Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The SLCF's Second Life World Road Championship

By Rosie (RougeRedHead01 Resident)

     On April 11, our own Dancerina Starlight took part in the Second Life World Road Championship. The event included many residents all fighting for first place. This was her first race and she came in 10th!! Congratulation Dancerina!!

The top three winners were:
1 - Claire
2.- Le Sweetie Brook
3 - Elsie Valeska

     Claire now gets to wear the special rainbow jersey but only until she loses a race and then it gets passed on to the next winner when there is one. What impressed me was a comment she made at the end of the race, “yes tough race (smile) well done all.” I must admit that a smile appeared on my face because it was so nice to see Claire, after winning, congratulate the rest of the cyclists.

     A big thank you to Sophia’s for sponsoring the race. There was also a party at her club, to celebrate. There was dancing!

     I had a chance to speak with BillJobs64, the president of the Second Life Cycling Federation who was able to provide more information about the cycling federation. He tries to have at least one event per week. There are weekly challenges people can participate in. Prizes are given such as cash or medals but the most coveted award is the rainbow jersey. He has big plans, for instance they are building roads in the sky to organize road races with the possibility of having a Tour deSL race at some point in time.

     The next championship will be held in two months. Will Claire be able to hold onto the rainbow jersey or will she have to pass it to someone else who can peddle faster?


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