Monday, May 20, 2019

SciFi Convention 2019, An Interview With Merky (Richmerk)

by Marcel Mosswood

So I’m ready for the SciFi Con 2019 that is held on May 17-26, 2019! I’m wearing my Star Trek costumes which I made for my Dinkie avatar months ago specifically to present the SciFi Convention 2019. I’ve done with my booth so today my agenda is to meet Merky (richmerk), the Coordinator of the committee for my interview about the SciFi Cons 2019. Here is the interview:

Merky (richmerk), The Coordinator of The Committee

Marcel: Hi Merky, let me introduce myself, I’m Marcel Mosswood, I would like to interview you for the SL Newser. I see that the Scifi Convention is very well prepared by your team. The landscape and the concept of the buildings are very attractive and professional. How long have all these preparations been made from the start?

Merky: Actually, because of real life issues, we got much less warning this year that we needed to build a convention, so everything you see here was created in just a few weeks.

The SciFi Con Sims

Marcel: Wow, that’s a really fast preparation for such a great event! I’ve read from the website that the event is held annually. Can you tell us the beginning of the idea of making this sci-fi event an annual event? Who are the avatars involved at the initial event?

Merky: The Scifi Cons go way back to the early days of SL. I don’t know the exact year because that was before I joined. Back in those days, it was a different group of people. I think originally a Real-Life group called the ‘International Federation of Trekkers’ was the force behind the conventions. When they caught the notice of the RFL, the Cons became more regular and larger.

Marcel: So, why do you associate Scifi Con with raising funds for RFL? Are there special reasons?

Merky: The Scifi Con has been with RFL since I joined the team. It’s a wonderful and worthwhile cause. They’ve always supported us, and because of their encouragement and advice, the Con is more successful now than it has ever been!

Marcel: I can say that is a good collaboration. What is your fundraising target for this year? And besides the fundraising, is there another goal that you would like to achieve?

Merky: In past years, I think the Cons have made around 1 million lindens. Last year we were a little smaller and only got 750k. This year though, Our goal is at least 2 million! There are a lot of generous people out there, the Con team is working overtime, and we have a lot more experienced help this year, so I’m sure we’ll reach it.

Marcel: About your great team, who are your team members? And how do you manage your teamwork to achieve your goals?

Merky: Myself and Debbydo are blessed this year with some great new helpers. We have a dedicated event manager this year, VєηυŞ (shayna.paine), who has worked tirelessly for weeks now to put together a solid lineup of shows and entertainments. The immense central domed building was constructed by Beth Delaunay (isilmeriel). The sims were built by Benjamin Brougham, StarWolff, and Varahi Lusch and Minions. Wolferein Foxdale’s job is basically to fix and make better all the stuff that I build, and mesh things. Kendra Mollsen (koreeah) is the troubleshooter and customer service girl. There are a bunch of other people also that were invaluable helpers both before and during the Con. We keep everything organized through Google Docs and Discord servers. Constant good communication is the key.

Marcel: Wonderful! I can see your work through the appearance of the Con. The last question but this may be inspiring others: Would you like to say something to our readers, maybe some quotes, which always motivates you during this fundraising activity? 

Merky: One of the things we did before the Con this year is come up with a theme song that reflects our core philosophy and what we try to accomplish in Second LIfe. Paul McCartney’s Hope for the Future (

Visit here to enjoy the sci-fi world, shop and donate for the Relay For Life:

Marcel Mosswood

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