Thursday, July 29, 2021

Scenes From The FCA "Christmas in July" Club Crawl


Saturday July 24 2021 was the day of the Furry Club Alliance (FCA) summertime club crawl. The FCA is made up of several clubs, numbering six at the time of this article, which support one another a little through some cross-promotion and in the case of the Sunweaver clubs that make up most of the members to prevent (or at least cut down on) schedule conflicts as they have much the same audience. 

The theme was "Christmas in July," which was felt would be a "cool" theme in these warm times. Things started out at Club Zero Gravity at Noon SL time. And the club had been colored a bit for the occasion with much red and green. The space-themed club is high above the Sunweaver Space sim at (129, 249, 3597).

The people who came in had all sorts of Christmasy looks.

DJ Lexi played the tunes for the two hour's of Zero-G's part of the event.

The contest was won by LiskaBystrouska Resident and, Dusk Griswold. 

At 2PM, the crowd went over to the newest club in the Sunweaver community, the Bouncing Bunny Beach Club.

The club came about in November last year, and has done far better than the hangout that came to an end shortly before it's construction. It's in the SunWaterThree sim at (75/56/25).

Tonight we are looking for your best Christmas avatars ,outfits ,and/or wearable pets !

Hop on over to our beautiful bunny beach club for this great event.

Come listen to the sweet sounds of DJ Snow Buns as we rock out for two hours at our wonderful beach club.

 "Only 154 days until Christmas !"

DJ Snowbuns played the music for the event in her reindeer avie.

At one point, Snowy had a mistletoe just over her tail. Which reminded me of the "enchanted mistletoe" in one online comic. 

The contest was won by Ginger (Dusk Griswold) and Jenni Greenfield.

 At 4PM, it was the Happy Vixen's turn for the club crawl. Outside of the main group of Sunweaver sims, the beach club is located in Purrfection Estates at (236, 219, 24). It recently celebrated it's tenth anniversary. 

Hey folks! It's time for the Happy Vixen's event in the Club Crawl. On this hot day, many of us are wishing for winter. So our theme for the Crawl is Christmas in July. Come in Christmasy colors of red & white and green, Santa hats, reindeer, elves, or anything else Christmasy you can think of. Our Christmas kitsune DJ Mattie spins the tunes.

"What does Santa do in his garden? Hoe hoe hoe!"

DJ Mattie, the star DJ of the Sunbeamer RFL team this Relay season, played the music for the two hours for this part of the event with a number of classic Christmas tunes and a few funny ones such as "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer."

I only took a few pictures of the event, so  the camera didn't pick up the crowd that would come over before, during and after halftime. The winner of the contest was Dusk Griswold. 

At 6PM was Club Cutlass. Unlike most of the other clubs in the crawl, it regularly had events on this day of the week and time. The airship club is located high over Sunweaver Bay at (114/117/757).

It may be hot outside, but we're celebrating the yuletide tonight at Cutlass. get in to your Christmas outfits and come out to party with DJ Geerkil and his crew. Doors open at 6 PM.

DJ Geerkil (who goes by a few nicknames such as "Sausage") played the music for the event. Some of his tunes were a bit on the twisted side for this Xmas-themed party. The club itself was decorated a bit, such as putting reindeer antlers on the pirate bunny logo on the dance floor.

Besides the dragon DJ, there were a few other large avatars. This guy "bear"ly fit through the door.

While usually 250L is up on each of the two contest boards, for this party it was 1500L each. Kylee Gracemount and AndrewFoxianArctic were the winners.

At 8PM, it was the turn of the Sunweaver's classic rock club, Xanadu. Like Cutlass, it also usually plays at this day of the week and time. It's high above the HV Community sim at (67/207/4051).

 Saturday July 24, 2021  Tonite, 8PM :Hey folks! It's Club Xanadu's event in the Club Crawl. On this hot day, many of us are wishing for winter. So our theme for the Crawl is Christmas in July. Come in Christmasy colors of red & white and green, Santa hats, reindeer, elves, or anything else Christmasy you can think of. Our Christmas reindeer DJ SnowBuns spins the tunes.

DJ Jesse was supposed to be the one making music for Xanadu. But her Internet was out. So DJ Snowbuns, still in her reindeer avatar, filled in.

The contest ended in a tie between Nikkita Sugar Lefavre (Aubrytia Resident) and DeniseUnicorn Toonie.

Finally at 10PM was the last event at the crawl, at Club Balance. The one club outside the Sunweaver community, its located at Liwei (113/23/53).

The club had an event going earlier, which had more people, but a number went to bed after it ended. So DJ Maliit played the tunes for a small but happy crowd. There was no contest, but the folks were happy just the same.

And so that was the FCA's summer 2021 club crawl. There will likely be another around Halloween, or perhaps Christmastime.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Look At Burn2 Conception

By Gemma Cleanslate

What a great event the Conception event of Burn2 turned out to be . The playa was busy 24/7 with djs, shows, and roaming the builds . I took some photos of some of the events.

 CHANGHIGH SISTERS FIRESHOW of Light is always a huge draw .

A large crowd arrived to see the dancers perform . Yman Juran always brings her stage with her.

Another group that provides their own staging is Angelicus. The large contingent of singers arrived  with their choir singing chorus music from  all over the world . It was a perfect show for Sunday morning.

Lunna Kiyori (Lunna Darwinian) played her set of progressive trance before a large audience of admirers . She is a well known long time DJ in Second Life . Many other DJs were at the stage over the entire event.

Here are some of the creative installation that graced the playa . They will remain there until July 17 incase you missed the event. The entrance is here.

Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's note: Burn2's spinoff events have always been worth stopping by to me. With just one sim though, the place could be a bit packed, so I had to keep the lag in mind. What got my attention this year was that "The Man" was a woman. For the first time, the wooden effigy was a female shape. I went ahead and took a miniature wooden woman from the gift shop as a souvenir.

As someone taking part in both the Relay Weekend and the Second Life Birthday, and missing the excitement of both, Conception was a reminder that if you know where to look, the fun never stops for long here in Second Life. And for fans of the Burn, they can look forward to more fun when Burning Man takes place online later this summer, and of course the "Octoburn" in November.