Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AdMire : Real Life Jam Meet-Up in The Netherlands

By Wesley Regenbogen

AdMire stands for "Adorable Mixed Realities." This event takes place in The Netherlands and in Second Life every year in the beginning of September. This year it took place from September 8th until September 10th, 2017. AdMire gives Second Life musicians the chance to play songs and where they play instruments and sing together and basically have fun in real life. It takes place in a castle called “Castle De Berckt” in The Netherlands ( in Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands ). This place used to be a monastery, so there is also a chapel.

Our goal is to bring performers from Second Life together to create music and mayhem for the enjoyment of our friends and fans in REAL LIFE. Whether you are a musician, a fan or just want to meet your Second Life friends in RL – join us for our annual live music event hosted in Baarlo, The Netherlands in September. AdMiRe welcomes visitors from countries all over the world – NL, UK, BE, DE, FR, DK, ES, IT, AU and yes, even AUS and US! Of course we hope to see YOU there at our next event, too!
This year, they played from Friday September 8th, 3 PM CET until the early hours of Sunday September 10th, 2017. The theme was “collaboration.“ That’s why they play music and sing together, some of which have never played together before.

This event is streamed live into Second Life in the place inworld that they made for it. They actually recreated the real life building here on the Grid. They hire this chapel venue each year to play music and sing together.

Some of the artists you can hear and play music there are: Kaycee Drayman, Wannahave Ferraris, Xander Nichting, Allegra3/Sandra, Inchino Melson, Tim Anadyr, Thera D., Aminius Writer, Mike Carnell, Michi Renoir, Lyn Carlberg and many more.

This is a nice experience, because it allows you to enjoy the music that is played live in real life and it is streamed live in Second Life. Real life and Second Life are combined in this event, which is a nice thing.Personally, I liked the event and the music in their venue in Second Life.

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