Saturday, April 28, 2012

Occuplaya Opens

The playa is open!
The Burn2  Occuplaya opened with a great performance by Mankind Tracer at the meeting place. His tunes delighted the crowd. There were 57 avatars in the porta pottie stage area that was made by Neeks Karu. It began at precisely 12:00 SL time on Friday and continues until Sunday 11:59pm. 
There is a full schedule of live performers and DJ’s playing while you dance and roam the playa. You will be able to take a tour around t to see the invited artists creations rising from the playa while you listen to the music. There are three invited artists who have placed amazing builds . The three artists are  Mikati Slade - Japan, Takni Miklos - Catalania, Spain, Fuschia Nightfire - Canada, and each creation is as diverse as you can imagine. 
There is also a return visit of Avatar’s Garden of Particles from the 2007 Burn. Add to it, the directions are there. You will find it next to the sandbox. Yes, if you feel like playing there is also a sandbox waiting for you!! Just be sure to clean up after your fun. Pygar Bu created a colorful center camp for parties! There is a maypole in the tent. You can visit the gallery located in the northwest  corner of the playa, which is filled with pieces by various artists. While I was there, Sunnie Beaumont was conducting a poetry writing class.  
If you want to learn more about the Burn2 visit the burn2 blog at  The real burn is set for October 20 through October 28 in 2012. There is a freebie tent near the saloon. Be sure to pick up a few nice gifts. This is a “decompression” event held in the spring.  Spend some time on the playa this weekend and get the flavor of it all. You will find donations kiosks around the playa. If you can, try to donate to keep the Burn2 alive in SL.
Gemma Cleanslate

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