Friday, November 8, 2013

Last Look at Burn2

Burn2, the last of the big yearly events in Second Life, officially ended late in the evening of Sunday October 27 after the Burning of the Temple and the final few DJ parties. But the builds could remain up for about a week afterwards. While some artists cleaned up a little early, others left their exhibits for others to see. And there were quite a few things.

Dropping by a few days after the last event, many exhibits were still shining brightly.

A van, bringing in water and pipes. 

"Communing with John Frum," this thingy was actually a tattoo dispenser.

A spooky-looking cemetary and mad-scientist lab.

Much of the build was made of of freebies, made available in dispensers outside.

Burn2 is known for it's amusing toilet designs. Although not truly needed in Second Life, they can inspire a chuckle.

Sunday November the third was the last day to see the exhibits before they were to be picked up. Among the builds, the wreckage of The Temple, still smouldering  from it's burning a week before.

One of the mutant vehicles.

Later in the day, I sent my alt Rezzdammit to see more. Among the first things he noticed was a gathering of Burners. They were having one last bash that night.

They had quite a bit of fun, dancing away presumably late into the night.

Not far away from the Burners was this  interactive exhibit.

The exhibit was also a ride. Getting in, one would end up in a plastic ball and launched down the tubes.

Telling a story, next to a cardboard cutout of Rod Linden.

Inside a cannon, ready to be fired elsewhere in the area.

Tentacle attack!

 One of the "flying pig" builds, resembling a rusty technological craft.

Now *this* was one of the funniest things I'd seen at the Burn: a port-o potty with a disco dance ball. Of course it quickly got cartooned.

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