Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Look at The Christmas Expo

By Gemma Cleanslate

The Relay’s Christmas is open for shopping, fun , building snowmen and riding through the sims on the sweetest horses. There are more than forty merchants displaying their wares. Some are in old New York shops along the avenues. Some have elected  large shops. As you wind down the various streets in and snow laden roads in the four sims there is a lot to see. Breedables occupy one region. A huge skating pond occupies the center of the four sims.  

Look for the Build a Snowman contest. It is a fun contest that takes place every year . That is S.I.D. waiting for snowmen.

”  Pick your spot in the snowman building area and start rolling that snow.  Simple, fancy, classic, wild… it is up to you what you do with your 30 prims. You have from Dec 1 – 5 to build your snowman, voting is held December 6 – 9  and winners are announced during a special Snowman Party  Sunday, Dec 9, 2017.  There are 2 categories –  Judges Picks and the Popular Vote, which is determined by donations to the Relay For Life Kiosk beside your snowman. 100% proceeds goes to Relay For Life of Second Life.”    

Be creative!!! Here is the place for that fun.

Santa will be roaming around and will be happy to hear your requests for gifts and to take  a picture with you . You might run into me . I am an elf also roaming and greeting .

The Christmas tree lot has so many gorgeous trees that were created just for the Expo. Get one or more. There are three !! This year the Breedables are having a silent auction all week but a live auction on the 10th of December. Gotyas are available too.

Expect parties and live perfomers too. It is a great week and the  sl Relay for Life will hopefully  earn money for cancer research and help for those experiencing the trauma in this season of giving. This is the entrance on the skating pond at one of the sims. Check the map so you don’t miss any areas.

Gemma Cleanslate

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