Monday, June 19, 2023

Scenes From The Relay Flood Party

By Bixyl Shuftan 

It's a Relay tradition that happens every year and has been called a number of things. It's been called the "Sink the Sims" party. It's been called the wrap-up party, although it shouldn't be confused with the official "Relay Wrap-Up" party in July to mark the official end of the season. Others call it the name yours truly prefers, the "Flood Party."
Rain and Flooding in the Forcast, "Sink The Sims" Wrap Up Party
Relay 2023 WRAP Party... Wednesday 06/14 @ 4pm SLT...
Join us on RFL Research as we "SINK THE SIMS" and wrap up another record breaking Relay Season... We will be handing out the Spirit of Relay Awards and the Gordy Klatt Award among others... 

So how did it start? In 2010, one of the sim managers decided on a whim to flood the place full of water. But someone saw it and told others in group chat, and it wasn't long before people were showing up in swimsuits and inner tubes. So next year, people were asking "where's the flood party?" It would take a few years, including one year in which the "flood" was just a few inches, but eventually the Relayers would get their annual flood party in which the water would rise past their waists and up to their shoulders, and often deeper. 

This year's Flood Party was on Wednesday June 14, scheduled to start at 4PM SL time. I went onto the track as my alt Rezzdarnnit. 

Checking the map, I noticed RFL Research, the sim the event was scheduled to take place was jam-packed with a hundred avatars. It looked like I'd be on the outside looking in this time.

I was going to walk/teleport over, then I ran into a surprise, the "Party Bus" which offered me a ride.

Inside, Silver Howler was DJing to other canines on the bus's small dance floor. 

We soon got to RFL Remission, the sim south of the one to be flooded. I could see a number of clouds, meaning people gathering at the sim boundary.

 But when we got there, and I got off the bus, I noticed our sim was starting to flood as well as the one to the north.

Panning ahead, I saw RFL Research was just starting to flood.

 Not everyone was rezzing, but it was still signs of a big party.

The water continued to rise.
Some people were putting out rafts and floaties, including some that resembled octopuses.

The party bus did a transformation, inflatable floaters people could stand on appearing.

Then came Rita Mariner, the captain of Team Sunbeamers, and her US Army DUKW. Aboard it were some of "Roos With A Dream." 

The water was starting to get a little deep.

With only a little room left on the amphibious truck, I hopped onto the party bus's inflatable.

 The water rose in quick spurts at times.

And it would take a moment for what could float to catch up.

I can't recall how many were in both sims combined, but with people going in and out, it may have approached 150.

This pizza float was almost good enough to eat.

Eventually, the numbers in RFL Research began to drop, so I headed over. By this time, the water was deeper than I was tall, so I floated over.

The water was just starting to drop once more, but some floaties didn't. 

While there, I checked out the water slide at one camp.

After a while, it was over. The water levels were back to normal, with the rafts and other floaties being the only evidence of the flood party. 
In group chat, there was a joke or two about people grumbling their campsite's sim wasn't flooded. There was also talk of some times at the edge of making another level having one last bash to bring them over the edge. This included a few small teams which were getting "Bronze Parties" so they would get to a level.
Once the Flood Party was winding down, some people would head on to scheduled events elsewhere. Others would check out the track for one last time before the Takedown, which was starting the very next morning, or light up the last few unlit lanterns.

Officially, it wasn't the end of the Relay. Team ACTS was due to have an equestrian event later in the month. And there was the Relay Wrap-Up in July. But for most, this would be the de-facto end of the Relay season. This included the Sunbeamers, who would pack away the kiosk at their main club.

It was a great 2023 Relay season.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Bay City Anniversary Parade and Party

By Bixyl Shuftan 

Sunday May 21 was Bay City's Anniversary Parade and dance party. It was a special one as this was the 15th such event to celebrate the creation of Second Life's largest urban area by the Linden Moles. Like others, it was organized and led by Marianne McCann

Charlee and I showed up near the start, and waited.

I was given a press badge by Marianne. I didn't really need it, but it did make things look official.

 Kenny Luckless, one of the people at the Ivory Tower, was also there to see the parade.

From a distance away, I could see a little of the paraders getting ready, but the lag cut down on it.

Then we saw the parade get under way.

As always, Marianne McCann was leading it.

With the lag, we had a little trouble seeing the paraders.

That's some big gryphon.

The parade would go down Main Street, passing by many buildings.

We soon got to the Fairgrounds.

Some of the vehicles in the parade were parked. 


At the stage, people were dancing.

Including the conga line.

DJ GoSpeed Racer was spinning the music for the first hour. There were tunes such as "We're Having A Party" and Kool & The Gang's "Celebration." Marianne would say, "Everyone, give it up for GoSpeed of KONA Stream, who has been providing amazing playlists to Bay City events for, gosh, at least a decade!"

Marianne was out of her parade uniform and on the dance floor, "Welcome to Bay City’s 15th anniversary!"

"It was 15 years ago that Linden Lab first announced Bay City on their Second Life blog, unveiling their then-latest city project. It was touted as themed to “the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965,” and features a distinct city feel as well as double the land impact for every parcel.

"It was May of 2008 in the Docklands region that the initial auctions started for Bay City.

"Today, Bay City features 24 Residential regions, as well as an additional 24 Linden-owned regions surrounding the city, providing both additional themed areas an more places to play and explore.

"We welcome every Resident of Bay City to celebrate with us on our 15th Anniversary, and to visit our fair city at any time!"

The gryphons were in the back.

"Let's see how long we can get this conga line!"

At the end of GoSpeed's set at 1:30PM, with "Man Or Astroman - Mystery Science Theater 3000 End Theme," Jessie Janick took to the stage and started singing.

 Her set had some additional lighting.

Eventually came Lindens and Moles, staring with Kady Linden.

Charlee would get a bear from her.

Wendi Linden was also there, "Oooh looking dapper, Wendi."

Guess this panther was tickled pink with the celebration.

At one point, we had a low-flying jet.

That rose back up and sped away.

 At 2:30PM, it was singer Maxamillion Kleene's turn on stage.

There were a number of jokes, such as keeping the donut shop up so the local policeman would stick around. Another commented that he had come back to Second Life after being away for years, "After years off world, returned to be rezzed in Miramare. Walked over the bridge and bam, Bay City!" Someone mused, "I came here after meeting Marianne. That kid has always been a bad influence."

Gemma Cleanslate would say, "I remember my first visit to Bay City the second day it was open." Sheree Honeyflower would say, "I found Bay City when I was grid hopping in search of the purrfect location for my first cafe to set up one of the first cafes which had interactive foods and drinks and Bay City Garden cafe/Cafe Sheree was born!"

It was quite a fun event at Second Life's largest urban area.
"Long life to Bay City & SL !" "Here's to another 15!"

Addition: Yours truly ended up a little busy, so this article was delayed. But better late than never.

Bixyl Shuftan