Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Grand Opening Party For New "Survivors of Suicide" Sim

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday I went over to see the new region that the Surviors of Suicide group has to as a non profit organization. The opening party celebrated this move with vigor. 

Loreen Aldrin was entertaining the visitors with lovely songs and dancers filled the dance floor.  Sebastien Bouevier, owner and managing director of the group, was there having a great time.

“Survivors of Suicide is a mental health peer support group that has helped thousands of people since our humble beginnings 13 years ago back in 2008.While we may exist only in a virtual space, what we do has a positive impact in the real lives of those who use our services.” To learn more about the group check out the article and interview Bixyl did with Sebastien in 2017.  At this time the mission is the same and perhaps more crucial.

I took a tour to check out the new place and it is lovely. There are many sites to visit and a good teleport to move around if you like. Walking is pleasent through a charming landscape and it is fun to come upon  place to sit and ponder. There is a game area, a Cafe, and other gathering places . Check the teleport board at various sites for more.

 The office is open and the directors and mentors have a linking photo on the wall for those who would like to contact one of them. Meetings are held at various time and days for support . The calendar gives the days and times of the gatherings. . If you would like to visit the region here is a good place to start.

Gemma Cleanslate