Monday, March 23, 2020

Reader Submitted: A SL Surf Battle Royale

The Triple Crown of Surfing : A SL Surf Battle Royale Promises Fierce
Competition and Fun Across the Grid

By Shiny Journo (NarayanRaja Resident)

A new Second Life virtual surf competition is on the horizon. The contest organized by
Solsty, Kris Marley, and Richie Marley of Surf SL want to discover who has what it takes to be
Crowned the Best Surfer on the Grid.

In an exclusive pre-announcement interview, I met the organizers at one of Second Life’s hottest
and new Surfing and Watersports sim, on the beach of Cohiba Cay Surf Sim. Under Caribbean
skies, we talked about the competition on the shore of a beautiful stretch of white sand beach.
They shared the details of the competition among lush green palms, as set after set of sparkling
and cascading Maoli waves, ripping left and right, roared in the distance.

“Bascially, it’s like battle royale style, I guess!” organizer Kris Marley explained, standing ankle
knee-deep in the shore break laughing. “It’s an elimination over 3 competitions. It starts with
twenty surfers. After the first comp, five competitors are eliminated, and the winner gets a free
ride to the final. The 2nd comp starts with fifteen from the last round, and five more gets
eliminated by the end of this heat. Then there will be a ten-person final, with two heats, five
surfers are discharged after heat 1, and the last five who have survives to go to the final and surf
it out to see who is champion. The final is the Grand Prix.”

The competition is a three-month, multi-board, multi-Sim event. The first heat is April 18th and
takes place at 2pm SLT Cohiba Surf Sim on the newest surfboard in SL, the Sally. The second
competition takes place on May 16th (time and sim to be announced), and competitors will surf
the infamous C3 surfboard for this heat. (time to be announced). The finals and the third round
takes place on June 20th, Cielo. This is a finely crafted sim and set of waves in majestic ruins
you can surf through. It is set adjacent of a five sim Surfing beach island and with contenders
pitted against one another on the classic HP5 surfboard.

Registration for the competition opens April 3rd and closes April 16th. Registration sign-up
boards will be located at the following locations: Cohiba Cay, Bundy Reef, Cielo, Kanaloa

The competition is free to join and completely community funded, with most of the budget
coming from the organizers who happily volunteer their time and resources to the sport and
community they love. You won’t find a way to donate to their cause, they prefer the support goes
to the sims and creators who make virtual surf life possible. They are still seeking experienced
judges and performers for the event, as winners and runner-ups and fans of surfing party all day
on the beach. It’s a great day for spectators too!

No Lindens have been collected, but the organizers hope the Brands and Sims that make Surfing
in Second life possible will be supported. Maoli Waves and Ramps, Cohiba Cay, Surf SL, Cielo,
Umbrella, Bee Designs, The Shack, InkMe, and HP5, are some of the essential terraformers,
makers, and builders that make extreme sport and community experiences possible.

Kris Marley swigs his beer and says, “Sponsors are the kind people who donate and contribute to
our events. Obviously, we don’t ask for any money from sponsors, it is a no money pot we sit
on! We usually pay for everything ourselves, but we like to make sure their (creators and sims)
contribution to surfing are highlighted.”

Solsty, a hardworking, pointy-eared, community organizer, laughs off the financial question,
“That hadn’t even crossed our minds. I’d say donate to the venue or brand. (For us) It’s always
just about bringing the community together, never really crosses our mind about receiving. If
people want to donate, I’d say donate to Cohiba or Maoli or whatever is happening that month?”
When asked if some funding could help propel some new projects, they say it would be nice.
However, they still ground their work in the spirit of generosity and community. “It’s s really
about having fun, surfer, organizer, says Richie Marley Di Vaio, and the passion for surf.”

Look for more official announcements and details today on


Triple Crown Surf Competiton
□ Schedule □
 ▷ April 18th @ 2pm SLT: Cohiba Cay (212,102,22): Sally
 ▷ May 16th @ TBA :TBD: C3
 ▷ June 20th @ TBA : Cielo (37,174,22): HP5
□ Registration Information □
 ▷ Registration Opens: April 3rd
 ▷ Registration Closes: April 16th
□ Sponsors/Contributors □
Brands that have contributed in some way, no Lindens collected:
Maoli Waves and Ramps
Cohiba Cay
Surf SL
Bee Designs
The Shack
□ Available Opportunities □
Judges Needed
Contributors/Sponsors Wanted
 ▷ Barter system preferred

□ Organizers □
Kris Marley
Richie Marley
Solsty Kismet
□ Media □
Surf SL Facebook:
Surf SL Website:

Shiny Journo

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