Monday, December 27, 2010

SL Hockey Playoffs SCORE!

The Virtual Hockey League’s playoff pits season champion Lag Riders against the leading WildKatz team, ahead 3 games to 2 in December 20’s intense competition. Epic hockey fights erupted, leading an injured player to burst RL stitches in fierce competition. Dramatic moments at the top of Game II 3rd quarter forced Lag Rider’s Captain Antonia Foggarty to shout “TIME OUT” and scream, “I will NOT sacrifice my players health!”… even though VHL’s Stanley Cup hung in the balance!

Picture 1 shows Lag Rider's star forward Beavis Beckham controlling the puck. Games start with Live Music , and teams facing off across the ice. Picture 2 are the defenders game faces. Grrrrr! In Picture 3, Mythil Woyseck does his furry best to defend Lag Rider's goal.

Goalie Faith Faudeburgh, gave me some encouragement before the game: "writing is magic......well written piece has pitch and timbor like a song.......makes you want to find more." Wow! Brains, fabulous art-sense, and hockey brawn! Only in Second Life folks!

Any1 Gynoid

Article edited from original on CNN.

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