Monday, March 12, 2018

Virtual Worlds Best Pracitces in Education

By Gemma Cleanslate

VWBPE (Virtual World Best Practices in Education) takes place, from March 15th 08:00 AM to March 17th 09:30 PM, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is the 11th annual event held in Second Life. This is my first real exposure to the event. I did attend two or three lectures there last year. So this year I decided to be a greeter . I went over to the regions on Saturday to have training about our duties there and met several other hosts. We took a tour of the various sites where lectures and other events will be held and became familiar with them.

To accommodate the large audience expected for the keynote speeches the auditorium is set at the meeting point of four regions. Every location is set up for comfort of the attendees and the place looks great. There are 2 lecture halls and other  besides the main auditorium and venues for activities.

Sunday I took a leisurely tour of various places to check out what is there . I visited the sponsor’s area where they have set up displays and information. I took a walk through of the Virtual Ability section and saw pictures of several friends as they were in the beginning and as they are now. We have come a long way! I stopped in the underwater park and found fascinating builds down there. There will be an underwater party going on, so look for it.  Don’t miss the lovely site! There are several exhibit areas to visit. The legacy area is a showcase of all the past meetings and very interesting . Pick up a hud when you land at the gateway to aid your movements around the sims.There is also a teleport map to aid you .

To understand more  fully what this is all about I invite you to visit the website where you can learn so much and check out the calendar to see what is being offered for these three days. Ebbe Linden is on the schedule. We are always interested to hear what he has to say about Second Life. Check the calendar where you are looking on the web and you may find a lecture or event you would like to attend. The keynotes addresses look so interesting.I just hope I can make it to them. See you there .

Gemma Cleanslate

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