Monday, June 8, 2020

Bellisseria Sim At The Ten Days Of Relay

By Gemma Cleanslate

So many things went on at the Bellisseria region of the ACS this past week as part of the 10 Days of Relay,  ...many shows,  parties , gachas,  raffles, Fireworks and more.

One of my favorite  shows  was the interview that Saffia Widdershins did with the leads of the leads who explained how they prepared for the Relay season and the weekend. The participants were Stingray Raymaker, MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum),  Trager Alter, and Nikki Mathieson.

It was a fun talk with all of them actually telling us that all the volunteers really did the work. One issue was will everyone  be able to get all around the track because of the marvelous builds along  the way. I have not made it yet!!! I asked if this is how the weekly meetings went how do they get anything done? I was told this is how it usually went. No clue how they got to this weekend.  Each had to contain themselves from saying the word amazing too often when describing everything to do with the Relay.

One other spectacular event  I was able to get to was the Monarch’s show. This was my first experience going to this  event.  I don’t know what I expected but this was so much more! It was like a moving feast! I had a hard time getting in the region was full 30 minutes before the start . I kept trying and finally made it .

I sat down on a crate and thought that was it, I am comfortable, let the show begin, but no. The entire audience was picked up by a giant crane attached to a huge Helicopter  and off we went on a traveling show into the ever changing  sky.

Each stop was at a different and extraordinary venue with Superheroes arriving who put on a performance matched to that venue. I am so glad I got to witness this show and will be looking for more. I had a hard time taking photos with all the complexities.

Another favorite was the Family Feud show with Relay Leads vs the Lindens and Moles. I witnessed one of these last year and it really was a lot of laughing and so was this one! Many Lindens and Moles were in the audience too egging on their team.

Patch, Derrick, Constantine Linden and Missy Mole took on leadership team members of the Relay,Stingray Raymaker, MamaP Alter (MamaP Beerbaum),  Trager Alter, and Nikki Mathieson. Zander Greene as MC tried very hard to control the situation. ( there was a little cheating here) .The Linden team won again!!

All in all it was a great week Pre-Relay Weekend. And now on to the walking!!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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