Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let’s Go on a Hunt

I don't usually have time to devote to all of Second Life’s creative hunts, but I wanted to go on "The Home and Garden Market Hunt," sponsored by Katy Glendevon and Heavenly Villa on Triskelion Shores. It’s all part of a grid-wide hunt that runs through Dec. 2. Hunt items are ten cents.

Heavenly is the owner of L'aize Dayz PG & couples furniture and the Touch of Home group. She's a co-owner of Home and Garden Market Village and a teacher at Builders Brewery. You can follow her at .

Katy started building in SL almost 4 years ago, and after a brief foray into clothing design went back to furniture making. She founded Marmalade Jam one year ago. She is the co-owner of the Home and Garden Market, a real vendor community with the mission of supporting fellow home and garden item creators. Creating items for her store and the wonderful feedback from Home and Garden Market vendors is what inspires her and keeps her motivated. This is the first hunt she organized and she’s proud of the response from shoppers and vendors alike. It’s something she and Heavenly wanted to arrange since the market was first established in June 2011. They have moved around a little, expanded, learned, and now it seemed like the right time to do it. A lot of preparation went into it: finding vendors, finalizing dates, shooting pics, creating landmarks, slurls, blog posts and the advertising.

A click in the destination guide landed me in the "L'aize Days" store, in a room with brown and green furniture, the cozy stuff that would have you falling asleep in your first life. Heavenly created a country coffee table, brown leather and tweed armchairs and a warm brown window seat. The winter green cupboard in the corner is sweet with an antique phone, daisies and books.

When I stepped out of the store, I searched for information leading me to what hunt item I was suppose to look for. A few minutes later, I learned it was an apple from a small poster in the Marmalade Jam store. The first apple I spotted on the Teacher's pet desk was the wrong one. I did find the right one. Here’s a clue: milk & cookies.

In Natas there were cute storybook canopy beds. Next door, Thaino featured shabby chic and vintage home styles. Bold colors pop out at you. At Pinky's Nik Naks, I saw some really cute gnomes. Actually love those in first life, too. They were $50L and about 10 prims. The Ivy Greenhouse was only $100L and about 22 prims.

By this time, I'm noticing the "cuteness level" of the market and all the sculpties. Landscapes medium and dark green are very cozy. The pond areas are adorned with waterfalls and lily pads. Contently, swans swim about.

At Thingies, the Frosty the Snowman song greets me as I cross the welcome mat. Here you'll find nautical products, such as a lighthouse or starfish on stands. The framed beach pictures are nice. I found an apple there. Think roses. You’ll find a Dutch Iris Collection and African Daisies for $300L, all hand painted at Rich Living. There's potted trees, too.

Storaxtree sold old window picture frames, cookies on a plate and some home builds.

At Exquisite Eye Decorations, there was a cute little Dutch windmill, a scarecrow, a round table and chairs, flowers, small tealights and a room divider.

By DeZyne featured a striped umbrella and lounge chairs, quality custom homes and home accessories. The bird cage with the cat ready to pounce is so realistic at Thisnthat. Desiree Davison is the creator here. She also has a lampost with an elf. Grandma’s Chair is just adorable, exactly what you'd see in her house. Check out the summer dock.

Love's Enchantment featured items by Jacob Bearsfoot. I saw yellow finches and blue songbirds and butterflies, too. There were summer mushrooms you could sit on and a Lovers Embrace water sculpture that was pretty nice. I saw a gorgeous grandfather's clock.

I did the entire course and only found 2 apples. I was told there are five out there. Hope you do better. Don't forget to check the stalls.

For more information, log on to:

Netera Landar

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