Friday, April 6, 2018

Announcements: 14th Annual RFL of SL Kick Off Celebration

The following is from announcements from the Relay for Life in Second Life yesterday

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Come ONE, Come ALL!! to the 14th annual RFL of SL Kick Off Celebration!!  We're geared up, fired up, teamed up, UNITED up and ready to get to Relaying!  Thank you to those who volunteered for the task of kick off planning,  Jesie Janick and Trader Whiplash.  Thank you to the Kick Off regions designer, Eclair Martinek.

            !!!  CHEERS TO OUR SPONSOR!!!
Much appreciation goes to this year's Kick Off Sponsor: Relay Refresh!

What... Who is Relay Refresh?  They are just a couple of seasoned Second Life souls taking on a fun project telling stories about Relay For Life and spotlighting the people who make it happen.

In Second Life, even the newest avatar quickly discovers that Relay for Life is a big deal. Hundreds and hundreds of avatars volunteering their time year after year and raising well over 3 million real life dollars during the last ten years.

And behind every one of those amazing avatars is an equally amazing real life person with a story that motivates them

to give their time to Relay for Life.  Read their stories at Relay Refresh!

Check it out  on the website: and on Facebook!


                    !!! KICK OFF DETAILS !!!


Beginning at 7am SLT on Friday, Apr 6th, registered teams will be able to enter the regions and rez kiosk, vendor and any memorabilia that fits within the land impact limit of 30 per team (30 prims).  All registered teams will be represented on this Parade of Teams Trail! 


Parade of Team Trail 1

Parade of Team Trail 2

Parade of Team Trail 3

Parade of Team Trail  4

Kickoff Seating

Kickoff Entertainment Stage

Note:  All times SLT

Saturday, Apr 7

9am: Kick-Off Pre-Show with Zander Greene

10am: Kick Off Ceremony
Featuring the Event Leadership Team, Guest Speaker: Frolic Mills, Music from SL Live Performer: Djembe Dragonfire with Dance from the Monarchs Dance Troupe and Choreography by Diiar Vader Shippe.  Set/Stage Design by Royal Shippe.

Listening Stream:  (inworld) or  (on your regular internet browser)


T1 Radio is also streaming the Ceremony Live at:  or


Some of SL's great venues have decided to bring their own Entertainment Line-Up to the Kick-Off!  Thank you to:
The Club, MacLintons Neighborhood Pub, Key West, The River Rock Club and LEGENDS Classic Rock

Friday, Apr 6
Sponsored by: The Club
4-6pm: DJ Heath
6-7pm: Satin and Erin
7-8pm: Porter Pacquot
8-9pm: DJ Harry

Saturday, Apr 7
Sponsored by: MacLintons Pub
6-7pm: EffinJay
7-8pm: Max Kleene

Sunday, Apr 8
Sponsored by: Key West
noon: Lisa Brune
1pm: Phil Setner

Sunday, Apr 8
Sponsored by: The River Rock Club
2pm - 3pm   DJ Sin & DJ Selene
3pm - 4pm    DJ Legacy
4pm - 5pm   DJ Kevin
5pm - 6pm  DJ Lonewolf

Sunday, Apr 8
Sponsored by: LEGENDS Classic Rock
6-8pm:  DJ Trader Whiplash

                     !!! VIEWING PARTIES !!!

If you would rather watch the Kick Off Ceremony from your own venue or home, why not host a Live Viewing Party?!

YouTube Viewing Screens will be sent out before the ceremony begins via the Volunteers and Info Only groups.  There will also be a box in the Relay Center on ACS Island. The box will include a viewing screen and instructions on how to show them from your own location, LIVE!

Thank you to Luke Flywalker for providing LIVE youtube coverage for the Viewing Parties!


Landmarks will be sent out in the very near future.  Remember to get there early, we do expect the region to fill up.  You will be able to hear and cam over from ACS Island so if the main Kick Off region is full, you can go there.  Also, please consider wearing low lag items..  meaning clothing and hair with few or no scripts in them.

Since there is a performance/animations part to the ceremony here is a bit of information on how you can tweak your viewer for optimal viewing.

That's it!  This is the official end to your Relay Kick Off Weekend Celebration Invitation. ..  for now

We're excited to see you ALL at Kick Off.  We're about to get this Party Started!!

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