The fifth one said, "I'll be friends until the very end!"

As we ponder these words, let us remember that love is shared everyday of our lives, and we see it in each other in different ways.

Thank you, Mrs. Delmar, for creating a place called Love & Harmony.

Dancerina Starlight

Monday, February 12, 2024

Kowloon Locker Festival: A Virtual Spectacle of Creativity Second Life

By Klaus Bereznyak
With the event running until the 14th of February, there's still time to explore the unique celebration of tiny spaces and creativity that is the Kowloon Locker Festival. It's an eclectic collection of decorated lockers contributed by Second Life residents and showcasing some exceptional flights of imagination.

Easily found to the left of Kowloon's main gate landing point, the festival features around 30 lockers, each one modded according to the tastes, interests, and imagination of participants: from crowded rooms to fan tributes and minimalist spaces. Participation was open to any avatar from January 26th as explained on the Kowloon's Wall blog. On joining the group for a small fee, Magnum Yoshikawa, Kowloon's caretaker and "chief carpenter", gave each participant a simple locker as their canvas, and the challenge was to unleash their creativity however they felt inspired.

Surely invoking the joy of having a small space to personalize that many of us may have had at high school, the result is a fascinating array of lockers, each reflecting the diverse interests and talents of its maker. This is what SL is really good for (in my humble opinion) and the variety of themed designs, sculptures and imaginative interiors offers a glimpse into the vibrant creativity of the SL community.

Many of the lockers demonstrate not only the way avatars can step up when artistic freedom is offered but also the sense of humor we bring to our second lives. Some of the modifications include some impressive applications of scripting, likePyo Igaly's rocket locker, which gives visitors a surprising ride into the sky for a bird's-eye view of the exhibit.

The sim, Kowloon's Gate Reborn, is commonly referred to as just "Kowloon", and it will likely be familiar to long-term residents of the grid, having stood the test of time. It's a homage to a little-known classic PlayStation adventure game from the 1990s, which draws on the neon-drenched, shadowy aesthetic of Hong Kong's infamous Kowloon Walled City. It's quite possible to get lost in its immersive maze of narrow, overhung streets, lined with shops and dark alleys and shady characters. Life here goes on with events such as the Locker Festival as well as hunts and games organized throughout the year.

Art, technology, humor, in a setting that celebrates ancient and modern culture, it's all here, inspiring us with the potential for innovation and connection in virtual spaces. What would you put in your locker?


Klaus Bereznyak