Thursday, December 8, 2016

The 2016 Winter Showcase and Winter Art Show.

By Gemma Cleanslate

2016 Winter Showcase and Winter Art Show. Both events are in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life and will take place December 8 to 18, 2016.  Kultivate Magazine ( formerly Windlight)  is a sponsor or this event for the second year . 

I wandered all through the region where the event it taking place this year in Meadow Gardens. The booths house some of the very fine artists in Second Life displaying their works and offering some  pieces for your walls . Both real life and Second Life art is on display and for sale with many benefiting the cause . There are rows and rows of so many artists I cannot name them all. When you land you will be near the information booths and will be able to pick up a list of artists and their locations. Meander down the rows and stop in to see what you may like to add to your art collection.  

The 3D art area is open and easy to access to get a good look at  each  installation. I saw a few of my friends’ pieces on display . Take a good look at all the work and pick up a biography of the artist from the photo of the creators at each piece. I am always amazed by the detailed work I see in each build. 

Near by you will see a quaint area of shops just chuck full of wonderful goodies to buy for yourself or home . I saw some of my favorite merchants and gave in to another couple of outfits! I know the proceeds go to a wonderful cause. Keep an eye out for some naughty or nice gifts in some shops and booths where the art is displayed. It was great fun skating along the snow laden walkways with the bright colorful decor all over the region. 

While I was there John Brianna (johannes1977 Resident), owner of Kultivate and co-founder of Team Diabetes was busy checking out the area to be ready for opening on December 8.
This is a good place to start your visit.

Gemma Cleanslate    

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