Friday, January 15, 2016

Swan Lake

By Gemma Cleanslate

“We raise the curtain on Fantasy Dreams' beautiful production of Peter Tchaikovsky's "SWAN LAKE" in just 30 minutes. Join us at TOTH's Chetz Szondi Stage for this story of a handsome young prince and a beautiful girl turned into a swan by an evil magician. The music and spectacle will sweep you away to another realm!” was the invitation I received.  I was able to attend the performance Saturday and was enthralled. The very lovely theater was already filled but I was able to find a seat on a comfortable sofa not far from the stage. The back story of Swan Lake was posted as the ballet progressed on the curtain. If you would like to read a synopsis this one at the Houston Ballet is very good.
The performance was absolutely charming from beginning to end. The company performing is Fantasy Dreams. Director and Choreographer is NESS (donotgivemyself), who also danced the part of the Swan . She is loved by the Prince danced by The Åłéҳ MĬŁŁĬġåń Beast (Riperok Resident). The choreography was stunning for the company ,  the Swan and the Prince and the evil knight ,  ღ..::Ąŋgєℓ::..ღ (Angelok555). The Director of decorations, staging and  costumes is  Urfin (Valtum), who did a grand set for the whole show, gardens, lake, and a magnificent throne room. The costumes were charming and reflected the station of the dancers. 
The audience showed its appreciation throughout the entire performance. The music of Tchaikovsky delighted the audience also from beginning to end.  I am always touched by the story and its tragic ending.   
There will be a performance on January 31 at The Atlantis Theater at 1:00 pm SL time. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Gemma Cleanslate

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