Friday, November 10, 2017

New Toulouse Ghost Hunt

By Gemma Cleanslate

The following is posted in on the home page of New Toulouse website.

“Following a sharp rise in reports of local hauntings, a fresh survey of ghostly activity is taking place in New Toulouse Parish.

The Spectral Activity Survey will continue through December 5, so be on the lookout for any haunts, spooks, wraiths, phantoms, specters, poltergeists, or other apparitions. Citizens who register 20 ghosts with the Beacon Spiritualist Institute will gain access to gifts organized by the Taloo Boosters Society.

“The ghosts of this parish, among them the oldest inhabitants of the area, have for too long been without a voice,” said Richard Mains, a recently deceased candidate for New Toulouse mayor. “Since many ghosts are housebound, we call upon the living to find us and tell our stories.”

The most recent survey of this type was undertaken in November 1914, when 2,720 spirits were reported in this parish.”

The parish has been fairly quiet since the hippopotamus scare (  ), but perhaps this is where all the ghosts and ghouls went after Halloween Night. 

I am always so happy when New Toulouse has a special “hunt" event. There is a story at every step that is so interesting . This time there are ghosts of past residents of the parish that will not or cannot leave their homes, perhaps out of love of the place, or just can’t get out. Some still have some contact in the sim, some are just completely lost.

I started by getting my Hud that will keep track of all the ghosts I do find. Each stop will introduce you to a new ghost that you really have to look for in some of the places. It took me a while in a few of the stops to find him or her.There is always so much to see in New Toulouse that is interesting in itself it is easy to get distracted. 

In the Chapel I got so interested in playing the organ and admiring it I got off track. I almost gave up because that was a hard spirit to find  but ran into Kenny (kennymcdee.korobase) and Janie (janie.broome) and we worked together on a couple of stops and helped each other. As Janie mentioned the voice dot sometimes gets in the way of recognizing the ghost! It really helps locate the ghost to use the region windlight. To take pictures I usually change so you can see the venues.

Each venue I visited I was able to find the ghost after a short time. There were a few that took longer because of the size of the venue and the many hiding places. Look up look down, climb stairs, open doors, you will find them and learn their fate. There are fun gifts after you finish the ghosts and are guided back to the Spiritualist institute to find the boxes. Little did I know that one of our reporters , Klaus, is involved in this region til I visited his shop looking for a spirit.

This region has so many fascinating artifacts scattered around it is a wonderful place to visit even when not much more than everyday living is going on. Every time I go I see shops and buildings I have not explored before. I always stop at the cemetery before I leave and get that News Orleans feeling. It is always a pleasure to visit . Have a great hunt. Ah, it is a good idea to take off the hud once in a while to save the ghosts and remember to use the Windlight of the region.

Gemma Cleanslate  

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