Saturday, July 20, 2019

Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth

By Marcel Mosswood

Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth has begun. The Deep Hole Playa is filled with various artworks involving many artists. The Lamplighters tradition has also begun. This is a tradition that makes me always return to this community through my artwork, no matter how busy I am in real life and Second Life.

At a glance, the Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth is different from the previous one, especially about the creativity of the artists, and sim settings to display the artworks.

I’ve got several words from Herbie Haven, the Event Lead:
This event theme was designed around the idea of the communal effort needed to take care of our Earth and to remind everyone what a small place it really is. Many artists and builders come here to display their work and maybe make a point. Anyone can come and build here at our events, you don’t need to be a great builder or an artist, you just need to have an idea that you want to share.

There are several events every year and each has its own theme, so they are always different, they don’t last long and are taken away between events so each event is unique and must be experienced at that time. Builders spend days maybe weeks working on their art that may only be seen for a few days and only by the visitors who show up at the event, then it`s gone. This event was designed to have the builds around in a circle and each builder was encouraged to spill some of their build-out onto the Playa “build outside of the box” and to work with their neighbor to combine bits of their build in an effort to make one giant build.

There are also some very talented artists who perform here at the events that you don’t want to miss. It`s always new and always interesting to see what people do with their imaginations and it’s a temporary installation that if missed, its missed.

You may see pictures or even videos but it`s not like the real thing in 3D. Don’t forget that if you can use advanced lighting and shadows, it`s amazing, a lot of it is designed to use light and shadows as part of the art, you will want to see it that way if possible. Come on over and see if for yourself, get involved and have fun.

And from Ilyra Chardin, the Artist’s Lead:
We have an exceptional gathering of artists for Burn2 Conception Communal Earth. The artists and their exhibits include:
- Homage To Hotter Than Air by Leroy Horten and CyberseaCell by SERRA QENDRA.
- Explore Climate Change by Kimblecoles Resident, Silvia Ametza, and  GeeJAnn Blackadder.
- Zapped Earth by Maia Antarra.
- Progress VS Nature by Andrea Jones.
- What Shape Is It? by Slatan Dryke.
- Communicate Openly by TheaDee.
- Homage To The Tree of Ténérére by HALLIX.
- The Preservation of the Earth by Marcel Mosswood.
- The Hoax by Herbie Haven.
- Free reading by Madame Fortune by Emerald Dahlia (Moonstone).
- The Whiskeydrome by Cuga Rajal.
- Time Keeps Slipping by Sophie MacHugh-Dunn (Sophie72 Congrejo).
- Work of the Artist by Moya Patrick (Moya Janus).
- Totem Mesa Medicine Wheel by Shambala Kimono.
- One Thousand Cranes by Tara Tisane and MatthewBroderich76.
- Protect Our Water Supply by Fifi Oh.
- The Tipping Point and Its A Small World After All by Herbie Haven.
- Vickie’s Recycling Center by Vickie Maidstone.
- Conflix by Kalyca McCallen and Proton d-oo-b
- Under The Sea by Adrian Harbinger
- Mother Eearth - A Terran Opera by Keely (JenniferKeely).
- Thirst For The Last Drop by iSkye Silverweb.
- The Watering Hole by ilyra Chardin.

And here are some words from Dream Wrexan, the Lamplighters’ Fire Dancers Lead:
Burning Man 2.0 is the virtual version of the famous Burning Man in Nevada, and is the only officially recognized virtual reality regional. We host four official events each year, winter, spring, summer, and the fall event, which is the main one lasting more than a week. The Lamplighters are the keepers of the flame, and you will see them processing while lighting the lamps on the spires prior to the afternoon and evening burns on Sunday. Visitors are invited to join in their processions.

Today is not a Fire Dance - just the Lamplighters dancing. Of course, wherever you find Lamplighters you find Fire and Dancing! And everyone is welcome to join in tonight. Sunday's are strictly performances.

The event will be held on 19-21 July 2019. Click here for the complete schedule of Burn2 Conception: Communal Earth

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Marcel Mosswood

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