Friday, January 31, 2020

Reader Submitted: American Cancer Society Holds Open House and Ribbon Cutting

By Cynthia Farshore

On Sunday January 26 the Relay For Life of Second life held an Open House and Ribbon Cutting to celebrate the re-opening of the American Cancer Society Campus with a new and much improved sim that was later followed by a special live broadcast of Relay Rap"ACS Day" on T1 Radio. The event started at 12 noon SLT with the open house. The American Cancer Society Campus is a new full estate sim with Information Center, Hope Haven Support Group Building, Events Information building,Catt Gable Memorial Garden,and even an ACS Museum plus more.All is set out in a large open environment and in sections making it easy to go directly to what you are looking for.There is a lot on the sim and you will spend some time covering it all.For a relayer certainly worth it. There were volunteers around to answer questions and give tours.

One of the most touching parts of the campus is the Catt Gable Memorial Garden. It's simple but charming with pictures on easels placed in a square on square multi-layer platforms with just enough plants to add a garden environment. Touching the pictures will give you a note card telling you information about the person. A sign as you enter the memorial garden allows you to place a candle or flowers at the memorial of your choosing that will last for 30 days. If you wish to erect a memorial in honor of a person who has died from cancer contact Zander Greene, ACS Memorial Garden Curator.

 While walking through, I found the picture of Artistic Fimicloud, who was one of the Sunweaver community members we lost to cancer. I took a picture, and afterwards I realized it's like she's looking at me as if saying 'Don't forget me.' And seeing that the old team, the Passionate Redheads, has carried on to become the Sunbeamers. No Fimi, you are not forgotten, and we have not quit the fight.

At 3PM SLT people gathered on the roof of the Hope Haven Building and the Ribbon Cutting began with Stingray Raymaker, who is the American Cancer Society Staff Director for the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life of Second Life performing the ribbon cutting.

 After 30 minutes of small talk and more coming to take a seat the relay staff sat on a stage and T1 Radio personality Trader Whiplash opened the stream.

For around an hour and a half,they spoke about the things to be found in the various buildings including relay tools, banners, lots of info, and personal interaction with caregivers and survivors. They covered what the relay has done over the years in Second Life which has lead up to over one billion Lindens donated! Then the plans and schedule for this year was discussed. There was much to cover since this year everything is much earlier than prior years. Events included the Home and Garden Expo coming in February and the Fantasy Faire coming in April.

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Cynthia Farshore

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