Thursday, March 18, 2021

The WVBPE Conference

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is a meaningful way for presenters to share their research and experience about the rich learning systems in virtual worlds and games. This free online conference is produced entirely by volunteers. Conference proceedings are published as the Journal of Virtual Studies by Rockcliffe University Consortium.”

This is part of the mission statement of the VWBPE on the website. To learn about this conference go to the website . The program, key speakers, events are listed there. The press release said it all. That is the Gateway to it all above.

I love this conference because it has far reaching effects to many who are interested in the use of virtual worlds for education. It certainly takes on more meaning in this day and age of using the internet for learning from preschool to adulthood. There are various complaints about video games but many contribute to following directions, decision making,  focus and other skills that aid in learning. I have been a greeter-host at the event for four years. I  love getting into the builds, the displays, attending some of the programs, social events and helping presenters, visitors and newcomers to second life orient to the many venues suspended in the installations. Each sponsor and displayer has their own little island in the sky to visit. You will find space freebies at the .... and in many exhibits and a hunt .

Last year the installation took on space to arrange the many venues up and down in the air. I was happy to see that they kept thee same locals this year and will keep it next year too I hear. It is too good to put in archives.The teleport hud, centers, and landmarks work so well to aid attendees and visitors.

Just to roam the many exhibits and pick up information is so  amazing. Attending the lectures gives one a perspective on worldwide education. The social gatherings are great fun with good music and camaraderie at the Social Spaceport. You will find space freebies here , and gifts in many exhibits and a hunt somewhere. I have to check into that! 

Do not miss this event. It will run March 18 through March 20, but I believe the venues will stay for a few days after.  Check the program page on line for more information about the lectures time and place. The region is open to the public now.You are invited . .

Grab a Swag Bag!

Gemma Cleanslate

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