Friday, May 29, 2020

Reader Submitted: Memorial for Cerdwin Flanagan

By Cynthia Farshore

On May 23rd, a memorial for Cer (Cerdwin Flanagan) was to be held on her land at Witch Woods by Cer and Wolfe from 2PM SL time. However, the crowd grew beyond what it could hold. So the event was moved to The Hideaway. After TPing and links, a large crowd of over 60 formed. Once the music began playing, the pagan ceremony lead by the priest Tamlord Carterhaugh Wood started.

The priest began, "Welcome to this celebration of the life of Cerdwin Flanagan, or Cer as I knew her. She was a lovely woman and touched many of us with sweetness and enthusiasm. Cer was a pagan, so this celebration of her life will be in a pagan format. Please do not lef the word 'pagan' frighten you. All it means is a spiritual path that honors the Nordic/Viking current, and the music will reflect her preferences. Music and ritual have been known to open doors to the Otherworld. There will be drumming and it may carry you away in a light trance. This ritual will me simple. We will also honor the elements of nature. Then we will open our service to your stories. When we open up the ritual for sharing Elayne Diavolo has been kind enough to help. Please submit your request to share a story about Cer to Elayne. Elayne will then call people in order. Let us begin."

At this point, the priest called for everyone to face west and invited the Blessed Ancestors to the Sacred Circle with calls and praises to various spirits. After the priest finished the opening, Elayne Diavolo began calling people in order to tell their stories and relations with Cer, as she was affectionately called, and there were many.

One person, Sinder (Shaldowsin), made a wonderful expression, "Cer, one of the things you said was, 'I live at the speed of my mind, and love with the strength of my heart.' You liked fast, fierce, and more than I could ever know. You were always willing to make a friend, always willing to help, but more than anything, you were supportive, warm, fun. You were like the sun but damned if anyone called you the sun, no that role you gave to me, your little princess of light. You were the night, but if anything, you were the moon, welcoming, and warm on a cold night, so perfect in every way. Magical and mysterious to most. I remember the many times I called you beautiful, which is in my nature when I warm up to someone, and you would always say it was the fairy glamor. That I was the beautiful one. If only you could have seen yourself through my eyes, how you radiated love. You were supportive, to all the creators you knew, musicians, DJs, everyone, even me, you're the reason, I took the dive into meshing and rigging again, your love, your support, it made me feel like I had wings. That there was no mountain I could not conquer. You made a lot of people feel that way. And now it's over, your life ended far too soon. A few parting words, is never enough, but may you dance with the fairy folk and ride with the Valkyrie, and in your downtime, may you tend to the animals like you always wanted. Yes, I remember, our talks about your farm. How I was going to come and help you tend to them."

 Another example was Ghost (Xd Fuchs), "I did not know Cer as long or as well as I would have hoped, though, in the time I did know her, she showed that the amount of time you knew someone didn’t always matter. She was so accepting of people and open to connecting with others, and those who are lucky enough to know her were witness to her enthusiasm and support. She had a way of making people heard, felt, and seen. She made an effort to learn about people when meeting them. She radiated passion and excitement for the people and things she loved. Though this is a moment of deep sadness, we should strive to move forward with the same love and compassion Cer showed those she met and grew close to. She so clearly touched the lives of a number of people, and I personally believe she would be happy to see that same care continue to influence others, and spread through the world."

Many spoke and we do not have room here to record all who did but these two examples show the out pouring of love so many had for Cerdwin Flanagan.

The priest closed with, " Powers of the North, West, South and East, we thank you for your presence at this Circle this day.  Go if you must, stay if you will.  Hail and farewell, Blessed Guardians and Friends. Blessed Ancestors who have gone before, we thank you for your presence here. Lend us your aid as we move through these times of difficulty. We close the Door of Death behind you as you return to your rest.  Hail and farewell, blessed Ancestors!"

The ceremony ended with a Pegasus fly-over, many filled the sky. It was very clear that Cerdwin Flanagan had touched the hearts of many, may she find her peace.

Thanks to OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul) for this short clip of the Pegasus fly-over

Cynthia Farshore

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