Monday, April 20, 2020

The Bellisseria Anniversary Rock and Sail

By Gemma Cleanslate

Friday I had one of the longest boat rides of my life! Actually I started off on my speed boat ready to complete the journey  in the Parade  of boats for the Rock and Sail around the continent of Bellisseria. This was part of the huge celebration of  the 1 year anniversary of the new continent.

However my boat got stuck and just would not move so I quickly got a teleport to the party boat of Jon Ree.

It was just great! The crowd on board was ready for the long trip and the music so enjoyable.We started off in the midst of many vessels maneuvering the waters headed north off the west coast. For a long time it went on well clipping along at a good pace waving to those on shore or other boats as we passed.

There were hot air balloons above watching the parade and moving along with it in the air. Jon steered the boat well to avoid some of the reckless motor boats and we passed through many regions well.

Jon is familiar with the continent since he makes notecards filled with rezz areas for cars, boats, horses and many other points of interest every few weeks. I was surprised when several times he announced,”I don’t know where I am.”

We moved along well passing many smaller boats until suddenly we found ourselves under water with no boat looking at each other. Jon recovered and went off to get a  new boat in the water at the closest point and we made it back on board. At this point beer and whiskey was passed around and I think Jon had a bit too much because back down in the waters we went! This only added to the fun and we got sorted out again and moved on to the Bellisseria Fairgrounds.

Here at the Fairgrounds all the survivors of the ordeal were celebrating to the music of Doc Rast (rasterscan Resident) The region was so full that another site was set up for those wishing to party. This is just the beginning of the Anniversary celebration which will go on all weekend. I may join in the Parade of boats again tomorrow (Saturday) at noon  if I recover! If not I will be at another party at the fairgrounds for sure.

Gemma Cleanslate

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