Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"Goodbye Jasmine" - DJ Jazzy's Last Performance (For Now)

On Sunday January 29 at 5 PM, the Happy Vixen gave a farewell party to one of it's DJs: Jasmime Dawn/ DJ Jazzy. Jasmine has been DJing on and off at the Happy Vixen since it opened over ten years ago. Almost two years ago she was able to do so again on a regular basis. Standing out in a place of foxes, felines, and bunnies in her equine avatar, later on a giraffe, the real-life veteran played a number of country, rock, and pop music tunes at her sets. But she had recently been hired by a company who would pay her more per hour, but she'd have to work more hours. So she was stepping down. But not without one last show at her Sunday slot.

This evening, in Second Life at The Happy Vixen will be my last event. I'm retiring from the stage and moving on to bigger and better things in my life and asking you all to come join me there this evening from 5pm to 7pm SLT     Will be a fishbowl event with a drawing for 3 lucky winners.  Simply come as you are. ALL are welcome to enter  and those 3 lucky 3 will walk away with at least 1000 linden lovings each.  Bring a friend and help me fill the place up yeah?  Help me say goodbye once last time.
 A few decorations went up for the occasion.
 There were quite a few party poppers going off: KABOOM!

Someone partied a little too hearty.

 But was soon back into action.

The theme was Come As You Are. And instead of voting on the board the prize was given at random to three people via "the fishbowl." Initially 3000 L, it rose to 9000, then 9500 L.

The last couple songs were "Take This Job And Shove It" and "The Parting Glass," the former probably chosen out of humor, and the latter for poetics.

The contest was won by three lucky winners, DeniseUnicorn Toonie, Halaliel Zenith, and Kit Shiriki MoonDust (Kit UwU). who split the 9500L prize.

Eventually the set ended and it was time for DJ Squeaks/Brandi Streussel to play the tunes, so Jasmine hung up her headphones for the last time, at least for now. It's probable she'll occasionally DJ on special events, such as Halloween. But DJing on a regular basis, and possibly the Halloween Haunts that have appeared annually for a while, won't be for at least a few more years, "There will always be a place here for you."

The Sunday 5PM slot is expected to be filled in by DJ Frost (assuming all goes as planned).

Thank you again Jazzy, and best of luck.

Bixyl Shuftan

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